Not sure if anyone’s stumbled across the work of Fiona and Arthur Cristian from in their truthing travels(?) 

Video of Fiona explaining their ‘Kin Domain’ concept.


I have some admiration for them, for the following reasons

* they’re both grafters. They are at least getting off their arses and making efforts, taking huge risks. They are willing to stick their necks out for the sake of others.

* they are both open and honest with no anonymity.

* their promotion of raw/living foods I think is excellent

* they try to wean people away from supporting ‘the system’ and offering general motivation material

* their healthy approach to the freeman-on-the-land material,  warning people to see it as also playing into the system.

* bravery in challenging conventional scientific theories

* sticking to their guns in their approach, a huge amount of tenacity and courage despite their death threats

* having alliance with each other and continuity in their outlook

* generally quite modest and no ego in their work



However I really struggle with their overall view of the major players in all this drama. They will not point the finger at this  800 pound judaic gorilla. In fact in one video when asked “Who are the main players behind the NWO, is it the Jews?”, Arthur answers “No, they’re just caught up in all.” Wot!!



I’ve slightly shifted angle over the last six months in my perception of all this agenda and now tend to focus more on the force/entity behind the physical actions of the Jews. Hence why I wrote “6 Stages of Awakening”. This truthseeking/telling is an evolutional process and we’re all learning all the time.



However I refuse to accept that a couple who have been at this intensively as them have not cottoned on to the Jewish agenda. They term it all under the title of satanic/masonic forces. Nope, sorry, not good enough. That’s too vague, too amorphous. It’s a cop out. They may as well join Alex Jones and co and say it’s the neon cons, the globalists or the technocrats.



This is one of the main reasons we are in this mess because we’re tip toeing around mentioning who are really doing the damage. Is it a bunch of freemasons donned in their masonic aprons going around killing Palestinians? Is is the masons who blew up the twin towers? Are you banned in parts of Europe and Canada for cross-examining/questioning the history of the masons?



This is a nonsense saying it’s all masonic.



When I very politely wrote to them, complementing them on all their efforts and research. I asked if they had read the  ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, ‘the Babylonian Talmud’ and the Torah. And that if they wanted to get to the root of all this, they needed to include this ugly area within their compendium of work.



I also included a few of my essays as examples, just to show them that you can highlight these judaic crimes, without the hatred.



To which they replied……that I needed to use my brain 🙂



Mmmhh – interesting response.



So what is their solution to all this after their 7 years of intense research?

Their Kin Domain plan [please see their video/s]


Ok so they say they aren’t running away – Well you kind of are. You are certainly stepping aside. Be it being inclusive of Joe public, you are doing everything to get out of ‘the system’. You are not standing up to the beast. You are just turning your back on it, hoping that it will just whither away if enough people don’t support it. This is just being naive and irresponsible. It’s almost child like.



Considering how many supporters they have, this advice is lethal. Especially when they are outright asking people to freely donate land, money and skills. I would also suggest they are asking for more than just petty donations. They are pretty much expecting people to give up their life savings, their houses, their retirement funds and offer a full commitment to their venture. Now this is serious stuff and therefore needs attention.



It is absolutely essential with any problem, no matter what the subject, be it health or construction, IT whatever; one needs to isolate the root cause every single time and put all the energy into resolving this root cause. It’s that obvious.



One, they won’t isolate the root cause, and two, they are choosing to side step away from the issue.



It’s like having a monster in the house ripping and tearing up  the place and saying, “Well the monster can do it’s thing, we’re going to set up a separate area at the bottom of garden and start all over again, to set an example.” It’s insanity. To think the monster will not engulf them.



If this satanic monster is capable of obliterating country after country after country over many generations. What makes them think for a minute they are going to somehow be protected in their little paradise Kin Domain??? Please tell me someone.



This force has destroyed the Roman empire, the British empire, the Chinese empire, the German Reich, the mighty Armenians, the tenacity of the hardened Japanese warriors, the Russian army, African warriors and on and on throughout thousands of years.



Please people DO NOT FOLLOW FIONA AND ARTHUR in their little wonderland journey. Do not put your life savings and investments into this nonsense of a project, because you will be sorely disappointed, it will be infiltrated and flattened in months!



How are they magically going to avoid the impending WW3? How too are they going to somehow escape the fallout from Fukushima?



Why do I bother in highlighting this? For the same reasons why it saddens me that drones of people follow and support people like Alex Jones and Icke. Why people are going to be spending between £45-65 on tickets at Wembley Arena this summer to see their cult hero. Some of them will be probably spending considerable amounts more to the price of ticket on traveling and accommodation. Because that’s what it is, follow and worship the leader (even though Fiona and Arthur do not claim to be leaders).



All these people going to see Icke won’t learn any more useful information in his talk. They’ve seen all his videos and read all his books anyway. It’s just entertainment and self-gratification. To preen and say “I’m going to see Icke” or “I’ve seen Icke” – with a T-shirt to match.



