Kings of Deception

 “by way of deception thou shalt do war”    Article with thanks to Mark Glenn from



I thought it was typically honorable of our Ken O’Keefe to be open and upfront about the shenanigans he has experienced in his Trade not Aid venture. It was very righteous of him to take full responsibility for the unfortunate events. To an extent, he may have been too hard on himself.



However I’m partly surprised Ken would not have been wised up to the full potential of infiltration with his experience as a serious long-term activist; especially in dealing with the children of satan. Also knowing all the contacts he knows; I really would have thought there would have been those around him to suss out these trojans.



Having said that, I know too well how easy it is to get conned by these kings of deception. After all, haven’t we all been deceived by them throughout our whole lives, and continue to be.



To be fair to Ken he was spinning lots of plates on a tight budget; trying to organize such a mighty task, having to deal with the nightmare of logistics and red tape involved in such a project. All within a tight time frame. As the name of his mission entails, it was intended to be more than plain ol aid and therefore the project was doomed to be attacked by this axis of evil. So he couldn’t monitor all the events, all the time.



I felt for him. You could see even through his complete determination, his tenacity that ‘they’ had got to him. That’s what these people are good at, grinding people down, so that the less determined will simply buckle. I think they’re in for a long wait before that happens with this man’s character.



I think if there is one Palestinian cause worth supporting, it is the work of Ken O’Keefe, despite this unfortunate event. I think this could have happened to any of us and Ken is one of most authentic and altruistic people out there.



Ken’s description of these infiltrators was right. They absolutely are pathological liars. They have to be, to play their role. Evil actors on the world stage. At that level, they also are the best of the best……as far as blatant liars go.



I’ve had a fair taste of low level infiltrators myself over the years. Having been involved and helped organize small local animal rights groups/events. Year in and year out attending demos, events, meetings, traveling in the vans, socials, these subverters would be tagging along beside you, best of buddies. One of the team.



Then there would be a raid, lots of arrests and hey presto, they somehow not only were not arrested themselves, but amazingly vanish into thin air, never to be seen again. Not until the dust has settled did we ever find out who the plant was.



It wasn’t till later that we would all say something to the effect of “You know in hindsight, I should have known he was an operative because of this or that. There was something not quite right the way s/he went about things.”



There have been cases when infiltrators have weaved their way right into the core of the group that they ended up marrying and having children with some of the key players.



Can you just imagine that; knowing your own children are just a byproduct of a long-term police sting. Now that’s what you call sleeper cells.



Then the operation comes to a halt and the infiltrator is whisked off to another undercover contract, perhaps the anti-war movement this time under another false identity. And off they go again. Inconceivable!



Just like a building contractor who whilst working on a major project blends in with the community and becomes part of the community. Then when the contract is over, he up stakes and moves off to another contract, in another part of the country and starts all over again.



What type of personality disorder would you need to have, to be so cold and calculating? To think that these people in these movements are all trying to do good deeds for society, all trying to alleviate suffering in the world in one way or another.



Yes that does include the animal rights, despite the media having us believe these nasty animal rights people are interfering in medical progress. Anyone doubting this position, I would urge you to independently research the truth behind vivisection and how it only helps serve the Jewish agenda and in fact hinders health.



There have been rumors that many human experiments go on in these vivisection laboratories. I heard this 30 years ago and these days if I found out this to be true, I would not be shocked at all. Just look at the serious security these places have.



To think the job of these informants is to deliberately interrupt the process of helping starving children, allowing the continuation of children being amputeed, innocent people’s lives wrecked, allowing systematic sexual child abuse, continuation of people’s slavery and animals put through horrendous unnecessary suffering for filthy rich drug companies. Not to mention the destruction of the planet.



They surely have to be more than just pathological liars!? I have experienced and read enough about this conspiracy to know there is a serious level of mind-control programming going on. We are talking at a very deep level and unfortunately it would seem quite widespread.



On a spiritual level, I would suggest these dark entities/force have burrowed their way into these people’s minds. Excuse the simplicity of my explanation, by they are not themselves. They have been taken over.



I feel that’s effectively what we’re all living in – one big mass demonic mind control project. In which even the elite Jews are part of themselves.



and as for the police

I was equally surprised that Ken seemed to be ruffled that the good ol British Bobby was no more; and that he was dealing with a corrupt dark force. Should we expect anything else from these angels of Babylon?



