Till death do us part

My wife is demanding, she never gives me a day of rest,

she gets under my skin,

I both love her and hate her.

She is intriguing, fascinating, stimulating, but she grinds me down.

but I am committed to my marriage.

We flirted with each other a few decades ago, but I only paid half attention to her. We hooked up again via the internet seven years ago and we finally got married five years ago.

I am now a devoted husband to her.

I can’t leave her alone, and she never leaves me alone,

we’re committed to each other.

I wish at times I had never met her,

but in a way I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

She tugs at all my emotions, within a short space of time;

she depresses me, she is a weight on my shoulders, she is completely time consuming, she gives me inspiration, the will to live, the will to die, she consumes almost every one of my thoughts,

but I am committed to her.

She follows me everywhere, at work, socially, family events, in my various interests and accompanies me with all my chores.

These days she takes priority within all of my decisions in life.

I know she will never leave me, and will NEVER abandon her.

Friends and family mock me because of her, they smirk and snigger to my face because of her, some even say she is ugly.

I have lost friendships because of her.

but she is my wife and I am her committed husband.

I have in the past been embarrassed by her, but no more.

I will defend her like a leopard defends her cub – no tolerance these days for those who dare knock her.

I will fight for her, die for her,

because she is everything to me.

We have a few close friends, not many, because most people can’t relate to us. And we increasingly find it difficult to relate with others. We resonate better with people on line more these days.

These virtual friends seem to understand our commitment more than anyone.

I have stood my ground for her, I have defended everything she stands for, I have swallowed my pride for her, I have risked everything for her. I loose sleep over her. I have lost jobs because of her, been arrested because of her.

However I will continue to stand by her,

because she is my wife.

I am committed to her.

Since we met my business’s have failed, I have increasingly had less and less interest in mammon because of her.

I value her time abundantly more than making money, DIY, hobbies or any other meaningless pursuit.

She absorbs my very being.

She has allowed me to focus, focus on what is real, what is important.

She has provided me the opportunity to internalize, to go within myself, to view the painful ugly me I didn’t want to face.

She has allowed me to self reflect and view my past and present actions and non actions and most of all stare reality directly in the face.

She has forced me to look at my ego, at my true identity.

There is a spiritual bond between us which I have never experienced in anything else. We are inseparable in mind body and spirit. She is all consuming and dangerous. But I am fully committed to her.

I am committed to my wife, to my eternal marriage, we were meant for each other.

Till death do us part.

I don’t look forward to our future together, in a way, but I know things will somehow work out.

All I know is we will be together.

My dear wife TRuth.

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  1. truthvibe

     /  May 4, 2012

    Beautiful and clever. Yes the Truth pulls you in and it’s hard if not impossible to let go.

    • Truthvibe

      Thank you. Yep for good or bad, this stuff morphs into one’s life and very existence. That’s why it’s good to step back from it all every now and then, or you just end up cracking. However we must remind ourselves other unfortunate people around the world don’t have the choice/luxury of stepping back from this, the monster is in their face 24/7…….soon to be the case for us, if not already.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep spreading the light.



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