Don’t Complain

Don’t complain, when you have no work and you can’t get a job – when you did nothing about this situation NOW.

Don’t complain, when the bailiffs are knocking on your door to ransack your possessions – when you chose to be passive about these criminal elite.

Don’t complain, when you’re children are having to have mandatory lethal injections under the guise of some invented virus – when you have just been procrastinating all these years.

Don’t complain, when you cannot feed yourself or your family, due to the exponential cost of living – just because you decided to see how things would pan out.

Don’t complain, when your life has become so depraved and debased, a hell hole to live in – when you took the route of non-resistance.

Don’t complain, when you’re children are being snatched screaming from your partner by cold-hearted goons in uniforms, because you have been criminalized, due to non-payment of some stupid fine – when you had the opportunity to stop this beast in its tracks.

Don’t complain, when we are all living in a police state Orwelian dictatorship with curfews, exponentially worse than now – all because you would not do your bit to curb it.

Don’t complain, when drones are decimating your home town – when for years, all you’ve done is observed the same drama to others on line.

Don’t complain, when comatised government agents come to take you away to the FEMA camp – when you consistently were too lazy to propagate the truth.

Don’t complain my friend – when it’s too late, when for years you just stood back, through cowardliness and apathy, waiting for someone else to make the first move.



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  1. jrfriend

     /  April 24, 2012

    I hear ya my friend, I hear ya… We don’t need to convince everyone, just the right type of people. Those that are courageous, steadfast, honest, bold, and risk takers. Each day is a new day to do what we can in this struggle against Jewish supremacy and tyranny. Keep up the good work.

    • Yea, quite right, it’s not about getting everyone on board with this stuff, just enough piloting the way, for the sheople to ‘get it’ once there is a momentum.

      “Each day is new day to do what we can …” here here

      Thanks for your support


  2. cartiermccloud

     /  October 26, 2014

    It’s not the Jews we have to fight, it’s our own people who refuse to see what’s really happening.

    • Agree, agree. I have often said: “The bully can only bully, so long as we allow the bully to bully.”


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