finger out

If we don’t act NOW, the geopolitical events in our lives will be almost insignificant, historical anomalies will be meaningless and current affairs will have no real importance.


Because we will be


dying from immune-related diseases

engrossed in WW3

Lets be honest, when we’re having to deal with that lot – will we really care about the latest besieged Palestinian village  (if there would be any villages left)? Will we care if we find out Monsanto have bought up all the food pattens? Will we care what the hells going on in Iran?

Of course not. It will really be THE END. The end of our lives, our hopes n dreams, the end of the planet and the end of all our struggles. Most of us at that stage will wish to die.

You wouldn’t invite me to a party would you 🙂 But tell me these facts are not true(?)

It is the harsh reality. If somebody had told me years ago that I would be openly writing about this material, in such course and dark terms, I would say they were touched. But unfortunately, this is the brutal truth. This is where we’re now at. That’s how far things have got.

Unless we start to get into this emergency mind set – because that’s what we are faced with – an emergency. We will never pull ourselves out of this mess. This isn’t fearmongary. This isn’t about not having realistic hope. It’s not about freezing in fear. This is quite the reverse.


We have to snap out of this Oh well attitude. Oh well, lets see how things pan out, Oh well, perhaps things will turn around. Oh well, all we can do is hope for the best.

This approach is insanity!!!

I’ve said this before, but with all of this, it needs repeating and repeating…..

Write down a list of your weekly activities. Say 50 activities.

1/. Go to work

2/. Food shopping

3/. Hobbies

4/. Collect the children from school

5/. Get the car serviced

6/. Visit the dentist

7/. Pop into town to get some new shoes

8/. DIY

9/.  ……………..

10/. …………….

50/. …………….

Now look at how many of these activities are devoted to the truth? What percentage of your weekly activities were devoted to getting the word out?

Now I’m not talking about browsing sites for the latest truth gossip, or trawling through endless fascinating historical truth data, or loitering on forums.

I’m talking about truthTELLING. Actually getting the word out there to those who haven’t got a clue. In your list of activities how many hours did you spend during your week on the streets giving out leaflets? Or flyer drops in cafes, etc? Or organising a local talk/film showing? Or designing a truth poster, video, or audio presentation?

Two hours, one hour? NONE!?

How many flyers, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs have you physically got in your possession right now, ready to hand out this week? 

NONE!!! Why not? I’m sorry if this sounds stroppy, but this has to be said and in this manner. There is no time whatsoever now to be polite and gently motivating. There is no excuse at all for any levels of apathy or procrastination.

I’m not taking about attending events, or having local meet ups to share thoughts. But really doing something tangible on a regular basis to get the word out to gain new recruits.

Well I’ve got no money for flyers – NO EXCUSE, find the fucking money. You have enough money for junk food, booze, weed, and a curry at the end of the week. So make a  small sacrifice for the truth. A few of you all chipping in equivalent of say £10 would get you your first batch printed. You know there is no excuse whatsoever for not sorting this out.

Oh come on Digger, are you trying to say those silly little flyers are going to stop this invincible force? Well, yes I am ‘accumulatively’. That with lots and lots of other ideas. And lots and lots of us distributing flyers.

How many of us are awake, at whatever level? Say 20+ million?? I would say it is that much now at varying levels. But even if it was only 10 million. If 10 million of us flooded our areas with them, we would make a serious impact!

Imagine every cafe, library, hotel foyer, meeting room, waiting room, music venue, student hall, etc had a pack of flyers, which were regularly topped up. This would eventually bleed the truth into the populace.

Yea for sure, most of them would get rejected, trashed, taken and not looked at. But there also would be a hell of a lot which would be looked at. And those that were awakened in this way would in turn begin to start spreading the truth. Especially if we put a footnote at the bottom of our flyers suggesting they reproduce the flyers.  

I’ve been in the truth movement almost seven years, well thirty years in a way, if I include my early days in trying to wake people up to the lies of the mainstream media through my earlier protesting. I can count on one hand out of hundreds of truthers I’ve been around who are actively physically going out of their way to get the truth out to new people. And I don’t just think this is just an English trait. This is a sad fact.

I’ve often thought to myself, if someone I knew in the truth movement came up to me and said something like

“Right Digger, I’ve designed some flyers and I’m having 10’000 printed. I should collect them before Wednesday, and I’ve organised a few of us to get together this Saturday at 12 pm to start distributing them ….do you fancy joining us?”

