10 Prominent Areas of Destruction

from this Demonic Force

As we all know, there are millions of ways in which we are being attacked. This multi-dimensional attack is now even noticeable from people who are not aware of the JCN agenda. They know in their hearts that things are not quite right, that things are rapidly changing for the worse; all under the guise of modern progressiveness.


It was quite difficult to narrow this list down to ten areas; however I’ve tried to highlight some of the more important and comprehensive areas which they (this demonic force working through the elite Jews) are increasingly destroying.


We have to remind ourselves that this destruction is happening 24/7 – whilst you are sleeping, there are bodies/institutes (think tanks) made up of unconscious individuals, demonic influenced souls who are planning the destruction of your loved ones, your freedoms and your very existence.


This is why I constantly bang on about the sense of urgency and our individual and collective duty to do our bit to combat this force. Through both propagating the Truth and at some degree resisting our enslavement (disobey, non-compliance).




[these areas are very much subjective, completely interdependent and not necessarily in order of importance]

1/. Destruction of health

* false foods: GM food, junk food, de-natured foods

fluoridated water

* depleted mineral soils

* poisoned and polluted rivers, streams and seas

* polluted air: chemtrails, toxic fuels, uranium, etc

sexual activities: promotion of denaturing the sexual act with pornography, sexual lifestyles, perversion of sex and interference of reproduction through birth control and abortions

* eradication of natural health and the promotion of toxic and invasive allopathic medicine/procedures.

even a bird now is not free 



2/. Destruction of natural/God’s laws and even Common Law

Therefore ultimately eradicating all our freedoms. Keeping us suppressed under the illusion of protecting us through their so-called new laws, which are only their trumped up tyrannical/evil legislation and statues. Legal versus lawful. We’re now in such a pathetic state, that almost any ridiculous law can be implemented under the guise of “fighting terrorism” – and to think society accepts this nonsense.



3/. Destruction of the Truth 

Everything down the memory hole. Truth and reality must be destroyed and anyone promoting Truth must be demonized.



4/. Destruction of the family and communities

The family unit has been systematically attacked and de-valued over the last fifty years or more. This has been done in various ways; through sexual trends, trivializing divorces, creating tensions between couples through social engineering and predictive programming, etc.


Therefore in the process destroying culture, ancient tribes and traditions. The old way, the natural way must step aside for future trends, for progressive lifestyles, for modern societies. Anyone who doesn’t adapt to these new normals is automatically ostracized in society.



5/. Destruction of beauty

* art

* creativity

* natural landscapes

* inspiring uplifting architecture and quaint villages

* innocent lighthearted humour

Anything beautiful will come under attack. Both natural and man made.



6/. Destruction of our spirituality

I would say this is the core of all of this demonic energy. As I have mentioned in previous essays I strongly feel this whole agenda is about the darkness cloaking the Light. Judaism at it’s basic core is about the destruction of God/Light and the promotion of their G-d Lucifer. Every act of their mind control is to pull us away from the Supreme Consciousness. We have to fight this on a daily basis, by focusing on the source within us. Trying to always keep this internal spiritual connection. Through meditation, mantras, praying, internalizing, self-reflection, moments of stillness, quietness and simply tuning in to non-materialist elements in our lives. We do not need any middlemen or systematic organised group or set beliefs to access this connection.



7/. Destruction of individualism

This was the core element of any communistic state. Communism is just a synonym for judaism. Individual outlooks on life and how things should be run, especially when mixed with common sense are very dangerous to the Jews. After all these individual thoughts may just catch on.


No, the individual independent thinker must be crushed. For the JWO to exist the sheople must be conformative, subservient, collective thinkers of the state. Big brother will simply not allow stray sheep to do too much of that harmful free-thinking.


Have you noticed how these stupid neon jackets are being introduced into society into almost every work place. They even have children wearing them now. These uniforms and badges and tagging is a form of psychological warfare to break down individuality. You belong to ‘the system’, the big judaic sheople farm. Know your place.