What other type of character would serve the beast? Only those who are lost souls, organic robots, people who are truly not in their right minds. Bullies in uniforms, goons donned in black and neon to do the dirty work for the elite.



Apart from their mothers, is there anyone out there these days who truly respects the modern day corporate police officer? I would really like to know.



I would also like to know are there some conscious police who view these police brutality videos and what are their thoughts?



When these non-thinking useful idiots beat up innocent protestors, there is a name for it – it is called anti-social behaviour. And these same bullies can arrest you for anti-social behaviour.

When they burst into people’s homes uninvited, there is a name for this – it’s called breaking and entry.

When someone has a convenient ‘accident’ and just happens to die in their care – it is plain ol murder.

When these corporate goons seize possessions from you, there is a name for this too  – it happens to be called theft.



Let’s start speaking in simple and truthful terms.



People may say, “Hold on, what about all the good work they do?” What about it? Look for example at the duty of a caring kind police officer informing somebody that a close relative has just died. This could be carried out perfectly well from somebody outside the law. Like it has been done for thousands of years. It doesn’t need a corporate entity with artificial authority donned in black to carry out this role. There could be special voluntary services with trained bereavement counsellors doing this work.



This is the same with all the non-lawful work. Allow the community to carry out these roles, like it always has in cultures.



Check out this unconscious insecure soul in the yellow top in this video. He’s obviously watched too many detective programmes and somehow believes (just like the elite Jews) that he is a superior human being. Through his badge and conditioning he and his colleagues believe they have authority over another sentient being, without that sentient being’s consent. Look how wound up he gets, just because the guy doesn’t jump to his commands. He quotes words to the effect of …“I have the power to detain and search you under PACE .” Then at the first opportunity abuses his power by pouncing on his victim. Shame on you.



It’s no longer a police service, it’s a police FORCE.

Anyone in their right mind, who is wised up to this agenda would not get the police involved in any low-key incident. You’d be better off dealing with things under your own terms if possible. Modern day police ‘officers’ (admiralty term, as they work under contract law not common law) are always sniffing for a contract, that’s their job, under contract law.



So for example you report a crime, they come round to make details and they end up nicking you for some trivial unassociated matter. Like one of your car tyres is slightly worn. These people CANNOT be trusted, whatsoever whatsoever.



THERE IS NOBODY ON THIS PLANET WHO HAS AUTHORITY OVER YOU…..unless you consent to them having authority over you.



They have to prove to you that they have authority over you. That you gave them authority over you. Where is the written or verbal contract between you and this private corporation? That’s why you should never ever vote. Or remain in tacit  agreement, by not rejecting these politicians; as by not doing so, you are indirectly consenting to ‘the system’. Consenting to authority and ultimately your slavery.



What many people don’t realise is police officers are independent non-government agents working for PRIVATE corporations (corpses = dead entities). So it’s like someone from Walmart or Safeway coming up to you in their uniform or with a badge and saying you have to do this or that. It’s all perception, all hinged on our compliance.



It’s all presumed authority.

All police are simply private security guards for elite Jewish criminal banking families.

Check out the emblem on this police officer. They are openly advertising who their bosses are. I have no doubt that this company is Jewish. This link should give us an idea:



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Wot a waste

Shame on YOU

I feel let down

Just doing my job

Intelligence my arse


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  1. one of your best and how so true

  2. Snakey

     /  April 29, 2012

    A good quote I came across recently, written by Marc Stevens is: “No service or product should be provided at the barrel of a gun.”

    Government is force and fraud. The State is a bunch of criminals under colour of law (not actual law) running a racketeering enterprise.

    Here’s another great quote (Marc Stevens again):
    “What exactly is “government?” Have you ever seen a “government?” While there are varying degrees, “government” is one man violently controlling the life and property of another man. In some places this violent control is “decreed” to be for the latter’s “own good” and “protection” and hailed as the “best system in the world.” Because it’s based on violence, there are no “states” or “nations,” “states” being “voluntary associations.” You may recognize that violent control over a man’s life and property is what we like to call… slavery. Slavery is a form of “government,” and in most cases, if not all, synonymous with “government.” Govern means control, not protect. Have you ever noticed the word “protect” is mysteriously not included in any definitions of govern?”

    Excellent post btw 🙂

    • Hi Snakey,

      Thanks for interesting comments.

      Yea the word government stems from govern-ment = control of mind.

      Yea agrre the word protect is only for themselves and their lackies.

      Keep propagating, keep resisting



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