I WOULD FAINT!! and probably would not recover for a month.

I once attended a truth meet up and brought along a few thousand flyers to get a few of us to distribute them after the meet up. You wana here the excuses people came out with not to do it. Most of them were too busy as they had to get back, some just turned their noses up. Some said they were fearful of the CCTV, so I suggested we go out of town, but they still didn’t. One feller said he was conscious of his DNA getting on the flyers. I said don’t worry we can pop into the chemist and buy some disposable rubber gloves, of course he still didn’t want to. PATHETIC!! To think what our forefathers went through for the freedoms we now have.

Now these same people will be the ones who devote endless hours to truthSEEKING activities. It’s their new hobby after all. It’s their new adopted identity. You’ll see them time and time again at all the events, with their Illuminati T-shirts.

It is more than just frustration to me, it’s more of an enigma why people wont make efforts to at least try to fight back. Where have people’s intuition gone? What a job they have done on us, to get us in such a selfish and apathetic state, that we don’t care about anything beyond our immediate sensory pleasures. An egosyntonic society to the elite’s design.

It doesn’t matter really about flyers, this is just an example. I’m sure people have much more productive and creative ways to get the message out there. It’s more the principle of standing up for one’s self and others.

Perhaps people have got into a mindset of what’s the point – we’re doomed anyway? But still, surely we should fight back regardless, just for the sake of fighting back! Just for the sake of justice alone we have to stand up to these tyrants. But I suppose it all gets back to fear. Plus those who somehow are waiting for some guru or superhero to save them. But that too is cowardliness.

I can’t stop thinking of new ideas to get the word out there. They’re always popping up. Some of them are really quite wacky; things like grating humungous website addresses onto landscapes, get teams of motorized para-gliders to mass drop flyers on towns :-), hire a small plane to fly around all day with a banner with a website. Hundreds of us bursting onto major football stadiums in front of live cameras with truth banners, so the media could not avoid coverage. Phone into local radio stations when they are talking about non political subjects and pretend to talk about their topic matter, then give out a truth website. I’m hoping in time, these desperate and outlandish acts will be a regular occurrence – just hoping.

Thankfully there are people out there who are doing their bit on a regular basis. When I meet them, I just wana hug them. Big time respect. Just those small insignificant acts which incrementally add up. That’s all it takes. The key message is lots of regular little acts. That’s it. Just small low key truth-sharing consistently.

This is our last chance to save ourselves from death and destruction. This is no exaggeration.

We have got to drop or reduce the time we spend on selfish meaningless activities.

How much time do you need to spend pottering around in your shed/workshop? How much time do you need to devote to your art classes? Your footie, your sailing, socializing when all you do is engage in small talk, attend ‘every’ family gathering just to get frustrated listening to the same old conditioned crap, cinema visits to receive yet more programming, bird watching, snooker and on and on they go.

Some of these activities and hobbies may be necessary or even healthy, but it’s the amount of time we are devoting to our selfish needs as opposed to sorting this mess out. Could we just adjust the equation a bit?

Could we not make a chunk of time every week for truthing? I would even suggest at this stage to take half a day off work or college each week to devote to truthing – it is that important! I know things are tight, but you wont have any job, career or life soon if you don’t.

All of this suffering is totally unnecessary. It’s all preventable if we make the efforts to stop it. Also it could be at least curbed in a relatively short time period. Lets say for example in six weeks with a force major we could knock this on the head.

Imagine that – check your calender/diary to six weeks from now. Image no more taxes, no more slavery, no more misery. It’s probably too hard for people to image. But we must imagine it, we must project these positive optimistic thoughts. As the new agers would say; almost manifest our own reality.

This is doable. If we inject enough enthusiasm and collective effort, it IS totally feasible.

Just imagine to be rid of this eternal gnawing toothache. To know International Jewry has been curbed. Can you just imagine the party of all parties.

Surely we can collectively do something and stop this beast in it’s tracks. Please don’t say we’re just going to wait to see how things pan out. Now is the time to act, whilst we have the last remanence of freedom. Whilst we have some scraps of resources and energy to do it.

Surely we’re not going to stand back and wait until we all are perished with hunger, diseased from nuclear fallout and in the heat of WW3 to finally pull our finger out – or are we?

