10 Myths within the Truth Movement

1/. Capitalism is the root of all this evil!

Of course most of us who have been at this long enough will be aware of the agent provocateurs – paid hooded louts (many whom are police) who turn up at demos to smash up corporate buildings, conveniently in front of the main stream media. All fueling this perception that all protestors are anti-capitalists. Many know the score and can see the bigger picture and their divide and rule tactics. However despite all this, many truthers still cannot see the difference between true capitalism and the elite being merely monopolists.




2/. We need/they need a democratic state! 

Ohhhh how many times have we heard people who should know better come out with this clanger. It makes you almost want to put your hands to your face.



Democracy is a tool of the elite to control both sides of the equation. It’s a win win scenario for them. They control the red team and they control the blue team. That simple!



If 51% (the majority) of people thought it it was perfectly OK to eat babies, then the whole of society would have to go along with this nonsense. That is how ludicrous democracy is. Especially when the table is rigged.



Look what so-called democracy has done to the Iraqis. Look what mess democracy has left us lot in. It’s insane to use this word in any positive way.





3/. What we need is a revolution!

Ohh no we don’t! We don’t, but ‘they’ do. They love’m, they eventually get what they want, whilst at the same time culling and incarcerating many of us in the process. The only winners in a revolution are the elite Jews. Even if there were any genuine organic grass roots resistance which aimed at fomenting into a people’s revolution, it would soon be infiltrated and directed in the exact way this force wants it to go.



The Egyptian revolution was a classic example of controlled dissent. All what happened there was they changed the bus driver. I know many Egyptians saw through this charade, but it still happened. There is a gulf of difference between collective conscious non-compliance and organised political revolutions.





4/. There are SOME good TV programmes.

Ohh dear. This one is sorrowful. I struggle to see why any truther would allow this evil box in their house, unless of course one is a political analyst and regularly writing about current affairs and global events. Then they could monitor the opposition’s propaganda and almost reverse engineer their lies.



There are no good TV programmes! Period. They are obviously called programmes, because that is exactly what they do. Every single programme has it’s benefit for one type of person only – the elite Jews. Every programme, news event, documentary, comedy, play has a hook – every one. No matter how subliminal or tentative it’s all accumulative……layer upon layer upon layer. All forming persuasions, perceptions, tastes and a general collective mindset. The TV is a social engineering tool for the elite Jews.



I hear long-term truthers say “Yea I know about the propaganda, but the nature programmes are really good.” Yet again – NO THEY ARE NOT! 🙂 They have at least three purposes as far as I can see:



(i) To keep people distracted, just like the footie, or any entertainment. Whilst big plans are being made in the background and the agenda for world destruction keeps rolling along.



(ii) I would strongly suggest they keep in our subconscious that there are always predators in life. The predator who stalks and hunts down prey is just nature’s way of filtering out the weak. It may seem cruel, but hey, that’s just how life is. Perfectly normal, perfectly natural. There are always winners and losers in any structure or society. Notice how the orator ALWAYS refers back to a hierarchical structure within the animal’s society. WE ARE NOT FUCKIN ANIMALS – get it! We are very very different to the animal kingdom, despite what these predators try to impose upon us. Even if they have got us to behave worse than animals, that is NOT our natural state.



(iii) These lovely nature/animal programmes always always have the global warming/climate change hook in it. Especially that sell out traitor to humanity David Attenborough. Another posh public school trained useful idiot …….“Due to the polar caps melting and the world’s sea levels rising, this family of polar bears are having to search further and further afield for solid ice.” BULLSHIT or polar bear shit.



Yet most of us gullible goy never question this nonsense, never mind independently research these trusted facts. They want the populace to be on a massive guilt trip for just being alive, using up precious space and resources, with our deadly CO emissions. So much so, that soon a daffodil will have more value than human life. Then they fleece us for carbon taxes, whilst they themselves pilfer and destroy nature’s resources for vast profits and their satanic/luciferian means.




5/. The israelis are the new nazi’s 

Now I have got my head in my hands. Ohhh p-l-e-a-s-e, think people, think. Anyone who goes along with this half truth David Icke/Alex Jones crap, has got to leapfrog over to sites such as Deanna Spingola’s or zioncrimefactory for a real take on history. They cannot come away from these sites without having a completely different take on those evil nasty Nazi’s. Those moozlems are now the new Germans for crying out loud and yet so many truthers cannot see this.



