Double Bubble

Often people comment that it’s all very well knowing about this dark stuff; but what do we do about it?



All of us have at some point asked ourselves this. I am now at a place where I feel we shouldn’t need to be asking what to do, because we all intuitively know what to do.



We are being attacked, so what do you do when you are being attacked? It’s simple, you defend yourself. You stand up for yourself and of course for others.



Half our problems are stemmed from following others. We-just-love-to-follow. We do, we almost can’t help ourselves. He said this, she said that, this book said we should do this, this DVD said we should do that. We all get caught up in looking up to these experts. I know I have done this.



It’s perfectly fine to view people’s opinions, to be positively influenced, so long as we stand back from it all and think for ourselves. Self reflect, internalize and decide exactly what is it we as individuals are going to do about this.



What am I going to do about this situation? 

It doesn’t matter what Charlie’s going to do, it’s irrelevant what you best friend Sandra is doing, or what himself or herself on youtube is suggesting. Wot YOU gena do?



To get to that place, one needs to look at a few things and ask a few probing questions: Independent information, the bigger picture, a deep honest look at your persona, your personal situation, the pros n cons of acting and not acting. Who will be directly and indirectly effected by by your actions and inactions, both short term and long term?



And to delve into these questions each and every one of us has to at some level face FEAR. At some point this emotion will come into the equation and will probably for many be very daunting.



Good ol fear. It raises it’s ugly head often these days, more and more so, as we jog along into this Luciferian lifestyle.



Fear of loss, fear of one’s pride, fear of the unknown, fear of change. Fear of personal discomfort and pain. And the ultimate fear of death.



This again brings us back to the root of all of this searching. The search within ourselves. It is only by this ‘within’ will we be able to face these fears. Face them, not necessarily quash them. I wouldn’t suggest being fearless, this could be futile and lead to reckless behaviour.



I used to hang glide many moons ago and one day when I was training, a few pals came along to watch me. I must have been quite self conscious that day as I kept nose-diving on my landings and my glider kept digging into the ground. Hence the name Digger was born. Many of my pals still call me Digger, even some clients.



But in my experience of hangliding and standing on the cliff ready to make a leap, I can clearly remember the visceral effects of fear. The sweaty palms, the dry throat, the heightened senses and awful awful butterflies.



However once I had made that full commitment. As there is no half measures when leaping off a cliff. Once I proved I was dedicated to the take off, the fear almost disappeared. The fear was more centered around the hesitation and procrastination prior to the commitment. The What if scenarios spinning around my head and stomach.



It’s the same when preparing to give a speech, it’s the build up which is the worse. The actual speech is usually a breeze. In fact just like hang gliding in full flight, some people can’t even stop they’re so much in the zone.



When one fully commits to something, a theme which is of goodness, righteousness and altruistic means, then one goes beyond the reserving levels of fear.



To get to this place, along with all the preparation; one needs to go within for qualities such as strength, courage, endurance and tenacity.



The heart of the matter as far as what to do – I simply say it’s double bubble: propagating and resisting. That’s it!



If we just focused on these two factors as far as actions then we could collectively get our selves out of this hole.



I feel it is that simple, yet that demanding.









To spread the word, the light, to share, to give out and expand.



I would suggest at this stage in this cruel game we need to be doing this every single day. If not every other day. Or in bulk blocks every few days.



Leaflets, stickers, burnt CDs/DVDs, talking to people, on line activities, etc. All to NEWBIES, to fresh blood, to those outside the choir.



Be it repetitive, but this is why I urge people to get away from those truth forums. They are an addiction and exactly where these forces want us. So as we waste precious time, at the same time all our emotions and thoughts are being monitored.



If you are new to the truth and wish to gain information, then they are fine, or one may need a specific piece of information. But other than that I would steer clear of them.



Of course unless you know a technique on how to blast lots of half truthers with the real truth.



Someone recently left a comment defended forums simply because they liked them. Well that’s like saying I use heroin because I like it. That’s simply pleasure-seeking. It’s not helping you or society.



