Knickers in a twist

I hear quite a few people in the truth movement claiming to be atheists. I think I dabbled with this label at some point myself; constantly flipping back and forth between an atheist and agnostic. 

It’s understandable why we would want to rebel against God. After all isn’t it his religions that have created all this mayhem in the world?


Anyway where is God whilst all this suffering, pain anguish is happening on his planet? Is this some kinda sick joke?


These atheists/agnostics probably feel completely let down by the whole God concept. Especially when you add religion into the mix.


Yet I feel these people with an atheistic outlook are probably closer to God than most church-going bible-bashers, especially of course the fundamental zionist Christians clinging steadfast to that country which is the only democracy in the Middle East.


But let us not forget these elite Jews now want us all to reject religion and God. They want us to instead embrace materialism, progressive thoughts, mammon, fashion, modern culture, and worship their demi-gods (celebs).



Albert wanted to know where the sun went after it set. He ruminated over it for weeks, the thought wouldn’t leave his mind. Round and round the question would go in his mind. It nagged him day and night. Then one night he could not sleep, as his quest to find out this conundrum bothered him so much. He ended up stayed up all night trying to figure it out, until finally, it dawned on him.

Sorry, I know that was awful. But that’s how it’s kind of been with me. I think what a plonker for not having sussed this out. Like many things, once you know, it’s so obvious. Of course all this could be seen as subjective.


I really don’t think we should get our knickers in a twist about the ‘G’ word. The reason we reject this mighty word God is because it’s been rammed down our throats for most of us, all our lives in a negative light – another element in life to fear. We must be God fearing. This obsession with fear. Surely this has to be another control mechanism for the masses, keep’em in line.


Is this also another way of not taking responsibility for our own actions? Rather than having some big daddy in the sky looking after us, surely we are better off just taking responsibility and looking after ourselves. It all goes back to authority and being in a subservient mindset. There is always someone above, someone better in control. As opposed to coming from a place that there is nobody who has authority over us, unless we accept their authority.


Take for example in a tribe. You either accept the king, or head tribesman as having ultimate authority over you and the rules of the tribe, or you leave the tribe. Surely that’s the same situation with us. We accept all this nonsense or we opt out. Isn’t it obvious we collectively opt out? Easy said then done I know, but surely we have to begin making efforts towards this goal. We have to turn our backs on this control grid.


Is it not the same with any oppressive authoritarian control construct, including religion and the big God in the sky construct? Isn’t it about time we turn our backs on ideals that aim to belittle us and keep us in a subservient mindset?


Also we are obsessed with boxing and pigeon holing everything in life and our stupid identities. All, this I AM business. Therefore ‘our’ God becomes categorized depending upon ‘our’ identities. I AM a this or I AM a that religion and all of our God’s laws. My God tells me I should do this through my God’s special instruction manual. Or my G-d has superiority over your God. Or your God doesn’t even exist. Insanity!! And so juvenile. Yet having serious implications on world peace.


Why do we have to always complicate things? Why are there always so many divisions in things? Divide and rule perhaps by our overlords perhaps?


We are also trained to believe something outside ourselves is going to provide. Some product, some guru priest, mulla, rabbi, specialist, expert and some external God.


We have the same attitude to health. Firstly that we get hooked up in our special labels. I HAVE this or that label. When in the body there are no real labels. Just your body is out of balance. You have a cellular breakdown. Secondly we are trained to seek help from outside ourselves. Some doctors, nurse, specialists, consultant, practitioner, whatever. When in reality if we just reversed the process in how we got in this mess in the first place we may just resolve 90%, even 100% of our so-called conditions (labels). If we concentrated more on regular exercise and diet, based from the self-disciple from within, we would not only fix our health, we may not get ill in the first place.


Same for the truth movement. Again we all tend to look for answers outside of ourself. Some expert talking on their specialized subject matter. This speaker, this podcast, and this book. They are useful, educational and inspiring, but I firmly believe in our hearts we know what we should do to resolve this mess.


The exact same principle for our spirituality. Instead of seeking or blaming God from an external source, if we spent our energy focusing on the Light/Truth within, without any labeling, we may not be in the mess we’re now in.



Further condensed thoughts

1/. Forget any labeling – Try not to get caught up in whatever label you are, because they are all transient and superficial. In every aspect of life; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You are much much more than any I AM label.


2/. Keep it simple – Consider avoiding getting hung up on this all-imposing ‘G’ word. Concentrate more on leaning towards the Light, Truth, consciousness, nature, stillness, goodness. That’s it.


3/. Just you – You don’t need any middle men. Gurus, masters, special classes, holy shrines, places of worship, priests, mullas or rabbis. You’re on your own with this one.


4/. From the inside out – We have been taught, warned and preached again again throughout the ages that the essence of what we all seek comes from the stillness within.


You want freedom? Then seek the strength, courage, wisdom from within. Deep within we all know what we need to do to bring about freedom for ALL. All the ingredients to beat this demonic force is contained within us all. Switch off all these distractions, the background noise, the external vibrations. Focus on the quiet inner meditative stillness.


5/. Through all adversity, try and keep it light. Try to inject humour or lightheartedness at appropriate times. This is not being disrespectful or insensitive to other’s suffering. This is just a coping mechanism. It will help keep you going and help stop you from falling to pieces in taxing times. Humour can be a great (spiritual) healer.



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  1. truthvibe

     /  May 15, 2012

    A lovely piece Digger, on such a hugely important and complex subject.
    Yes, why do we have to complicate things? I would also say it’s not only bible-bashers that try to ram religion down our throats; it’s all of them.
    I like your final summary, so succinct and accurate.

    • Truthvibe,

      Thank you. Yes this topic is a biggy, and so overlooked and I feel misinterpreted by so many. However I think it is only as complex as we chose to make it. Hopefully this post was to suggest that it really doesn’t have to be. Having that inner connection can be as normal and natural as breathing.

      Yes, all religions get wrapped up in ‘their’ identity…..more seperatism.

      Thank you again for contributing.

      Keep spreading the light.



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