You’re Dangerous!

You’re dangerous, yet you don’t know it.

Through your ignorance you advice people on medical practices through your harmful misinformation ~ you are dangerous

You make suggestions on the easiest way to pay unlawful corrupt taxes to parasites ~ you are dangerous

All your relatives do the same, they advice people on what toxic pills to give little ones, friends, family and pets destroying immune systems ~ you’re dangerous

You recommend agents of the beast who will further entrap, fleece and destroy people all through your naive trust ~ you are dangerous

You ply your children with endless amounts of junk food and expose them to toxic substances because it’s convenient ~ you’re dangerous

You send off your children to be maimed and killed and to maim and kill for the rich Jewish banking families because you are too lazy to do an hour’s worth of independent research to find out who is perpetrating these wars ~ you are very dangerous

You vote; somehow ‘still’ thinking this will have any impact on your lives and that you’ve done your bit for society and your precious democracy ~ you’re dangerous 

You happily pay into charities and egotistically go along with fund-raising events for large corporate charities without first looking into what these charities are all about ~ very dangerous

You prioritize your footie, DIY, gardening, hobbies, interests and your career above any the real issues of what is happening in the world ~ you are dangerous

You immediately cuss anyone who dares talk of the truth, labeling them conspiracy theorists as your parrot response, because you are too fearful of an alternative to your reality ~ you are a danger to society

If advised by the government, councils, police and anyone you perceive to have authority over you, you would willingly snitch on your neighbours; even your own family with or without rewards ~ you are dangerous

Your level of trust in the medical profession, media, academia, legal profession and other branches of this judaified society is child-like and incredulous ~ you are pitifully dangerous

How you will so easily sell out your values, put aside any moral fiber and indulge in cognitive dissonance for superficial transient indulgence and false security is inconceivable ~ you are dangerous

You gullibility time and time again, is inexcusable. You are at the core of all this misery, it is through your stupidity, your myopic outlook, your selfishness, your cowardliness, your ignorance, your apathy and your silly little identity that we are all suffering ~ you are extremely dangerous to humanity!

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  1. hey jewd

     /  May 3, 2012

    Spot on dude again! This sums it up who we’re really up against.

    Great site, great spectrum of posts. Keep it up Digger.

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 4, 2012

    How you will so easily sell out your values, put aside any moral fiber and indulge in cognitive dissonance for superficial transient indulgence and false security is inconceivable ~ you are dangerous.

    You’ve hit the nail right on the head Digger. This is a great summary of those who are dangerous to us and some of those are my relatives! Woe is me! Thanks for the post.

    • Saz,

      Thank you. It is frightening how easily we have and are being manipulated. Just reinforces the fact that we can’t keep blaming our overlords for all this insanity. We’ve all at some point or other sold out. Time to make amends….it’s just such a shame we’re in the last hour.

      Thank you again for contributing.

      Keep spreading the light.


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