In fact free-thinking is becoming shunned upon. Others now in society are being conditioned to look down on individuals who do not comply to social trends. For example neighbours and colleagues will demonize parents for not vaccinating their children. Some members will even snitch on family members for not paying taxes. This is social engineering.



8/. Destruction of our ability to care for each other

Those of us who have been Truth aware for some while have all seen those videos or real life situations where people just walk by when someone is in need of help. I feel this is the essence of our problems. It is this core attitude that allows evil acts to be perpetrated on others in far of lands, because we don’t even care about our neighbours suffering.


The elite Jews have gradually conditioned us to have more value over mammon and our selfish wants than compassion, ethics, morals, empathy, kindness, love for others. The collective spirit has incrementally been eroded. Essentially anything of goodness and any qualitative values has been outed for selfish sensory desires.



9/. Destruction of sustained happiness, hope and joy

Have you noticed how there doesn’t seem to be much hope in the air these days. No real future planning. Almost as if people know deep down that it’s not worth investing time, energy or money into projects. An attitude of “What’s the point?” People have lost all confidence not only in the powers to be, but in themselves. Without hope, people’s Raison d’être is diminished.


There are many people who try to give the appearance of happiness. They are happy-seekers or pleasure-seekers. Those of us who try to present the Truth to these people are often labelled as doom n gloomers, of being negative. When in fact these pleasure-seekers deep down are equally despondent with their lives, but just don’t know it, or try to cover it up. That’s in fact why they are trying to fill this void with their various superficial entertainment and stimulating experiences.


These people who are in denial of the Truth are scared of being seen to be downbeat, they are more concerned about how others see them, with their perception of being positive and optimistic, than the harsh reality.


But this is yet another form of conditioning, that we are seen to be happy, or somehow can gain our happiness through these meaningless transient activities, hobbies and interests. They have trained us that we cannot gain our true contentment in life unless we are on this constant merry-go-round of thrills and stimulants which we have to buy from Jewish outlets. They have destroyed the simplicity of our natural contentment.



10/. Destruction of Self-Sustainability and Independence

The elite Jews hate anyone or groups becoming independent and free of their corporate web. How dare anyone try and live off-grid.


This is why they have pulled out all the stops to prevent free energy getting out into the collective conscious. Anyone who has presented a practical alternative to the archaic petroleum-based system has been bought out, threatened or assassinated.


Even natural living off the land is becoming more difficult. Ancient foraging skills for food and medicine has been discouraged and even made illegal. It’s only taken two generations for us to lose these necessary life skills.


“We the destroyers”


We all to some degree have allowed this to happen, through our neutral/passive acceptance. Through each incremental act of non-action and cooperation, we have tacitly accepted these ten destructive areas to permeate into our lives as the new normals.


However none of this has to be. With the dooming Fukushima fall out and real threat of WW3, we cannot just carry on. We have to make a stand. We collectively can make a difference and reverse this evil. We must and have the ability to ensure that the Light dominates the darkness.



In summary

1/. Destruction of health

2/. Destruction of God’s law, natural law and even Common Law

3/. Destruction of Truth

4/. Destruction of the family and communities

5/. Destruction of beauty

6/. Destruction of spirituality

7/. Destruction of individualism

8/. Destruction of our ability to care for each other

9/. Destruction of sustained happiness, hope and joy

10/. Destruction of self-sustainability and independence from big brother


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  1. Spicegirl

     /  August 19, 2012

    No 11 has to be the unending destruction of this planet. In their ruthless quest to wipe out the vast majority of gentile life through what appears to be man-made unnatural disasters, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear explosions, altering of the weather, chemtrails, diverting the gulf stream and so on, the mindset behind the evil sciences capable of this level of planetary rape can only come from a talmudic religion and people ruled by Lucifer. Fight on to bring more light into the world we wish to keep.


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