Truthing trick of the month – Big Mouth

This is an old trick, but it is still quite effective. When I’m in a public place with a truther pal, I pretend I’m a bit naive with the truth and claim a statement which someone we know stated.


So for example I may say on a packed bus to a friend “Hey did you here what John said about 9/11? Yea he said the twin towers were not taken down buy Muslim extremists but by THE JEWS!” Yea I know crazy, but worth researching though.”



You don’t even have to say any more than that, the thought seed is planted.



I do it with all sorts of truthing subjects: chemtrails, fluoridation of water, eugenics, etc. But 9/11 is a good one because it has so many connotations.



People generally pretend they haven’t heard – but they have, especially how clearly and assertively I say it.



Well worth a go. I do this in shops, waiting rooms, buses, trains, swimming pools, all sorts of places.



Even when I’m on my own, I’ve pretended to speak to someone on my mobile phone and said it just as I walked out the library, or got off the bus – ha



[sorry Barbara – more deception, what will St Paul say to me at the Pearly gates?!]

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