10 Significant ways we are being CULLED

Anybody new to this whole Jew World Order agenda who may understandable be skeptical of a eugenics programme; I would suggest you research the ‘Agenda 21’ project and see how it ties in directly with ‘The Protocols of The Learned  Elders of Zion’. It is the elite Jews de-population plan of the masses. Please also see their planned ideal population of 500’000’000 written in stone on The Georgia Guidestones.

1/. Interference with Natural Healing and Ancient Medicine

* vaccine programmes

* toxic allopathic drugs

* invasive artificial surgical procedures

* generally inappropriate, underfunded and insufficient hospital and social health care. In it’s practices, training and resources.

Modern day health care is generally inadequate – because it’s designed to be inadequate

2/. Electro-Magnetic Pollution

Cancer causing super techno-gadgetry. WiFi, remote control, wireless transmissions, not to mention HAARP. All this EMP is zapping our life force energy. Apart from the detrimental health effects, it is all adding to deplete our levels of resistance and overall consciousness.

This is a war on our souls.

3/. Fluoridation of the water supply 

Although the fluoridation is predominantly aimed at creating a docile populace. It is still toxic and de-natured. These maniacs have a clear outlined eugenics programme in hand, so adding aluminum and other toxic nasties to the water is working against nature and directly effecting our cellular health. In addition even if the water only made us docile, this indirectly is playing into their depopulation programme as we will become compliant, or passive with their agenda.

4/. Nuclear fallout – Fukushima and existing on-going nuclear waste which doesn’t seem to get much coverage. All these reactors are emitting trace levels of lethal fallout. Yet again the word accumulative is appropriate. We are living in an unseen toxic, electro-magnetic, nuclear soup.

5/. Wars

Is there anything to discuss about this?? The word war is just a euphemism for mass culling sprees of Gentiles. Gentiles killing Gentiles on behalf of PPP (Psychotic, Parasitic Predator) elite Jews. All through lies, duplicity, deception and propaganda.

6/. Pollution of the seas, streams, below ground water tables, rivers and lakes

This goes back through the ages of revolutionary Jews poisoning the the water supplies. It is said the Jews created the Black Death of Europe through poisoning the wells. They have extended their practices now at every level.

7/. Air pollution

* toxic fumes from domestic, commercial and industrial wastes

* traffic and plane fuel pollution

* chemtrails

8/. False Foods

* directly through toxic chemicals induced into the soils through fertilizers and pesticides

* indirect contamination of foods through carcinogenic plastic-coated packaging, containers and coatings (waxing) of foods.

* depletion of nutrients due to inappropriate unnatural harvesting and storage

* indirect poisoning through the polluted water tables

* not only are foods being poisoned, but the food’s genetics are increasingly being tampered with (de-natured)

* also manufacturing of artificial foods (junk food) as normal

All these de-natured foods are the antipathies of natural/universal/God’s laws.

Tampering with nature is demonic! 

9/. Training people to accept eugenics

Therefore encouraging people to reduce the family due to:

* environmental/green propaganda

* financial pressures

* social norms

We are being saturated with environmental propaganda to induce a guilt trip for not only breeding but merely existing.

10/. Interfering with natural sexuality  

More and more men are being feminized due to chemicals and social engineering. Therefore encouraging a higher percentage of homosexuality. Other alternatives to heterosexual lifestyles are also becoming the new norm, therefore a reduced birthrate.

In conclusion

Well I’d be great entertainment at a dinner party wouldn’t I.

No matter how tragic and serious these areas are. This in no way means we should have no hope. All these attacks certainly does not mean the end!

No matter how far we have regressed, we most definitely can pull ourselves out of this mess. Nature is remarkably forgiving IF WE GIVE IT A CHANCE. All of these degrading assaults against nature can be gently gradually reversed.

But we have to make a stand!

This is where the double bubble comes in:


If we keep pressing hard at these two elements as individuals. Despite what everyone around us is NOT doing, we can still make a difference.

It is a hard slog. We are ultimately only hitting at something like a mere 3% of the people we approach. But it used to be 1% and it will soon be 5% and much more. If we accept it will be such low figures for now, then we wont get despondent.

Each person even though they may ‘pretend’ to deny this Truth will have received the Truth seed at some level. You may have been the first person to approach them. So it may take several others to tap into them before the penny finally drops. Or they drop their ego.

The more this darkness creeps up on them, the more they will listen. The more they will begin to follow us with this Truth.

No matter how dark things appear and will increasing get, we must never give up the fight. We will only win this through tenacity, courage and effort.

Never give up because ……

The Truth will out – the Light will eventually shine through

In summary

1/. Interference with natural healing and ancient medicine

2/. EMP

3/. Fluoridation of the water supply

4/. Nuclear fallout

5/. Wars

6/. Pollution of the seas, streams, below ground water tables, rivers and lakes

7/. Air pollution

8/. False foods

9/. Training people to accept eugenics

10/. Interfering with natural sexuality

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  1. This struck me as your best yet; i hope it sinks in with people. I used to be as establishment as they come, i worked in government for intel but suddenly saw the light and have studied it ever since and this artile is 100%. Make sure you pass it on

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 27, 2012

    Thanks for the link regarding the Georgia Guidestones, Digger. I was unaware of this.


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