10 Major Control Elements of the Jewish Elite

How they have completely usurped us whilst we were sleeping and being distracted. 

[This list is not conclusive. They are also not necessarily in order of importance and are all interdependent]


1/. Media

Both main stream media and now alternative news are spewing out pure lies, propaganda and deception all spun through the bought and paid journalists and talking heads.



2/. Academia

Schools, colleges, universities, adult education, etc. All churning out good little left-brain-dominant rot learners. Repeaters of the judiac enslavement. The exact same system which enslaved our forefathers. Global warming, holocaust history, pseudo-sciences, social engineering, etc.



3/. Entertainment

Film, TV, gaming, sports, theatre, etc.  Further social engineering for the khazarian/Jewish agenda, through direct lies, propaganda, deception, predictive programming, NLP and subliminal messages.



4/. Finance

Artificial debt-based money, usury, compound interest, fiat currency, ponzi schemes. Keeping people enslaved within their judaic-based system.



5/. Law 

The in-justice industry, the corrupt lawyers, magistrates, bailiffs, police, social services, local councils, parking attendants, solicitors, administrative staff, community support officers, even the government. Corruption is the key word.



6/. Military 

Navy, army, air force, special services, secret services, mercenary armies. Our boys, our heros out there slaughtering innocent children, women, elderly all for our freedom and in the name of fighting terrorism.



7/.  Exoteric Religion 

As opposed to the esoteric personal faith/spirituality and connection to a higher consciousness or nature. These serpents have infiltrated and polluted religion, if not created it as forms of mass mind control cults. The rituals, dogma, mullas/immans, priests, rabbis, gurus and all the various middle men reinforcing this external religion. All built on hearsay. All helping to contribute towards separatism (divide and rule) and curbing independent free thought and spiritual expression.



8/.  Medical 

Hospitals, surgeries, health centers, etc all pushing their unnatural, generally ineffective, invasive, allopathic toxic medicine.



9/.  Science – [technology and chemistry]

All the advancements in all sciences have helped the judaic hegemony. However none more so than the use of technology to keep an Orwelian control of any dissidents along the way. CCTV, bio-metrics (microchips), mobile phones, satellites, digital TV with subliminal programming, ‘Intellistreets’ (audio/visual street lamps), ad infinitum.



Chemistry: Directly linked with their medical, military and technological advancements, their ability to effect our minds and enforced eugenics through drugs and toxins has been a great asset to them. Their use of fluoride in the water, chemtrails, vaccines and chemical weaponry as examples.


“Science is the opiate of the suburbs” Ezra Pound

10/.  Politics

MPs, local councils, directly tied in with the ‘Law society’ of which the likes of us do not belong. All traitors of humanity. All sold out to the Jewish elite criminal despots. They are the puppets who directly and indirectly serve the satanic wishes of their masters. They all know what they are doing, despite any cognitive dissonance. They all have had a sniff of this foul-smelling beast and have chosen to remain willfully ignorant or passively compliant in these heinous crimes. They have been cursed by mammon, greed, kudos, self-gratification and their myopic desires.



I honestly feel that these people will be cursed. I don’t exactly resonate with ‘the law of karma’. But in my heart I know that these sell outs will eventually pay a price for their roles in this evil. As the Christians say “You can never make a deal with the devil without paying a price.” 


I believe they all have had a choice, and continue to have daily choices with their roles. It’s all about choice. They have allowed the darkness, the demonic force to usurp their souls. They have chosen material and egotistic gains over ethics/morals, goodness, God/The Light.


Perhaps Eastern philosophy may be able to explain these people’s levels of unconsciousness. Perhaps indeed they are new souls. Perhaps that explains why some people wake up (old souls) and ‘get it’ and some people refuse to wake up (new souls).


And they have to keep going round and round the revolutions of birth and rebirth until they become conscious. Until they realise life is not about them and their selfish desires. It’s about serving others and having a connection to a supreme consciousness.


God knows – and I mean that. I just would not like to be in their shoes down the line when the populace really wakes up. Perhaps deep in their hearts they are fearful of this mass awakening??



In summary

1/. Media

2/. Academia

3/. Entertainment

4/. Finance

5/. Law

6/. Military

7/. Exoteric Religion

8/. Medical

9/. Science

10/. Politics



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  1. Many jews now realise that people have woken up to the holohoax. Rabbi jonathan goldman
    even said sure the holocaust was a hoax, but a necessary one at the time, for what the allies did to Germany.

    • No name,

      Thank you for your supportive comments….much appreciated.

      Gosh! – didn’t know that about that rabbi and hadn’t really had much idea about the Jews now aware we are holohoax wise.

      I’m so pleased for you, you have moved over to the other side (to the light). If we’re really honest, we were all on the other side at one point, at some level.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Please keep spreading the Light.


  2. aj

     /  May 27, 2012

    Digger, great work as always. Wanted to share a quote from Yeats that I came across in Mullins’ book on Ezra Pound: “Science is the opiate of the suburbs”.

    • Saz,

      Thank you again for your support.

      Yea the Guidestones are useful for people who are in denial – they literally can read it in stone. But to some people, it ‘still’ doesn’t make a difference, they still deny it!! There are videos online which walk you all round it. The whole ground is masonic.

      That No 4 on the Approaches list is a tough one. We all lose our rag and why would we not? It’s kinda natural. But we can be outraged, but still not drop to their level. Remember they are a tribe of hatred – not us. Hatred is all-consuming and blanks us off from reality. A good fighter is a detatched fighter. Righteous indignation vs anger and hatred. Admittedly it is a tough one. But like anything with practice one can do this.

      THANK YOU for all YOU are doing. You are doing your bit all the time. You are on the right side. You are conscious and leaning towards the light, despite how cheesey that sounds, it is true. Despite what social and legislative crap they throw at you. You/we must remind ourselves of this.

      Thank you for your appropriate links.


    • aj,

      Thank you for your comment and for the great quote. I will add this quote to the science part.

      Thank you for contributing.


  3. I’m awake, and I’m on your side, Digger.

    • eosoz,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Glad to hear it….good for you. Just so long as you know there is awake and awake. Conspiracy awake/Truth and inner awake/Truth. Also passive awake (spectator) and proactive awake (propagating & resisting) 🙂

      Thanks for connecting up.



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