Self-Gratification vs Altruism

in regards to the truth

Gratify – to satisfy or please, to yield or indulge (a desire, whim, etc)



* viewing endless hours of youtube videos

* reading book after book of every aspect of this conspiracy

* listening to all the various audios and relentless browsing

* attending truth meet ups and conferences

* meditating – purely for self-serving needs, just to be happy

* hanging around forums and infighting in chat rooms

* sending the odd link here n there to fellow truthers

* passive/neutral truther-SEEKER

* an easy life, hassle-free existence, see how things pan out

* conspiracy hobbyist

* observer of the drama, non-participant

* not standing up to be counted at any level

* inward: taking, receiving, to get, absorb, have. Me me me

* laziness, cowardliness

* what can I gain?

* pleasure-seeking, enjoyment, entertainment

There of course is nothing necessarily wrong with many of these activities, especially to newcomers to the truth. Providing one is also being proactive with the truth.



Altruism – 1. the principle or practice of unselfish concern for the welfare of others. 2. the philosophical doctrine that right action is that which produces the greatest benefit to others.


* outward – selflessness, giving, sharing. Consideration to others.

* beyond spectators

* making the effort to be proactive, pulling one’s weigh, having a go despite making mistakes

* proactive truth-TELLER

* willing to put up with some levels of inconvenience, hardship, hassle and personal loss through resistance and non-compliance.

* What can I give?

* getting out there on the streets distributing leaflets, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs and talking to many people on a regular basis

* participating/contributing

* trying to access as many new people on line through NON truth sites and forums

* motivating others to become proactive, showing example

* writing a book, setting up a truth stall, giving a talk, making videos, creating a blog/website, carrying out interviews, engaging in risky research (not browsing), organising events, setting up a truth group, etc

* some levels of momentum/effort and courage

* presenting the truth to those outside the choir, to new blood

* the bigger picture in terms of all of us in this together and the spiritual quest of spreading the light

* moral, ethical and spiritual duty to share this unvarnished truth

* putting one’s head above the parapet at any level



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  1. hey jewd

     /  April 21, 2012

    Great post Digger! Lays it out plain and simple. Divides the wheat from the chaff. Been browsing your site. Wow man, some serious range of issues you’ve covered. Keep up the great standards.

    • Hey jewd,

      Thanks for positive feedback. Glad you like the blog, or find it useful.

      Yea it’s time for all of us to stop faffing about now and DO something.

      Thanks for contributing.



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