Good for you Robert

Robert Green out of full incarceration on 17th May!!

One of the true heroes in the truth movement. A man oozing with courage, altruism, substance and integrity.


Insanity he was every even sentenced, insanity we all allowed this insanity to happen to such a selfless man!

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  1. jrfriend

     /  April 24, 2012

    These pedophiles will rot in hell! How in the world was this man even imprisoned?! Shows the power these evil, disgusting people have in our governments… truly shameful stuff.

    • Thanks John,

      Yes, agree with all your words …… long as we ALL also self-reflect and take resonsibility to a/ why have we allowed ourselves to get in this mess in the first place and b/ why have we allowed such great people like this to suffer and what we are going to do about it!?

      By the way John. Great articles on your site

      Thanks for contributing and doing your bit



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