Double-edged Sword

The other day I overheard some people in the post office, you know that privately-owned Jewish corporation which used to be state owned for the people. Well as in many conversations these days, these people were complaining about the ridiculous cost of council tax. Another fraud the populace have been duped into paying…..and even those who are awake, who know it’s a fraud and know they don’t have to pay, still pay it through fear.


Of course it’s another scam, just like everything else these demonic predators have forced us into slaving for. We should not need to pay for ANY bills, as we have paid time and time again through endless stealth taxes, our labour/contribution to society and of course through the billions these parasites make on our ‘bond’ via our birth certificates.


Not to mention that the type of fossil-based energy systems are archaic. Free energy is abundant and has been suppressed by our slave masters.


It’s all a rip off, it’s a scam. Slaving and fretting about having to cough up to these low lifes is beyond a sin. I suggest people read up on the principles of ‘Freeman/woman-on-the-Land’ for an overview on how all of this paying for nonsense is a sham. We put in the labour, we physically design, build, create EVERYTHING, whilst our overlords just manage us and reap 99% of the benefits. And then we somehow have to pay for it.


Sorry for stating the obvious, but it’s not until we step back and really look at the absurdity of this conditioning can we really see how insane things are.


However my point here is that when we first get a sniff that something is wrong in society, that we are being shafted – (thankfully at least Joe Public is ‘finally’ at that stage); we tend to think in terms of money. Ohh they’re ripping us off, they don’t care about us, they only care about lining their own pockets. 


Of course in a way this is true! They are fleecing us, all the time, they always have. It’s just that we’re waking up to this now. Be it because of the internet, or they’re becoming so arrogant with their actions that it’s now so obvious, or there is a vibrational spiritual consciousness awakening. Or a combination of all of these. But people know they’re being governed by thieves.


I often hear people in the truth movement rant on about how ‘they’ are fleecing us. I catch myself moaning about the cost of living. But in hindsight, those of us who are at least half awake know that of of course money is just a tool for them, a weapon to control. It controls and traps both the poor and the rich. It’s the perfect control system, especially the paper-based usury system, which is backed up by nothing. Ohhh if only people knew what they were NOT slaving for.


So as soon we wake up, and understand the money scam, and see the bigger picture, we then get into a frame of mind that all these people are psychopathic control freaks. I too have used these terms and looked at them like this. After all, they are psychopathic and they are obsessed with control.


There is a bit of a trend within the truth movement to start looking at this purely from a psychological standpoint, with labels such as psychopaths, Anti-Social Disorder, Machiavellian personality, sociopaths. There are popular books out now being circulated within the truth movements on the mindset of ‘the ruling elite’. One of them being ‘Political Ponerology”. Like much of the material and even disinformation in the truth movement, this book tells truths, but it does not hit the nail on the head.


I would suggest be very careful of going down this route of looking at these characters as just psychopaths. I would say this outlook is just another deploy. Another very clever Jewish distraction to throw truthers off the scent. We can talk all day long about those nasty globalists, those ruling elite, those psychopaths, but never mention ‘the kosher element’.


The Jews are fully aware millions of people are now awake or searching for the culprits behind all these scams and this madness; so these kings of deception are desperate to keep people off target. They are aware of a global consciousness awakening and they are attempting to just stall time. All this talk of control freak psychopaths is not accurate.


This image of the target practice metaphorically represents a perspective of the reasoning behind all this whole conspiracy. The white coloured outer perimeter is our initial viewpoint of seeing this only from a financial/greed perspective. The black area is when we take on board the concept that all the mammon-based activities of the Jewish ruling elite as being control orientated. Then finally the red central area represents us looking at this from a spiritual dimension; that both money and control are purely peripheral tools behind an evil dark demonic force with meevalent intentions.


You know when you’re going through any learning process or receiving knowledge/information or general top tips in any subject, and you take it on board, but it’s only on an academic level. We all have experienced that moment when the penny finally drops. When only through our own personal experience, good or bad and maybe years down the line that we finally see what that person, that piece of information was imparting to us. We ‘get it’ and really do get it. It’s that “Arrhh right” moment. “Now I see it”. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been told, you finally feel the knowledge. It’s a kinda knowing.


Well I feel this is where most of us are at now with this truth. We’re finally getting it in regards to seeing both money and control as two sides of the same coin. It’s the double-edged sword which has been used against us if we are to look at this completely from a spiritual perspective.


This whole conspiracy is way way above money and even control. It is to eat away at our souls. To destroy anything pure and of goodness. It is to degrade, pervert, annihilate, pollute, poison, debase. It is to cloak all that which is of light with it’s darkness. 


This is why I have recently changed my banner on this site from the image of the Jews with the slogan helping defeat Jewish aggression and Jewish extremism to the image of light with the slogan helping the light overcome the darkness.


This two-pronged attack of money and control is demonic in nature. The ruling Jewish elite is demonic in nature. The physical assaults on us are demonic in nature. This whole conspiracy is demonic. It doesn’t matter what label we call it Satanic, Luciferian, evil entities, the beast, the devil, dark forces. It is all of a negative spiritual form.


And it’s now all coming up to the surface. It’s rotting stench can longer be masked, it’s ugliness is too apparent. This decaying dark monster is now desperately and unsuccessfully trying to fight back the light. Clinging on to it’s previous incognito existence.


But the truth will out. The lightness will and is penetrating through. There will be turmoil and disruption, death, pain and suffering yet to come; but the truth will out. This beast will eventually be destroyed. Lightness will become abundant.


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May the FORCE be with you

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