10 Traitors of Humanity

The term traitor may seem quite strong and not necessarily appropriate for the list below. However I feel all these people are a hinderance to the truth. They get in the way of us all having the peace and freedoms we all yearn for. They all are either directly or indirectly contributing to the deaths of innocent people and hardships around the world, due to interrupting and slowing down the flow of truth. 


[not in order of importance]

1/. The Elite Criminal Jews

Responsible for millions upon millions of deaths. Carnage destruction, misery and suffering for their innocent victims. All because of their dark ideology.




2/. Sayanim and supporting Jews

Equally responsible for the above crimes, due to propping up these elite Jews. These are the vital support network, who’s work is essential for the evil operations of the elite.




3/.  Tribal Jews

These are not necessarily criminals. These are your common day-to-day Jews who are our neighbours, work colleagues, sports pals, hobby club members, etc. Although they do not carry out crimes, they are are guilty through their passivity and acceptance of the these crimes of their tribe. No matter what crime their fellow Jews carry out, they will ALWAYS support the tribe members. NO MATTER WHAT!



They also support the narratives of Jewish history and to varying degrees and think they are somehow ‘special’ or follow through with the victim mentality. This all collectively adds to the cover up of Jewish criminality at tentative levels.





4/. Useless idiots

This is a term the elite refer to all the Gentiles who directly and indirectly are serving them. The police, army, social services, IT geeks working in government positions, doctors administering toxic allopathic medicine and vaccines, etc. Anyone helping their dark agenda along, just for mammon, a lifestyle, kudos and their precious identity.




5/. Sheople

All the sleepy souls who not only will not wake up, but have had endless opportunities to wake up. Each and every one of these people have come face to face with someone presenting them the truth, or have been sent a link to the truth, but have ‘chosen’ to turn away. This mass of stupefied people are essential to this whole judaic new world order.




6/. Long-Term Half-Truthers

I have to be quite accurate here in the types of people I mean. I have known some people who are just at the NWO/Illuminati level who are of more use to the truth, than people who know all about the Jewish perfidy. These NWOers are out there on the streets handing out leaflets and waking the sheople up to the fact that at least there is an agenda. They are proactive and willing to make efforts. As frustrating as it is, I would suggest the truth movement is better off with these people than the lazy passives who know all about the JWO.



In addition I must point out that most of us at some point have been in this camp. Very few people I know jump straight into being Jew-wise. So for one or two years not being aware of the Jewish plot, it’s understandable.



The thing is these days, it is near on impossible not to hear the words zionism, israel and mossad in relationship to all of these crimes and if these people are true truth seekers, they absolutely have to follow this line of research.



The people I am honing in on in this category is more the people who will not get away from the entertainment side of all this conspiracy. Just like the sheople, despite having being presented with the ‘real’ truth many many times, They refuse to take it onboard, because the real truth isn’t entertaining and stimulating enough for them. Plus they are caught up in political correctness and scared of being labeled.



The ugly truth can be bland and distasteful and cold. So just like flipping over to a different more ‘entertaining’ TV channel, they have chosen to view another more entertaining channel of UFO theories, big-foot, shape-shifting reptilians, crop circles, the moon is not real and on and on. This disinformation is dangerous to the truth and indirectly is harming innocent people’s lives.




7/. Infighters

Lowest of the low. Scum-bags. I think near on everyone who is a true truther would agree on this one. These people spit their bitter venom all over the forums. They are not necessarily Jews, in fact most cases they are not. I have known one or two of these characters.



They can’t seem to grasp what mature intelligent constructive criticism is. They cannot make point-by-point observations, have open debate and analysis, with room for correction. They’re saddos and a nuisance to the truth.




8/. Shills

Dangerous, pernicious and evil. They are ego-driven and self-serving. They are an absolute hinderance to the truth. They are particularly dangerous to vulnerable people and those who are first stumbling across the truth, as they capture people and keep them focusing on not only disinformation, but only the problems of this agenda and not the root cause.




9/. Passives

Those that know, but do not act.

They may as well have not discovered the truth, as they are only a hinderance. They may as well just clear off out of the truth altogether and focus on other ‘hobbies’ such as their allotment, car maintenance, sports whatever. The truth movement would be better off without these parasites. They clog up the stream of truth. They are pathetic lazy cowards. Now that is the truth!



They are in self gratification mode and don’t have a shred of altruism in their body. It’s all about self-gratification through endless truth-SEEKING. Endless youtube viewing, book reading and browsing browsing browsing.



Some of them may have done the odd bit of truth-TELLING, but generally they can’t be bovvered, coz it’s too much hassle. Their efforts over the many years they have known truth is quite distasteful. They should  be truly ashamed of themselves.



When you hint or confront them about this truth, you hit a nerve as they know it’s true; so just like Jews, many of them instead of self-reflecting, all they can do is lash out with abuse and insults in forums.




10/. Media

These are clearly useful idiots. However I feel this group of traitors are particularly evil, that they needed highlighting separately. As the elite have openly announced they would not have been able to carry out their deeds had it not been for the clever obfuscation of the media.



At one point this was the main stay of the flow of information. The media was the news. That was the populace’s truth and hence billions of lives needlessly lost because of it.



Fortunately we now have alternatives. However the main stream media still has clout. I think something like 80% of Americans ‘still’ believe that Iran is a threat to them and God knows how many people around the globe ‘still’ think that Osama Bin Laden managed to orchestrate the Twin Towers attack from a friggen cave. It’s painful to think this, but this is the reality.



Again this all goes back to each individual working in this industry succumbing to the pulls of mammon, kudos (ego), selfish desires and lifestyle; plus good ol identity issues. Like all the other useful idiots they have chosen to be willfully ignorant, willfully compliant, willfully selfish.



You’re either fighting with us, or you are against us


1/. The Elite Jews

2/. The Sayanim and supporting Jews

3/. The Tribal Jews


4/. The Useful Idiots

5/. Sheople

6/. The Long-Term Half-Truthers

7/. Infighters

8/. Shills

9/. Passives

10/. Media



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  1. Bettyboo

     /  April 22, 2012

    Great article – what truth!

    Thank you Digger for sharing your wealth of incite. Such an Aladin’s cave of useful information. It’s really made me re-think about my views on the various conspiracies I may have gone along with….due to all these many shills you highlight.

    You’re ability to flip from serious topics to light humour is a gift. Truly comprehensive material. Excellent for people like myself relatively new to the truth. Thank you for saving me (and others) endless hours of wasted time.

    • Bettyboo,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m just pleased it has helped you (and others).

      This is what it’s about now, to get the truth out there. To share/propagate. This isn’t about Gentile verses Jew or any other divisions, this is about trying to get as many as possible over to the light, to a conscious mindset. No matter what their background, blood/gene type.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep spreading the light.


  2. sazzylilsmartazz

     /  April 26, 2012

    Thanks for a very good post Digger and so true! I was recently posting on a forum where some of the regulars stated my posts were for new people and they were more “advanced.” They wanted to post videos like the Rolling Stones, etc. I don’t think these were agents or shills. I think they are just a group of bored people who feel defeated and wanted to pass the time. In any event, the site wasn’t moderated so there was a lot of infighting. Needless to say, I won’t be wasting my time there anymore.

    • Saz,

      Thank you for your supportive words.

      Yea, they’re a grind to us all and the sad thing is, they are grinding themselves down in the end. After all, we all want to get out of this mess.

      Thank you for your positive contribution.


  3. andy

     /  May 25, 2012


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