It really is staggering how these truthers know they’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING else, but this ol nazi theme, they just will not let it go. That is the power of 60 years of hardcore propaganda.





6/. Alex Jones and David Icke are OK for people who are first discovering the truth.

For f**ks sake. Now I’m hopping up and down with frustration. No they are not OK whatsoever for anyone at ANY level. They are shills. Shills are shills are shills. Disinformation is disinformation is disinformation. It’s as simple as that.



You wana run a million miles away from disinformation when starting off with this stuff. ESPECIALLY when being so vulnerable at the beginning. Otherwise it will either put you off, trivialise the truth, distract you, send you off course, or just train you to be forever in passive entertainment mode, always dependent on their latest bit of expertise, whilst never offering any real solid solutions.



I feel it’s only when one is fully aware of the dis-info tricks of the shills should one dip into their sites from time to time to see what direction they are going. Yea they have some interesting stuff, which I appreciate, but boy do you have be discerning and fairly wised up to their tricks.





7/. Once we got a tipping point of truthers, the elite will be on their back heals!

I’m a bit more understanding with this one because I can kinda see the logic of it. It is half true, but unfortunately just having a force major ain’t going to fix this. As any reader of this site will soon pick up, I’m all about us being proactive awake as opposed to just passive awake.



If we all know we are slaves, but are too scared to stick our necks out and take risks and do something about it, then we are stuffed. It wouldn’t matter if every one of us were awake, if we all complied to their tyranny. So it’s a very important aspect in all this, that we stop waiting for someone else/others to make the first move. Each one of us has to stand up and be counted.





8/. Ron Paul or whoever is going to get us out of this mess.

Phew, this kind of rhetoric scares me. Here we go again; Follow the leader. Someone else, someone better is going to lead the way for us sheople to aimlessly follow. They sound good, they have nice teeth and they have a lovely smile and I’m going to vote for them. Holy cow!



There actually are people out there who think along these lines, even if they will not admit it, or know it. Can they not see that voting is from a bygone era and it never benefited the people anyway. Only one group of people benefited from voting.



When are we ever going to get it, that there is nobody out there who is going to save the day(?) Nobody is going to do it for us. No one either is going to come down from a golden rope and save the world. There are no super heros like the movies. We as collective individuals are the only heros in this movie. It’s us the people, lots n lots of individuals saying FUCK OFF – NO MORE! That it!



Nothing glamorous, or particularly orderly. Just a collective consciousness with each one of us doing what we have to do, just for the sake of goodness.



It ain’t rocket science. We simply have to gradually turn in the opposite direction of where these predators want us. So we just stop complying, bit by bit by bit by bit until our resistance exponentially increases both in levels of defiance and quantities of defiance. YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR BIT, without having to wait for anyone else. It’s belated time to stand for ourselves. To show some levels of resistance.





9/. We will only defeat the NWO by non-violent means!

Oh really!? That sounds lovely and I wish it were the case, but I think we are going to have to get real. Mr Lizard (Icke) keeps banging on about non-violent, non-compliance and how Gandhi did it. What did Gandhi do? He was probably used and manipulated by the Jewish global elite which ended up dividing the whole region of India to create Pakistan and main land India (divide and rule). What did Gandhi actual achieve through non-violent means??



There is another myth attached to this, in that somehow that violence and spirituality are not compatible. But that’s like saying all food is bad, or all food is good. It’s far too general. Of course mindless senseless violence attacking innocent victims of course is negative. Like predator drones and even vaccine programmes. However using violence as self defense is not.



Wise up people. Who are the people who are pushing all this non-violent rhetoric? Who are the people desperately trying to disarm Americans? It has always unfortunately been through violent self defense means that people have won any rights whatsoever.





10/. We need to down tools and get far away from this matrix society and set up our own society.

This sounds lovely, but again utter bollocks. I could benevolently rattle these people. What cloud are they on?



I have written about this in “Run for the Hills”. However in general terms. This is simply running away like cowards. We need to do the exact opposite. Stand up to these scum. Face them head on – no matter what the consequences.



Running away is not only cowardly but merely postponing their inevitable attacks. Where is there to run anyway which is free from this Judaic matrix? Even if a large group of people did set up a free society, these predators would annihilate it with their drones and their goons. Like a Wako attack.