I’ve known people who finish off a bottle of wine every single night, but will never admit they are an alcoholic. That is what these forums turn you into a passive forum junkie, without you even knowing it. Full of highs n lows. It also effects one personality, because these chat rooms are not reality. Plus they are also riddled with dis-info and agents.



If you need your forum fix, I would suggest you switch over to NON-truth forums/chat rooms so as you can dump appropriate truth threads. Visit dating forums, cycling forums, vegetarian forums, cooking forums, vintage car forums, etc.



For example if someone is looking for a part for an old Morris Minor, leave a truth link as a reply. Yea again it’s not honest and contrary to ‘the truth’, but this is about saving lives and all the carnage and misery that we are facing. So have no conscience about any subtle deceit. It’s all for a good and serious cause.





Non compliance. This is entirely personal. This goes back to one’s fear levels and one’s personal situation.



I see it as a sliding scale. The more we collectively resist, the less control they have over us. The more we say “NO” or “FUCK OFF” and really mean it, the more they will step back. It is as basic as that.



By the way, if any of you are offended by the odd swear word and do not like to use swear words. I would encourage you to begin to start swearing and swearing out loud. You can swear spiritually. You should be swearing at this point. You should be that outraged. So swear to your hearts content.



They have and are, pushing us always to the extent that we will allow them. This has always been the case and always will be. To them it’s always about pushing boundaries. Bit by bit by bit.



What do we say each time another ratchet gets notched up “This is outrageous, I tell you, we ought to do something. This country needs a revolution!” Fine words, but what do 99% of us do about it? Sweet FA. Each and every time. And they know this, that is why they keep pushing us more and more and more. We are pathetic and pretty much deserve what we get. We have allowed these bullies to trample all over us.



So we absolutely have to resist at some level. Each and every one of us.




If you are at college or work and you are being asked to comply to ridiculous nonsensical health and safety rules. It’s your choice what you going to do about it? Will you buckle down just this time, but next time you’ll make a stand. Then that next time comes and you buckle down again just this time and on and on it goes until things get exponentially ridiculous and the new normals are set in place.



Or there’s a new law saying that we can’t wash our own windows or cars as these new laws are in place to combat global warming; which entails specialized contractors to wash our windows and cars with their special chemical solutions. All of which we have to pay for. What are we going do? Buckle down just this time?



Next they will have government agents bathing our children as we cannot be trusted. How may sheople would conform?



Of course these examples may seem silly; but I tell you, as we progress into this Orwelian hellhole, this is exactly how far they will push us….and beyond.




Sense of urgency

Throughout my essays there is a common theme of me nagging. 🙂 Well benevolently nagging, motivating people to do something, trying to nudge people to snap out of passiveness, urging people to put up some resistance, etc. I hate having to do it. I hate being nagged myself. No one likes it. But I’m not doing this stuff to be popular. I don’t even want to be doing this shitty time-consuming unpaid work. I hate. I want to just chill out and just get on with enjoying life. But I can’t. None of us can. But we are desperately running out of time and we all need to pull our weight.



I always say I have all the respect in the world for those people who are having a go, doing their best and making some effort. I could hug you all. Hence why I wrote “Nuff respect”.



The only reason I try to motivate others is I can see what’s happened to the movement in general. We have moved from a selfish consumerist society inside the matrix to discovering the truth and brought along all our selfish consumerists traits. We want more and more and more information. There never seems to be a cap off point. We’ve just switched from material greed to truth greed. Many of us are caught up in plain ol pleasure-seeking.



I noticed it in the animal rights movement when people would watch endless videos of animals being tortured. Sure they felt for the animals, but there was a kind of macabre pleaser-seeking, almost like their animal rights porn.



Also all this truth-SEEKING is just passive activity. It is also self gratification to an extent. And glorified procrastination. In the precious precious time we don’t have.



How much good is it knowing all about the finite details of FEMA camps when you’ve been marched into one of these camps? “Oww I know all about those security gates, they’re just like in all those youtube videos I watched.”



Enough is enough. We ain’t got time now to be experts, then do nothing about our expertise. We have just got to grasp the principles and use these oncoming months to get out there and make a difference.




We still have to keep at this. We have to nudge Murphy’s law on our side. We can most definitely do it …………providing we put in the hours.