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  1. woofie

     /  April 29, 2012

    I shoot my mouth off every day. I send out TUT articles and many others, every day; to friends, strangers, newspapers, Ken Timmerman, news and tips at the NYT, I’m a huge pain in the ass to everybody. My own brother out of state rejects my emails. I talk to strangers while eating lunch. I go on incessantly about Zionist control over Amerika, the Zionist-run media, maggot republikan traitors, NWO, Rothschilds, the terrorist state of Israel……some think I’m nuts, others I’ve connected with. All have had to think a little. All have had their consciousness raised…..most don’t wanna know. Tough shit. They’re gonna hear it from me.
    They can never debate what I have to say. They’re afraid. Fear to confront is what’s crippling America, a nation of wimps and lemmings. Soft. Narcissistic. Afraid what other people will think of them. Deathly afraid of the Jews and being labeled an anti-Semite. Americans will probably get exactly what they deserve, and I don’t really care. Serves ’em right.

    • Woofie,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Good on you fella for doing you’re bit. We are two peas in a pod. I almost have to stop myself sometimes from talking about this horrible subject to all and everyone. I never leave the house without my flyers or at the very least a piece of paper and pen to scribble sites down.

      Wish there were more us, no matter how nuts people think we are. This is SO serious, it umbrellas everything….I mean everything.

      Well done and thank you for contributing.


  2. Paint a bed sheet with a truth slogan and hang it in a prominent place…your garage door, the side of the house that faces the neighbors and street. Make business cards with truth information. Make your answering machine message start with “The official story of 9/11 is a big lie” or “Israel, not Islam, did 9/11”. Hold movie nights to show truth DVDs and have copies to distribute to attendees. Support the ONEDOLLARDVDPROJECT and 911DVDPROJECT. Stand on a busy street corner holding a sign and have DVDs or pamphlets ready to distribute. Write on your clothes and wear them in public. Use glass chalk and put a message on your car side and rear windows. Look at the ACTIVISM page on our website. Don’t lay your head on the pillow unless you know you’ve done your best each day to create the upwising.

    • r911,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your great contribution, great ideas. We need to make a compendium of all these ideas. Now there’s an idea for someone.

      Thanks for contributing.


  3. William Entsminger

     /  April 30, 2012

    I too have been treated like a mental case for speaking my mind about the controlled demolitions of the Trade towers. I was warned yesterday not to ever mention it in front of my friends wife or I would,nt be friends anymore. She does.nt want to hear it. So after being cut off by friends and even some family members, I have learned to keep my mouth shut. People I admire from Mark Twain to Kurt Vonnegut to George Carlin, all gave up on humanity in the end. Now I know why. Thank for listening.

  4. TruthOutJournal

     /  April 30, 2012

    Wow Digger!

    Me too. My brother hates me now. Can’t bring it up at all. He freaks out and seems to turn into a very frightened person in full blown denial.

    I too have been planting seeds for a couple of years. The cell phone is a fantastic technique anywhere at all. Bathroom stalls too. It’s basically “acting” like your talking to someone else. Do it a few times and then it’s really easy. I’m going for the Academy Award but not the one they give out in Hollyhoaxywood. I discuss all of it, all the ff attacks and the deceived people of “all” races and religions. My issue is that it seems still that 99.9% are still asleep. I get too many shocked people that don’t want to begin to believe that such evil exists to begin with. Way too many. They’re still getting most the news from the jmsm, who have a big pad lock on the information market, if you know what I mean. Regular folks are eating the lies and going further and further into the trance. It’s depressing but we can’t give up until the world turns around. Keep at it too brother, you’re a great person and a good egg yourself.

    • TOJ,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your kind words and appropriate thoughts. We all empathise with you. Yea it’s tough. Below if you see the link I sent to 911 “Different Frequences”. I wrote this after coming away from my family – God bless them.

      As regards the mobile/cell phone trick. Yes do that one often in quiet places. Once it went off when I was talking in it – ha that’ll teach me for lieing to myself.

      As for your brother. Ask him to look at John Friend’s latest article. It’s brilliant for those who are new to al this. However your brother just seems an ostridge (with respect).

      If you check out the article, there is a link at the bottom for “Truthing top tip of the month- big mouth”

      Thanks for contributing.


  5. Ingrid B

     /  April 30, 2012

    @TruthOutJournal, yes, it`s hard when you alienate friends and family. I send stuff round in e-mails. My brother`s partner recently told me it was “drivel”, I wanted to say to her that I wish it were, however much it P`s people off, we have to keep trying..