If Fiona and Arthur were out there as just another insignificant blogsite, I wouldn’t bother highlighting these points. But they’re not insignificant at all. They have a huge following, just like Icke has. They apparently receive up 600 e-mails/comments a day with over 12 MILLION, yes million hits a month!!



This is frightening, to see how desperate people are becomming. That people will follow anyone who claims to offer a way out of this nightmare.



I’d say good on them, if they were more nearer the target. But I really don’t think they are at all, just like Mr Lizard and co. A lot of peripheral nonsense. The sad thing is, I know in my heart that they are authentic and I believe them to be well-meaning. They are not shills like Icke at all. It’s heartbreaking to think that people are following such advice and even prepared to sell up and join their merry ‘Kin Domain’.



I apologise to them if I have misunderstood their message, or the intent of their venture; but I feel I’ve seen enough of their material to make my judgements. With all my work, if I find out I am wrong, I will retract my comments and make amends.



There is a part of me that wishes them all the success in the world with their venture. I want nothing more than skeptics like me to be proven wrong and they have complete success. But come on, there’s time to get real.



If the hardened and internationally experienced Ken O’Keefe can get infiltrated, you can guarantee these two lovebirds will be. Fiona and Arthur are smart, but I would say they’re not clued up to the skills and heritage of Jewish deception.



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  1. Snakey

     /  April 29, 2012

    “All religions, corporations and organisations that support and maintain the Western World Civilisation of Commerce are part of the problem”

    There is a long winded page about the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies trying to shut their website down, which I simply cannot be bothered to trawl through. I wonder, did they not question why no other religious group attempted to have their site shut down as well seeing as this couple also blame all other religions for the state of the planet? They were not accused of being anti-Christian, only anti-Jewish?

    Their statement, on its face, appears to be reasonable and yet I can see that they are unaware that Lex Mercatoria (Law Merchant, the Law of Commerce) was introduced into England by the Jews under Edward 1 and then spread throughout the world (Australia has English common law and the Law Merchant at its root). Merchant Law is Judaic and is from the Talmud. Most of our laws are also from the Talmud and/or the Old Testament because most of the people who were Merchants were also Judaic and they introduced their laws into the countries where they were living (via their services to kings and emperors through their money lending).

    The Judaic Law of Shetar (Sh’tar – Starr Chamber) enabled a creditor to physically take a natural man’s property (both land and body) as payment of debt under “contract law”. English common law had not previously allowed this due to the injustice of removing a man’s capability (through his own land and labour) to discharge the debt. In other words, theft was legalised. Debt prisons still exist.

    I also noticed that Christianity is separated from Judaism on their website as if they are two different religions. This is a mistake. People who call themselves Christians these days willingly accept the Old Testament without question and clearly fail to realise that the Old Testament’s first five books are Judaic. There are millions of people who call themselves “Christians” who never quote from the New Testament (which is also fiction) if they can help it. Why don’t they just convert to Judaism? lol.

    Overall, I think the Cristian’s would do well to remember Waco and prepare themselves for an assault if they push the tribe too far with their efforts to escape the matrix.

    • Snakey,

      Yet again, thank you for your interesting input.

      Yea, they’re good people, just not realistic imho. They say they would be able to avoid a wako type event from happening, because they would be inclusive of Joe public, but I have my doubts.

      I hope we’re wrong and their project is a great success. I’d turn up apologetically with my tail between my legs. They may let me clean the mud room.


      Thanks for contributing.


      • russ hook

         /  January 28, 2013

        Thanx Digger, and Snakey! I respect your opinions, educated opinions. I have said almost verbatim about A&F, I have been corresponding with them for many years, since they started this quest, but they dumped me b/c I followed the JEW trail, after many years researching the “Illuminati”. They used the HATE word about me, and that is where I drew the line! That is BS, and they both know it. Arthur will not answer some hard questions I have had for him also. I was recently evicted unlawfully by a JEW landlord after 16 years of putting every ounce of my being into a home in Kelowna. I made it into a little RC SPACE OF LOVE, when it was a Crack Shack before I moved in. I built a small Food Forest there, and now it is gone. The JEW pulled out most of my garden. I lost 1,000s of $$$ and I was devastated. I am still in recovery now. He tried to lock me out of my house twice to take ALL of my possessions. All of my research proved to be TRUE, b/c I am living it TODAY!
        I am a 35 year veggie, and I am part of the Do No Harm lifestyle A&F talk about . I have read the Ringing Cedars Books also. I see the RC way of life as a viable alternative way of life as opposed to supporting the system. I almost WORSHIP these 2, but I have NO IDEA why they reject the Jew thing so off-handedly. I also ask myself, “Am I missing something here????” Is Arthur a JEW maybe? I don’t know, but it sure as hell perplexes me. Thanx for sharing…..

      • Thanks Russ – good on you sir for seeing the bigger picture regarding sentient beings. This is all part of this whole dark agenda. Here your thoughts on these two.

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