Intelligence my arse

After watching that BBC documentary pile of propaganda crap “Modern Spies” the other night (which I posted as “Ethical Landscaping”); it got me thinking about this term intelligence.

This is the definition according to Collins dictionary in terms of governmental use:

military information about enemies, spies



The key word here I feel is ‘enemies’. Who is the enemy and who exactly defines who is the enemy? Yea sure those who are outing the criminals will be the enemy to the criminals. Criminals verses truthtellers. Lets not beat around the bush here. Those people who are either criminals or supporting criminals are our adversaries.



You are either fighting with us, or you are against us

I’ve made a whole list of those supporting this criminal network, or this negative force in “I feel let down” and other essays. But beyond the useful idiots, this phrase ‘intelligence’ specifically and these people working in intelligence really gets my goat.



It is quite unbelievable, I mean incredible that a whole industry is dedicated to seeking criminal activities and activities of individuals who are acting in a detrimental way to the country and it’s allies and yet none of them appear to have a clue what’s going on.



Can this really be true? I said appear to have a clue, because I refuse to believe amongst all these top-ranking intelligence offers that none of them have got a whiff of truth.



It’s like being in a dream, a nightmare. Almost like in a movie, when you and a handful of people have sussed out the OBVIOUS and all these educated idiots in their high-brow positions have got their heads rammed firmly up their rear ends.



Intelligence is a joke. My dog has more intelligence – and that is no joke. As I’ve said before, I know a mentally handicapped man who had worked out that is-ra-el done 9/11 and he was able to pretty much communicate it to me. He knew all about the chemtrails and what they were putting in the water. He knew more about it than myself and most truthers.



I have known school children who have expressed to me they knew at least that 9/11 was an inside job. They found out threw just browsing after school for crying out loud.



Anyone could at least get a general idea that something was not right about the official story, just by browsing the internet in their lunch break. It’s that easy. All the evidence is there. In fact try and NOT stumble across the truth.



Seriously have a go. Try and look at any aspect of the Iraq invasion and see if you can NOT trace it back in some way to a hint about the problem reaction solution and something fishy with both the twin towers attacks and London 7/7 bombings.



Try and look into any political subject on line and not trip up over the word zionism. See how difficult it is to avoid israel and how it keeps coming into the equation. It’s near on impossible.



Even if you absolutely believe these are silly little fabricated conspiracy theories, surely it would pay to invest a couple of evenings to look into the evidence. Even if you had to endure some shills gong on about it, you would be forced to see that 2 + 2 = 4.



So all it would need from there is a casual, slightly curious further checking of the facts and hey presto, you’re onto the truth. That would take probably about 2/3 evenings. That easy!




So can someone please put me out of my misery and explain to me why a whole friggin department with access to every piece of data, technology and resources cannot see this 800 pound gorilla in their plush MI5 office(?)



Of course I am being rhetorical. Of course I know nothing is exposed, because that is the whole purpose of intelligence. Not to expose – but to cover up, to hide. To obfuscate.



These people working in intelligence are ALL and I mean ALL bought and paid souls. Every single one of them have sold out. They have to know the score by now. Surely their nephew, niece, cousin, sibling must have nagged them relentlessly about 9/11 being an inside job. Just the WMDs cover up must let them know by now that their so-called intelligence is not as white as snow.



So what’s going on?



Why do these sell outs keep going into the office each day, play their compartmentalized roles and then relax at the weekends?



Good ol kudos, ego, cognitive dissonance, plain ol money, cushy number, security, good pension, habit. Family pressure to have a ‘good’ job, bonuses and company frills, easy live style, or so that they can play out their James Bond spy fantasy?



None of these are acceptable excuses. No matter how much some of us may understand the reasons why people chose to avoid the truth – they are never excusable!



Because their roles play a direct part in the deaths of millions of innocent lives. Their cushy little number indirectly plays a part in maiming and amputeed children, their nice kudos career will ensure innocent people get banged up for many years, or sent away to isolated cruel retention centers. Their ‘good’ job allows good people get brutally tortured.



Their habitual office job of intelligence will ensure the eventual destruction of all of us. All of them, all of their family, their loved ones, and their cushy comfortable lifestyles.



This so-called intelligence only protects criminals, and allows this dark evil to prevail. This intelligence will allow us to march towards WW3. This intelligence will enslave us all in a tenfold worse Orwelian nightmare.



How myopic can these sell outs be. All for their short-term self-serving desires. God help them and God help us all.



Intelligence my arse!

Interesting related interview by Daryl Bradford Smith with Tony Farrell



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