Plus again it’s coming from a selfish perspective. We’re all right Jack over hear in our little wonderland, in our small holding. Sod you lot being bombed over there, we’re not going stand up for you. A society set up on those selfish grounds would soon implode on itself anyway and they would be back to where we are now.



We’re all in this shit together and we’ve all got to roll our sleeves up, muck in and do our bit – and get this job done!


Further thoughts on Ron Paul


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  1. i particularly liked this one, and the sense of urgency comes through.
    excellant stuff

    • Hi NN,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Yea, shame about the urgency part of all this in one way, but I suppose to some of us we want it all to just finish soon and we’ll all be put out of our misery.

      Thanks again for your contribution.


  2. Phil

     /  December 4, 2012

    I personally think the Number One myth and the most harmful is,
    “You need to keep and open MIND”.

    Your mind is your most prized possession and should not be treated like a ten dollar whore. Do you leave your front door open for anyone to walk through and piss on your couch eat your food and shit in your bed. I don’t think so. If information seems poisonous do not consume. Just my personal opinion. Good site I’ll stop by again, peace.

    • Phil,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Yes, a good point. The classic is having one’s mind so open there’s risk of the brain falling out.

      Thank you for the supportive contribution.


  3. WOW and double WOW
    I have been aware for 7-8 months now, and I have gone through the:

    9/11 7/7 etc. conspiracies roundabout, fear porn of alex jones etc.
    (heart pounding at 2am worrying about how to protect my kids and wife)

    considered where is the best place to dig a whole to hide.
    (scratched that idea as you say where can you hide and i have more morals toward mankind than that)

    How to make people aware of reality. talk everyone who comes within 5 feet of me etc.
    (not great being the only tin foil hat wearing nut job in the street lol)

    considered going to the million mask march.
    (but thought better of it *i have kids to support)

    rationalised that solutions are needed for my fellow man.
    (who are still asleep)

    educated myself about free energy, banking and loan/money fraud, legalise, food growth and spirituality to aim to help myself and those in need around me with the common denominator of relief of scarcity of money.

    joined a group of people based on a you tube call to action and have started a website (not finished yet) and trying to explain more in-depth to the group where I aiming for re web content and solutions etc.

    now we are also building a series of web/forums for local communities to take management of for them selves, free of charge to rebuild some sort of REAL communities

    Then came across your site and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW

    You really have put everything that’s in my head down in such a clear, succinct and humorous way, and it has renewed my belief in what we are trying to achieve is the right way to go.

    I cant thank you enough for this site.

    • Welcome to DFT Paul.

      I really appreciate you going to the effort of giving me this positive feedback. It makes all the hard work worth it when I receive comments knowing I’m helping people.

      Well done for not just being a ‘Truth browser’ and doing your bit. We can’t just hang onto this stuff, we have to get this distasteful Truth out there to new blood – even if most of them refuse to hear it.

      I may not be around for a while to receive comments, just when you have discovered the site. But that’s not important. Most of my posts are non-time related, so they are appropriate to read.

      Thank you for contributing.


  4. athereagle

     /  November 20, 2015

    I agree with this post. However I am not sure about the “jew” word for identifying , and here are my reasons:

    1.- What we know today as jews is actually the pharisee cult. These pharisees hate other jews’ DNA (most of them converted to christianism) to the point of organizing genocides to decimate their ethnicity (cathars by crypto-jew crusaders influencing the catholic church, ethiopians by communists and crypto-jews like Fidel Castro, armenians by crypto-jew turks).
    Real jews except the pharisees realized that the jealous Yahwe is not the true god but some kind of demigod or even a demon and its a fact that the first jewish christians went along this line.

    2.- The J word gives them the anti-semitic card, it gives them unity and strength and less chance for born pharisees to leave their psychopath religion. They love to be called jews even if its negatively when some of them are not even racially jews like the khazars.

    3.- The J word gives them simpathy from christians which would not happen if they were called by their true name: pharisees.

    4.- The meaning of the word pharisee is ‘separated’. They believed in babilonian slavery laws among other horrors. They were also very skilled at negotiating with the oppresors of the jewish race.

    Its time to call things for their true names, and anybody giving them strength in some way or another is a shill by proxy, jew-hate is very welcome by them and Im sure to be called pharisees; lose the support of christianity and lose the ‘antisemitism card’ is not on their plans.

    • 100% disagree!! We have to and must keep using this word. Anything else is just semantics and distraction.

      Thank you for commenting.


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