    • Ingrid,

      Agree with all what you say. Your brother’s partner is probably right, our information is “Drivel”; of course it’s the main steam media which is the only source of truth.

      Yea, we do have to keep trying. Just keep pounding away at it, relentlessly. It’s through our stubborness, tenacity and knowing we have the truth on our side that will penetrate through this fog of ignorance in the long run. We will be asylums though at the end of all this.

      Thanks again for contributing


  6. equalizer

     /  April 30, 2012

    Thanks, Digger; indeed, it’s a number’s game…..

    While driving thru Oregon, trying to escape from “the enemy”, I passed a “church” with signs that read: Jesus Saves…etc. There were people mulling about….I kept driving a ways and saw another sign that read, “We Honor Our Veterans”. I couldn’t resist. I hung a “Uey”, drove back to the church and passed out Mark Glenn and Victor Thorne’s book, “Ship Without a Country” (attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by Israel).

    When I approached the men, and told them I saw the “veterans” sign, I then said; “these veterans were never properly honored…….and, I wonder what Jesus would think about what happened to them……”. I smiled, and left……..and felt absolutely VICTORIOUS!!!!!!

    • Equalizer,

      Good on you! Yea we have got to have these mini victories every now and then to give us a boost. They are rare, but I have to say, I’m getting far more positive responses with the masses on the streets these days than ever before.

      People are not sniggering at me so much these days. I start off with the bankers and gently ease in other tentaive subjects and people are more accepting of the overall scams of the governments and corporations. I always make a point of rubbishing ‘conspiracy theories’, which gives my comments more strength. It seems to work.

      Well done for doing your bit. I really feel it’s the small acts we do away from the computer, face-to-face which will have more impact.

      Thanks for contributing.


  7. Mark

     /  May 1, 2012

    NIce article. I totally agree with you about the abundant apathy and narrow-minded majority who can’t do anything for the greater good.

    • Mark,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Yes, unfortunately this is the case. We have been trained to be like this. I can understand people acting selfishly prior to waking up, but not once you know the game….there’s no excuse for not doing small regular acts of truthing.

      I’m shocked at the staggering amount of people who claim to be awake with TVs. I feel this one-eyed monster in the living room seems to keep them in this apathetic mode.

      Keep doing doing your bit Mark.

      Thanks for contributing.


  8. The US Founders never would have imagined an American elite so corrupt that they would dissolve the people and import a new one. But how about the WHITES? There future?

    How is this not genocide:
    White countries are being flooded by non-whites. We are told to be TOLERANT. We are forced to integrate.

    With assimilation we see the extinction of one race only, the white race. Its not funny, not comedy, its white genocide.

    • stc,

      Welcome to DFT.

      I decided not to trash your comment, even though I don’t resonate with your words. The reason why is I get so many of these types of comments, from both sides (black and white) and I feel I need to address it yet again.

      Firstly I understand your feelings, your fears and sense of urgency. You know, there probably are a fair amount of non-white people who are mature enough to understand your position.


      I don’t mean to be patronising, as I know you know this. But I’m so utterly confused why people can’t seem to focus their entire energy on the ROOT cause of the problem.

      Don’t focus on the rash, focus WHY you have a rash (nutritional/stress).

      Don’t focus on the cracks in the plaster, focus on WHY you have the cracks there (foundational problems).

      Don’t focus on the hammer, but on the person wealding the hammer.


      Try to imagine you were born in their lives, in their skin colour and situation. Be honest, what would you do? ….the exact same thing as they are doing. You would only want to have a better life.

      This not being in denial that there are race issues. It is just taking a deep breath, standing back, being big boys n girls and seeing the situation from a psychological warfare position.

      UNITE UNITE UNITE is the only way we are going to resolve this judiac mind-control virus. Pool our strengths, energy together in a focused direction and you watch the results we will achieve.

      Be strong, be disciplined and be detached. Try to respond to the situations we are faced with, rather than react.

      I hope these words allow you (and many others) the opportunity to see things in a different light.

      Related essay

      Please also read the link I have in the book section on the side bar for the “Protocols”. Read how the elite Jews want you to REACT in the exact way you are reacting. Lets box smart and rise above their deception.