The unconscious are unconscious they are unconscious.

It’s not only that people are not spiritually aware, it’s more that they are unaware they are spiritually unaware. Most don’t give a monkeys about this aspect of the whole conspiracy, just so long as they get their precious insatiable facts fix. As long as they got their daily fix of current affairs and truth trivia then that’s all they need.



The exact temperature the steel columns melted in the twin towers, endless hours of watching police brutality, the precise quantities of casualties in the Armenian war, the finite chemical compositions of chemtrails and the exact logistics of how fluoride gets into our water supply.



All interesting and maybe entertaining stuff, but how much is all this information gathering really helping us individually and collectively? Yea sure, to know the general story, but lets be honest; do most of us really need this level of research??



We need to know the general story for sure, we need to know who are pulling the strings, but I would strongly suggest we need to consider that there may be forces which are behind all of this insanity.



If we remain with our heads down, getting lost in the details and not see the bigger picture, the root of all of this, the darkness which is behind all the money manipulation and beyond all the control constructs, we will surely get swept up into the vortex of this beast. We have to step back, reflect and internalize. Go within.



If we think and try to impress upon ourselves that all the work which we are undertaking for any result is only in the service of the Truth the Light, so that we offer as our service whatever we do, then the individualistic approach or the egoistic approach would not intervene in the work. That is the true way and one should see that one serves the Truth and Light, and does not think to achieve things personally by one’s own deeds.

[unknown source]

So in conclusion

* We will only seek the answers to know what to do and the qualities needed to carry out righteous actions, from going within

* We absolutely have to spread the light (propagate)

* We have to resist at some level

* We have to have a healthy mature approach to all this* (see link below)

* We have to be mindful of the time factor

* We have to be totally conscious this is all a spiritual experience between darkness and light



Negative power is the antagonist of the positive force, of the pure light of Spirit

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  1. Fredallen

     /  April 18, 2012

    Dear Digger,

    Having read your post I would agree mostly, certainly the procrastination issue or consistent research. However, it is threw experience I have discovered that if one has only the basic, bluntly put, mostly problematic story “The world is controlled by Israeli Zionist’s” with scant proof and little explanation; one creates more enemies than allies. The question is, how can we get the message across to a world convinced by lies?
    It’s not as simple as it initially seems, any mention of anti-Semitic/Jewish/Zionist content raises alarm bells at the early stages and many “tellers” find that people will shun them. Fair enough, so let’s say we omit this important detail for a later date, you tell of the conspiracy and not the culprits. But then the conspiracy root also draws, albeit less, similar disassociation. How does a truth teller, therefore, operate when the crime and the criminal are touchy issues?
    I think back to when I was first found this stuff, and it was by accident. I was curious; perhaps the best way to spread the message to appeal to a person’s sense of curiosity, I think I remember an example you gave in fact. Put questions out in the open, let the people flock to the truth rather than try and grab them because they will likely resist.

    Good post By the way,

    Kind regards,

    Fred Allen, the Fake person.

    • Dear Fred Allen,

      Thank you for your intelligent thought-provoking comment.

      Yea it is a tough one. You make some valid points. I feel we have to approach each individual on a one-to-one level any way totally independently, almost as a practitioner would address a patient. Each person is not only going to react/respond in a different way, but is going to be at a different level of consciousness/awareness.

      In my experience, these days I think the number one thing to do when engaged in conversation with people is to SHUT UP and simply LISTEN. It ain’t easy and you have to be disciplined not to bite when they come out with real goofers. But it pays off and you both part with a good resonance of the truth. I just leave them with the real truth written on a piece of paper – they only get shocked when they’re at home alone.

      I don’t think there is a magic solution to all this distasteful truth. I’m no expert, although I have imparted this stuff to hundreds and hundreds of people over quite a few years. I’ve done endless hours of strret-truthing over the years. We just have to learn from each experience and each clanger we make. But we just have to do something. I suppose it is an evolutional learning curve…..and spiritual at that.

      I’m not sure if you’ve read “Watering seeds”? You might find this useful at some level??

      Thank you again for your input. Well done for trying to get the truth out.


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