Between this n that

This demonic force is continuously testing us, we are continually being emotionally and ethically challenged over our values and choices. More than ever we’re being pushed as far as we will go spiritually and morally through these choices.

To an extent we have accepted EVERYTHING ‘they’ have thrown at us, directly and indirectly through our tacit agreements, through our compliance, through non-resistance.



We metaphorically chose to drink their booze. We carelessly left the back door open. We fell asleep on the sofa in a drunken stupor. Now we are all complaining about the thief that came in and robbed us whilst we allowed ourselves to get in this state. It’s partly our fault. We were not on guard. We didn’t watch ourselves and look out for each other.

Many of us accuse the Jews of not self reflecting, which is a fair comment. However are we equally self reflecting?



We can blame all and everyone else. The government, the councils, the Jews, our MPs, but ultimately we ALL are to blame for this mess. Once we take on board this responsibility; accept and recognise our failings, our weaknesses – only then can we move on and sort this mess out.



This is all a spiritual battle between darkness and light! 

We have to embrace this spiritual challenge and now do everything we can to lean towards the light, to take on board this new moral responsibility and spiritual quest.



All our lives we have had opportunities, choices between this n that.

Between the latest legislation and moral values

Selfishness verses serving others

Between right and wrong

Righteous indignation versus anger

Apathy versus action

Consciousness verses unconsciousness

Trusting experts or being intuitive

Choosing cheap false food or quality nutritious food

Between mammon verses righteous values

Main stream versus alternative media

Allopathic versus traditional natural health

Between using toxic harmful products and natural products

Between obsequious behaviour and resistance

Between being myopic versus foresightedness

Between being passive and proactive

Compassionate eating versus non-compassionate eating

Speaking up or keeping quite

Possessions verses spirituality

Between tradition and the new normals

God’s/Natural law versus legislation

Between callous revenge versus righteous justice

External academic conditioned intelligence verses inner wisdom and knowing

Choosing willful ignorance versus independent research

Between our personal standards and set standards

Fear versus inner strength

Ethical consumerism versus non-ethical consumerism

Modesty versus exploitative sexual behaviour

Between greed and self discipline

Between pragmatism versus social engineering

Ego versus non-ego

2+2 = 4 or 2+2 = 5

Common law versus Contract/Admiralty law

Being lazy or doing your bit for the truth

Between quality time and serving the beast

Altruism verses Self-gratification

Shopping at supermarkets or supporting local communities

Natural verses artificial

Playing neutral verses making a stand

Cowardliness verses courage

Mind verses intuition

Between ethics and sexual trends

Between artificial imposed identities and our true selves

Our personal freedoms verses fighting for freedom

God/consciousness verses materialism

Between a quiet life and taking risks for what is right

Between truth and propaganda

Choosing darkness over light

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  1. Bettyboo

     /  May 4, 2012

    Hey Digger. Another fine piece of work. You’re art of analogies is superb in getting the message across. I love your drunk on the sofa image, so so true. We do have to take responsibility for our actions.

    Fine work, keep it up!!

    • Bettyboo,

      Thank you. Analogies are a real must in getting this message through to people. I’ve found over the years it’s he fastest and most perminent way to really ensure the message resonates at a deep level. Not only for others, but ourselves.

      Yea responsibility. It’s not only our actions, but also our non-actions. It seems to be the stumbling block for us all to accept that we have played our individual roles in allowing these demonic predators to ruin our lives.

      I now divide it into two stages ….firstly the responsibility of our past actions and non-actions. Secondly our present responsibility in what we are going to do about it. I see it all now very clearly as a spiritual quest. What are we made of? What do we really stand for? It’s really polarising people into which side are you on – the light or darkness.

      Thanks for contributing.

      Keep spreading the light.


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