      In kindness


      • I’m aware of the jewish issue and glad so much effort is used to educating others about it and keeping it fresh in the minds of people.
        As I see it, the jewish agenda does weaken all peoples in so many ways.
        The point of focusing on the white genocide issue is that even if we get rid of the jews tomorrow, what we have is an extremely weakened white race.
        Most whites do not realize that someone has been trying to kill them. As a dwindling minority of the world’s people, white need to develop some inner strength.
        All other races in the USA are allowed their own organizations exclusively for themselves.
        All other races in the USA have their own organizations to advocate for their own groups except whites.
        Whites need advocates. White genocide issue is a cause for advocacy and for strengthening white people against the mind control and anti-white bias and hatred that is growing in the USA and other places. Inner strength for whites. Equal rights for whites.
        Getting rid of the jews, although important, is not going to strengthen the inner fabric of whites is my view.
        Also, there is the issue of the white elite who look white but have no loyalty to whites or anyone else. I believe the white elite will just fill any power gap that is left when the jewish establishment falls.

      • Stc,

        Thank you for your detailed response.

        We probably recognise the same issues, but are just coming at things from different viewpoints.

        I agree with you in that we need to highlight these races issues, they are appropriate and very real.

        Just for the record, I’m not so much coming from a position of us ‘getting rid of the Jews’; for me it’s more about us addressing our inner demons. Change from within. For example taking responsibility that we have got ourselves in this mess and a double responsibility to do something about it.

        We ALL have to self-reflect and look at our egos, artificial identities, our impossed triats such as greed, attachments, lust, etc.

        These are our real root issues, we all are suffering from. The Jews have only played on these weaknesses. This is what all of the serious mystcal/spiritual teachings have warned/informed us about again and again and again throughout the ages. By focusing on our ‘within’, this is where we are going to gain this ‘inner strength’ you talk about.

        As I’m sure you are aware, we don’t have to just wake up, we need to wise up. We need to become conscious.

        In kindness


  9. r

     /  May 1, 2012

    elite Jews (correction)…
    elite CRIMINAL Jews

    • r

      Welcome to DFT.

      Yea, I suppose so, but then does it not go without saying, that ALL elite Jews are criminal(?)

      Thanks for contributing


  10. Don’t know if my first post today went thru as I was not logged into WordPress:

    “We probably are close. What I am doing is helping me to get stronger and be able to stand up for myself and my race in the face of a well organized verbal and ideological attack against Western Civilization. Its a war over words and ideas. Guns or violence will not solve this because what the enemy does is attack the mind. And there is one or several enemies in every group. They invade any group or movement and will not stop pushing their stuff like the Terminator of Schwarzeneggers famous movie until they are in control.

    Where they all come from I do not know. Identifying who is for you and who is against you is a key. Like the human immune system, it is constantly on surveillance finding what is non-self from self and casting out non-self. The white genocide concept and the anti-white meme, I believe sets the inner house in order.

    It least that is what I and others are working on. Its growing.

    Internet warrioring with a consistent message is pointing out the contradictions in the system to try to breakdown the 50 years or so of propaganda we have all been indoctrinated with.

    What I am doing is easy to do and I think is preferred to the complaining and blaming that is so much a part of those who see the problems but don’t know how to make a constructive contribution instead they are just negative in response. This internet warrioring is a positive action. It is also fun and rewarding.

    That’s my activism anyways.”

  11. SaulRosenberg

     /  May 3, 2012

    People don’t want to face the truth…not now, not ever. Say what you will about Jordan Maxwell, but he said it best about people throughout the ages:
    1. People won’t pay to see a rap concert if they like country music. The object being that people will concern themselves with what they like or are concerned within their insular world, not what they don’t like or understand. And MOST people don’t understand or even want to understand what’s going on in the world. Give them Kim Kardashian, basketball, etc etc etc.
    2. The allegory/story of Jesus and Barabbas. “Give us Barabbas” they said. The masses would rather have a scoundrel, liar and deception rather the truth or the word of God. People have and always will avoid the truth.

    • SaulRosenberg,

      Welcome to DFT.

      I hear what you say. Yes this is the unfortunate truth. I suppose we just have to keep plugging away and hope that these sheople will follow, if/when we have a momentum.

      With regards to Maxwell or whoever being a shill and speaking some great words of wisdom. All of them do to some degree, some of them pretty much 90% truth and then they take off in varying directions. I would also say to a degree who we all think are shills and not is subjective.

