Ohh dear

That was my response when reading of Brendan O’Connell’s latest decision to continue with his hunger strike.

Oh dear indeed. What can I say. I’m saddened, but hey, as Mark Glenn says what more can we do? He’s a grown man and it’s his decision and his life.



Plus he is only one individual in the whole scheme of things. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, but so much energy can go into helping someone at this level. We also have to look at all the thousands of people wrongfully incarcerated around the world that do not have our attention. I know Brendon would agree with this.



One of the things which went through my mind was. I wondered what forces were at play in Brendon’s decision to continue his hunger strike? How much focus was he putting into this area, rather than looking at the bigger picture? Doing his stretch and then contributing to the cause when he comes out – with tenfold attention. I was curious to see his motivations and his rational.



But then that’s easy for me question, as I’m not in his predicament. He has been shafted big time by these Jewish lawyers/solicitors and general corrupt legal team. He undoubtedly feels bitter and his resentfulness may have escalated whilst being caged as an animal. He did say he feels rage.



I don’t honestly blame you mate. After all, you are one of the good guys and you have been maltreated by this cult.



Perhaps he feels he will gain some publicity and shame these institutions. But do they ever feel shame? Are they ever effected by such incidents?



I also factored into Brendon’s situation he has been living on false food for a year. Twelve months of non-nutritional frozen and re-heated mush ain’t going to help his mindset.



This is why I wrote “Clean up!” and “Lemons & Limes” to highlight that it is essential we maintain some levels of good physical, mental and spiritual health. If one is nutritionally imbalanced, one cannot think straight. That and being locked inside that institution for having done a virtuous act would drive anyone insane.



I respect Brendon and his levels of energy and devotion he has put into the cause. Despite me not necessarily agreeing with his gun ho approach, I still admire his intelligence and courage. Two elements many of us need in the movement.



However in hindsight and considering all these elements. I also wondered if this was Brendon’s way of getting out of all this. I don’t just mean the jail sentence, but the life imprisonment.



I’m not saying he is consciously thinking along these lines, but the power of the subconscious mind can be overwhelmingly deceptive.



There is a part of me that would understand Brendon doing this, or any of us doing this. I really would understand him wanting to call it a day. To leave all this cruelness, such personal and global injustices, the insanity of all. After all as many of us who have been at this long enough or intense enough, know how this ugliness can grind you down. If you’re not careful this dark energy can almost get under your skin.



Some of us out there are probably burning up inside with angst, fear and exhaustion. Some of us may have at some point contemplated suicide.



But isn’t it in these times of adversity, when we are pushed to the brink, that we are also closer than we have ever been spiritually? Whatever spiritually means to each and every one of us.



Isn’t it when we have been at our lowest that we are forced to internalize. Go within. It may be just moments before we go into a court room and we stand outside the court and have a five minute smoke or walk to collect our thoughts.



When the doctor has just delivered a serious piece of life-threatening news. Or loss of a loved one.



However if one has a spiritual slant to life or not, and no matter how negative our futures become and how hard the strains of live – we must NEVER consider suicide!



Firstly this is doing the job for the elite as we all know they want 90% of us wiped off the face of the earth.



Secondly every level of spiritual discourse advises us not to take this route. They say we will only have to face the music, face our inner demons at some point down the line. Either in re-birth, or at some renunciation.



But even if we don’t believe in all this, surely we have enough spirit in us to fight to the last, to our very last breath.



I say we do this. because I honestly honestly believe if we stick at this truth, stick to the right path, despite the hardships we know we will face – we will get through this.



If we prove ourselves that we have this collective fighting spirit, this cowardly force can be crushed in a few months.



And even if millions of us die of off in the process; we can still reign over this force. We must never give in or give up.



The light will always dominate over darkness.

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  1. sazzylilsmartazz

     /  April 19, 2012

    Thanks for your thoughts Digger and I agree with you. I can’t read what’s in Brendon’s heart but I hope he will give up the hunger strike.

  2. sazzylilsmartazz

     /  April 19, 2012

    Thanks for your thoughts Digger and I wish Brendon all the best.

    • Sazzy,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your kind words towards Brendan.

      You see, this is why I never like to slam religion, even though I’m not religious myself, because look how Brendan’s religion will take him all the way through this, till the end. We should not throw the baby out with the bath water. Many religious people are deeply spiritual and are very inclusive towards other faiths and non faiths. It’s an individual thing again.

      Twill be a great loss to the cause to see this fine warior go. I just wish he does not suffer too greatly in the next few weeks.

      Thank you for contributing.



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