The Iamism Virus

This video was sent to me, by someone who is rightly fed up with he anti-Islamic bashing. Somebody sent them this video to highlight/prove the problem we have with all these mooslems taking over Luton and the country. A theme which is currently being foisted upon us via our lovely kosher press through the Andres Breivik case. Classic Hegelian dialectic.



So what’s going on in this video? Or more importantly how are we responding and reacting to this video? What emotions does it draw up? Do we feel uncomfortable with any deep-rooted thoughts? Are we able to recognise what is happening here and the bigger picture?



Some of us will immediately take sides, depending of course upon our political, tribal, religious or deep-rooted philosophical perceptions. But that’s all they will be; chosen perceptions. Choice of identity.



The pro white, pro Great Britain, anti-Islam brigade will say “Good on yer girl for sticking up for your country, for Caucasians.”



Likewise the ‘other’ side be will be rooting for the finger-wagging Muslim woman and man who verbally slammed her down. “Good sister, good brother.’



Those of us who are aware of the dark forces, those who are really pulling all the strings in this spiritual battle are more than aware that these two people on diametric sides are clearly not able to see the bigger picture. They really haven’t got a clue who is behind the curtain pulling and tugging at their emotions and weaknesses and certainly their identities.



Did Stacey have a point? Surely all she was doing was asking questions, trying to engage and understand this ideology which she has returned home to. Surely that is normal, to question what has happened to her hometown, to her community whilst she has been away.



She was being honest, open and upfront. She had the bravery to give her full identity and be filmed on camera. She was not covered up in a veil. She even made the effort of approaching what she presumed were the leaders of the rally (although we know they were probably only the front men).



She was insulted by the woman in the burka, almost threatened by the Muslim guy, and then further insulted by the so-called spiritual leader of this group.



Is this Islam? Is this what it is to be a true Muslim?



As the Christians often say “What would Jesus do?” Similarly what would Mohammed make of all of this rhetoric?



I am the first one to stand up again and again to any anti-Islamic bullshit I hear in any discussion. I have stood up to many ignorant Jack the lads on building sites and put a position in favour of Muslims. I have tried my hardest to get through to these morons who believe the main stream Jewish perception of Islam.



However we can’t have it both ways. To me this behaviour in this rally smacks of double standards. These same people will rightly slam the israelis for taking over regions and imposing their believes onto the indigenous population, when these Luton fundamentalists are doing the exact same thing.



Of course they are not decimating villages, blowing up people and shooting people. But their chanting was threatening, even if I am no fan of the current day police force. And so was their conduct and presence. They were a million miles from the spiritual message of Mohammed and peaceful essence of Islam.



True Christians wince when they here the rhetoric of the Judea-influenced fundamentalist Christians. And I’m sure there are many peace-loving Muslims who were truly embarrassed by these radicalists.



I remember being in the presence of some hardcore vegans spitting out their venom at meat eaters. I can clearly remember wanting to run a mile with embarrassment. Thinking “You do not represent me or my ideology.”



Of course there is a real chance that these fundamentalists are just being used like many people in many well-meaning organisations and demonstrations, by the elite Jews hiding in the background. Maybe this was the case in this video??



Many muslim brotherhood fractions are being manipulated if not instigated by the Jewish elite. Just as the EDL and other white nationalist groups are also being used for their divide and rule purpose.



As for the woman in red, was she a plant? Convenient colour scarlet. The red and black forces. Is she whiter than white? What has she done in her life to contribute towards the goodness of humanity? What have been her, her family and her communities actions or inactions to create the mess she now sees in her home town and life?



What did she expect, to wonder off and do her thing, then come back home and just carry on as normal? Normal job, normal lifestyle. Maybe get a nice cosy job working for the beast at some level, pay her taxes and at weekends just have a laugh and indulge in selfish pursuits, whilst turning away from any turmoils going on in the world. I’m all right Jack, we’re all right Jack.



BANG reality has suddenly hit her, and hit her hard. Her last minute wake up call is painful. I don’t know this woman’s lifestyle. I am being presumptuous, but I would hazard a guess, she like millions of other Westernised people, through her laziness and apathy has brought reality to her own door. Now this is her spiritual opportunity, as it is each and every one of ours.



Does she chose to react, or does she chose to respond? It’s always about choice. That’s what it has always been about, all the way through this journey. All incremental decisions, options and choices, from the internal to the external.



I think this is probably what she was really crying about in the film. One this is happening and two her and her community have allowed this to happen. Also how is she going to deal with this dramatic change. This is what we all are now having to face.



We all are suffering and having to deal with alternate reality checks and changes, adaptations in our conditioned realities. We all have allowed this dark force into our lives. It’s our fault for any suffering, or perceived suffering we are now enduring.



The Islamic woman in the black burka is suffering and so is the woman in the red dress. Both having to deal with changes, both having to deal with reality. The harsh truth.



Everyone has had the opportunity to face this beast at some point and those that have chosen to ignore it and carry on with their lives have only postponed the inevitable. Like they have ignored the dis-ease. All of us have to face this inner demon at some point down the line. Our responsibility in allowing us to get into this state and our integrity and decisions in how we deal with it.



We are in no position to complain about our sorry state, when a/.we won’t face up to the fact we have helped bring it on and b/ we are too cowardly to stand up and be counted and do something about it.

These two women having a slanging match in this video, are both trying to deal with change. And the rapidity of change in their lives.



There is a strange phenomena with regards to the whole timing of these events and how this dark force is usurping us all. On one hand it is a painfully slow strangulation from the judaic python, but on the other hand it seems like everything is coming at us hard n fast now from every angle and we don’t have time to stop and contemplate these changes.



However no matter what pace or delivery this harsh reality hits us, we are all having to at some point to self reflect. We all are having to look within and look at our lifestyles, backgrounds, habits, and ultimately our identities.



The woman in the black burka – I AM a Muslim and the women in red – I AM an English woman.



Even if the women in red did eventually become a Muslim, she would never please some people. Because then she would be split again between what type of Muslim. These divisions never end. It’s all about identity. Being in one club or another.



I recall once attending a small house party and brought a long a long-term friend, who just happened to be female. We were just friends. I knew exactly how people were going to react. They were almost twitching to find out if we were ‘an item’. So much so that one women could not contain her curiosity and out right asked whilst swaying her index finger at us“Are you a couple?”



She just had to have us pigeon holed, in her grouping folder in her mind. That’s what people do. He’s a this, she’s a that. This group, that group, that category this category.



Is she straight or gay? Does he rent or is he a house-owner? Are they married or do they just live together? Does he work or is he on benefit? All these little identity boxes.



We also are compelled to label ourselves. I AM unemployed, I AM a dentist, I AM a X supporter, I AM a Jew, I AM a republican, I AM a swimmer, I AM an uncle, I AM a sports car enthusiast, I AM a wife, I AM a vegan, I AM a feminist, I AM a Gentile, I AM Asian, I AM a Buddhist – and a combination of these.



We are none of these artificial transient labels.



Why is it so difficult for people to see that we are being constantly manipulated by these superficial labels through our identity. And ultimately through our deep-rooted insecurities.



This virus of I AMism is an entity in itself and almost unstoppable. This is the root of all our issues, this is why we have been usurped, this is how the dark force has crept into our lives. Playing on our identity, ego, attachment, lust and greed.



How dare you say that, when you know I AM an X . I better not say that, she is an X. You have hurt our feelings as we are X’s. 



We have got to drop these X’s; this I AM nonsense – our precious meaningless identities, if we are ever going to get out of this mess.


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