      Thank you for contributing.


  12. equalizer

     /  May 4, 2012

    Just so you know, Digger, I’m a woman….so, yes, mam!!! (is that how you spell mam?)

    • Hi Equalizer,

      Apologies ma’am, (correct spelling – had to look it up, my spelling is atrocious)
      Yes after hearing you the tuther day on mark’s broadcast. I thought “Whoops” I was somehow was being presumptuous you were a guy, deno why??

      A great broadcast by the way. Well done contributing.

      In kindness


  13. Hang signs over motorway bridges! In the right places tens of thousands will see it, add a website and you will get the curious visiting.

    This is most effective way I know.

    Now, all of us do it.

    • dave,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thanks for top tip. Yes, the ol blanket trip is a good’n.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Well done and keep up the Light/Truth spreading.


  14. IsraelBombed Fukushima

     /  May 11, 2012

    As a scientist and engineer, I was able to see the reality of 9/11 pretty clearly, without too much “cognitive dissonance” getting in the way. What I could not understand was how quickly and thoroughly ALL of our government, military, and intelligence agencies capitulated to Israeli demands. My question was answered when Fukushima was done — also an obvious lie. See jimstonefreelance dt com slash fukushima1 dot html for some good collected evidence. They blackmail us by sabotaging our power plants, skyscrapers, and other critical facilities and resources with nuclear bombs. You might recall that the Sears tower was evacuated on 9/11 (but not other skyscrapers), then that was quickly forgotten as soon as our government agreed to carry out the Arab genocides. Truth-telling discussions should cover many false flags and other big crimes throughout history, where the recurring pattern can really drive the point home, not just focus on one like 9/11, where it’s easy for a person to acknowledge that there are unanswered questions and then just turn back to basketball or whatever. We are on a young and failing branch of evolution. It’s just a shame that we’re taking down the whole biosphere with us.

  15. Paul

     /  May 22, 2012

    I have tried to wake up my family resulting in explosive rows. I cannot say “anything” without a massive backlash on myself. I always say why not at least research stuff before condemning what I say, yet no one ever comes back to me and says, yeah I believe you now, the Georgia Guide stones do exist and building 7 (which so far no one ive met has heard of) went down like a sack of £$ht. Agenda 21 is real, yep there spraying us with chemtrails and poisioning our food , sticking mercury and cancer cells in vacines.e.t.c e.t.c.. No one bloody well wants to know and my own Mum who loves the Queen has turned her back on me when I told her about the missing children in Canada., my Mum got a birthday card from the queen and it takes pride of place on her piano yet she becomes extremely defensive of the Queen when I try to tell her she is a Warmoner and satanic child murderer. Now she wont talk to me unless she has to.

    So whenever I hear the Queen is visiting a town or city in UK I send a load of flyers to the local pubs and clubs a couple of days before her “Royal” visit informing people the missing children of Canada and research Kevin Annet.

    Its not much but If it awakens one soul its worth it.

  16. Pat

     /  September 2, 2012

    I see a lot of people are very concerned. They want to know what they can do to help.

    Well, it helps to clearly state the problem first. Then attack the problem with possible solutions.

    1.) We have to face the fact that ultimately, in the very long run, this is a struggle to the end. The Jewish Globalist Conspiracy will either triumph or go under, and if we sincerely believe that a genuine compromise is possible, then it is we that shall go down.

    By that I mean, the Jewish Globalist Conspiracy will either be swept away in a counter-revolution, or be forced so to modify its structure and policy owing to human pressures within and without that it loses all its present characteristics.

    I further mean that appeasement, Christian charity, and a desire to improve Jewish Globalist policy by setting virtuous examples in such matters as disarmament could guarantee not the ultimate modification but the ultimate triumph of the Jewish Globalists.
    Politically it will fatally weaken the opposition to the Jewish Globalists if we delude world opinion into thinking that this is a question of traditional power politics, and that disarmament, security, and plenty are just round the corner.

    But how many people in the free world understand this, and in how many countries is it expedient or within the moral capacity of politicians to say so? Yet this seems to me to be the very first requirement; that the responsible leaders of opinion, particularly non-governmental, throughout the free world should understand the true nature of the conflict and its long-term implications, and influence its servant, namely the government, to base its policy, consistently and coherently, upon the long-term facts.

    2.) We must accept, and be thankful for, the fact that the free world can never have its Jewish Globalists, with all the administrative conveniences that would ensue with their one-world government.

    3.) We have to accept and encourage the idea that resistance to Jewish Globalist policy is a universal interest, not an interest of one government or a group of governments – or even one race. All races will benefit from resistance to tyranny. We have therefore to act not on behalf of any particular racial or National interests but of the free world as a whole, and to establish the fact that anti-Jewish activity in any Nation or on behalf of any race is in that Nations and/or races interest.

    This issue is complicated by the fact that the Jewish Globalist Conspiracy has effectively bribed non-White races with “Affirmative Action” type advantages and Jewish government sanctioned “victim status” against White populations. These facts may fuel resistance among non-White groups to view Jewish intervention in a negative light.

    4.) We have to dispel any idea that the fundamental issues, and the action that flows from them, are simply the business of governments and government-controlled agencies. Government-sponsored information, tendentious hand-outs, statements of opinion and all obvious attempts to influence free opinion are worse than useless, or should be. The idea has to be established that the defeat (and I repeat, the defeat) of Jewish Globalist principles is the moral duty, and ultimately the interest, of any person in his capacity of human being.

    This is a far cry from what is perhaps suggested by counter-propaganda, but it is in fact the counter to Jewish propaganda. The question arises how, if at all, we can properly assist to establish these principles; or indeed who is to establish them. Here I must point out that the doctrines I have enunciated are the result of the impact of hard fact upon a certain moral outlook. This outlook is not exclusively Christian: it is in fact the outlook of every human being, except those who are deluded into thinking that the ant-heap is the highest form of society, or that the deficiencies of the ant-heap are a necessary prelude to a certain earthly paradise. And their belief, I insist, is an abnormal and artificially sustained aberration. Therefore anyone who has the integrity, and the courage, and the facts, is a potential ally. No government department can distribute integrity and courage, even if they have them to purvey, but we can at least look for those who possess them and give them the facts.

    It is vitally important to understand the basic methods and principle employed by the Jewish Globalist Conspiracy and be able to describe them.
    The information is out there and available.

    This material has then to be cast in the form most useful to those who are likely to make the best use of it. These persons are the natural leaders, the corps d’élite if you like, the moulders of opinion in every community; the ministers and politicians, churchmen, trade union leaders, non-Jewish journalists, youth leaders, and so on. And our long-term ideal if we could ever attain it, is that the facts we possess, and our deductions from them should be in the hands of all the real leaders in the free world.

    Our goal is to see that truthful material is put to widespread and effective use.
    Naturally we have to make concessions to human frailty and political realities. Ideally, those for whom we provide the facts should adapt them for use in their own way. In practice we have to do some spoon-feeding by providing ready written articles which can be published as they stand. These are our only product which we should describe as propagandist in the contemporary sense, but here, too, accuracy of fact and fairness of deduction are essential and the tendentiousness should lie only in the style.

    So much for our general strategy and methods. Tactics can only be decided by the Mission on the spot; but in general the first requirement is an appreciation of the local situation—the structure of the community, the real springs of power, the size and activities of the local Jewish power and the non-Jewish agencies through which they operate.
    It is in most cases a waste of time and effort to make a frontal attack on Jews. The chances of disrupting them are slight, and associates of Jews are a doubtful asset as allies. If such a chance came, we should seize it; but it is far more rewarding to seal off the Jews from the general public by attacking the transmission belts through which, according to classical doctrine, they have to operate.

    The staple method of doing this is to demonstrate to non-Jews by evidence, both of doctrine and of fact, how they are deliberately being used to serve Jewish aims, and the consequences of those aims being realized.

    A final point is the delicate question of co-operation with the local government in anti-Jewish Globalist work. This can only be decided in the light of local conditions, the ideal to be aimed at being that they should regard it as actions in the furtherance of freedom and liberty. I doubt whether it is possible to lay down any more precise procedures than this, their adoption being a matter for initiative and resourcefulness by all concerned.

    This concludes the survey of the general principles which should govern current operations. In many cases there is inevitably a wide gap between theory and practice, due to variations in local conditions, resources available at home and abroad, and other factors. This does not alter the fact that unless we have an overall analysis and long-term strategy of our own, it is not possible to make a systematic counter-attack upon Jewish political warfare or overcome the obstacles to our own more efficient operation.

  1. Finger Out « The Ugly Truth

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