The Pull of Mammon

One of my first experiences as an apprentice carpenter working in North London for a rich bitch (sorry, but she was both rich and an absolute bitch). How she made me sit out in the garden in the snow and eat my sandwiches and didn’t offer me a cup of tea all day. I wasn’t even allowed to use the toilet, she made me go around to the cafe where I would have by my tea too. Bitch. 


I was worse putting up with that behaviour. I was 16 and very much green behind the ears. But I suppose it’s interesting to look at that small example of both me being compliant to those conditions to her de-humanizing behaviour, and how very different things could have been for both of us if she had just given a little and showed a bit of compassion.



I still go by the premise that in general terms, the more money and wealth one has accumulated the less conscious one is. The more wealth generally the less compassionate and kind they are; despite their outward appearance and perception.



Of course there are examples both ways to disprove this generalization and each person should be merited on their individual behaviour and actions and non-actions.



Excuse the obvious but, In my life experience people with money are self-absorbed, self-serving, egotistic, concerned about their kudos/identity (ego), They are essentially insecure and need to fill their insecurities with ‘attachments’ of possessions, which unfortunately for them and society only entraps them more in their insecurities.



Their background suffering comes up to surface when this void can no longer be fulfilled. More and more and more – this insatiable lust for possessions, to have, to own, to possess.



This type of thirst never gets quenched, because it always leaves another void. Lets get a boat, now lets get a bigger boat. I want an Audi, now I want the latest Audi. Trendy or exotic holidays, latest gadgets, clothes, jewelry, gotta have gotta have.



I once worked for a super wealthy IT guy who fit directly into this category. Every day and sometimes twice a day a delivery van would turn up and he would march out onto his huge pebbled driveway like an exited kid to collect his parcel he had impromptu ordered online. Most of the time he hadn’t got a clue what it was going to be. Just another brown packet he would clumsily unwrap like the spoil modern westernized child at Christmas.



Yet the sad thing is just like the spoilt child, all these toy gadgets would soon be abandoned within hours. His barn was jam-packed with all these rejected toys. Remote controlled helicopter, trendy latest juicing machine, top of range metal detector, gadgets for the car which were never fitted, just strewn around amongst the mountain of deserted gadgety toys. There were hundreds and hundreds of these types of gadgets; not to mention all the the big toys he had, like American caravans, sports cars, jacuzzi which they rarely used, but was heated throughout the year. Money was plentiful and after all it was for spending on them, they earned it, so they were damn well going to spend it.



It was beyond the point of anyone feeling resentful or jealous of them, because it was really quite sad, quite distasteful. It was kind of disturbing to watch.



We all have fallen victim and some of us still are caught in the trap of mammon. This is in fact what this modern world runs on. It is in our faces every waking hour. Nobody can really escape the pressure to have some money, nor the pulls of old-fashioned attachment.



In the past I can recall working for for these mammon-driven people in their lovely well-maintained mini mansions. They would always avoid referring to you by your name. They would burst into the room assertively an announce in their middle-class assertive confident tone an instruction. Why would they not, when they honestly do not know any better, after all this perfectly normal – to them. They would say something like “NOW – we need those boxes moved from there to there” whilst directing with their forefinger.



Lovely people. How can you have someone working in your home for several weeks and not call them by their name? You even call a dog by it’s name. Here Digger, come Digger . Of course I was only a pup at the time and there’s no way I would tolerate that behaviour now, especially when I now realise how most of these people actually earn this abundance of wealth.



But is is what these people are actually like. They’re horrible, horrible, horrible people, with a great big H. Just like the Jews, they actually think they are better people because of their wealth. Their precious mammon. I tell you, I could write a book on the anecdotes and woes of a tradesmen working for these people in these stately homes. Tales of a Chippy, top seller for Christmas.



My carpentry career, my job description whilst working for mostly these lovely people year in year out is – someone who serves wealthy people to pamper their ego by making their lovely big grade 2 houses even more lovely; whilst coming home each night to a semi building site and bills which I can’t really pay.



I’ll put that on my CV. But honestly that is the reality and for many many hard-working tradesman here in Britain. All we do is slave and burn ourselves out, get knackered bodies, knackered vans and amount lots of debts which we’ll never really be able to afford to pay off.


Yet we’re not supposed to say anything, never moan, never complain, always maintain that chirpy chappy image and show great enthusiasm over the latest exciting expensive ‘project’ in one of these horrible middle class people’s listed building. No I’m not bitter honest 🙂


It makes me chuckle when they say “NOW – we NEED this and we NEED that”


I am so tempted to say “No you don’t – you NEED to breath, you NEED water, and food and shelter and security” They are your NEEDS.”


Not a new marble kitchen work top, or the latest high tech kitchen worth an absolute fortune. You don’t need a new car, you don’t need a walk-in wardrobe, or another exotic cruise, or snazzy blue lights to light up your mini mansion.



Ohh they make you wana puke. They disgust me how they flaunt their wealth whilst so many people are in absolute poverty around the world. It seems that now is party time for the rich as they are able to snap up bargains and loot the poor even more. Land, property, antiquities, cheap labour. They’re lapping it up.



It’s like a sliding scale, the more people are magnetized to mammon and what it provides them, the more something inside them dies. It’s true.



Yet people of all classes  and cultures have fallen for this trap. I think it is sad when you see the Asian community have also fallen for it, with all their flash cars on their drive ways surrounded by their iron-gated fences. What has gone wrong when the children of the most spiritually-based countries in the world have fallen for the trapping of image of wealth.



Some working class people have also fallen for it in a big way with by treading on others and having lots of slaves working for them to make all their lovely money so they can afford a ‘lifestyle’.



Yet people all seem to look up to these people. “Ohh she’s done well for herself” – as if that on its own is commendable. Yea but what have they done for society? What have they done for the community? What have done for purely altruistic means ……without bragging about it?



I once worked for a guy who ran a tarmacking company who worked his way up and build his company up. No crime in that of course, but what has he done to earn the wealth he has accumulated? He had a gang of guys who would work the blackstuff for him every day. It’s back breaking work.



He owned a multimillion grade 2, six bedroom listed building with swimming pool and barns and many acres of land. We were building a summer house for them in over 100 degrees temperatures. We had strict instructions from day one that we were not allowed to swim in the pool. Even though there was a shower next to the pool which we could have washed our disgusting sweat off with. These are people who came from nothing and built up to a higher superior level through mammon.



I read a great article last year from a palliative nurse who had spent thirty years working alongside people who were spending their last few weeks days on this earth. I can’t remember her exact words now, but she said that on the last few days and hours every single one of these patients reflected over their lives and what they had achieved.



In every case none of them really seemed to speak in terms of money, possessions, accumulation of wealth, nor even about personal worldly achievements like swimming the channel, or building businesses, even having a family, or any of the selfish desires.



It seemed to always be honing in on the bigger picture – like who they really were, what had they done for humanity, the reality of existence and the purpose of their lives. I wish I had kept the article now. it was an intriguing read and was in direct alignment with what most of the serious spiritual masters/prophets have outlined to us.



The moving mind looks for happiness in getting and experiencing things which only amount to momentary pleasure seeking. These do not suffice, for, when the mind has one thing, it immediately rushes after another. The still mind finds true happiness in consciousness. 

Thoughts from the Upanishads

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  1. truthvibe

     /  April 14, 2012

    Great article Digger! Amazing site. There doesn’t seem to be a angle you haven’t covered, quite astounding when you don’t seem to touch politics, history and currents affairs. Like the intermittent jokes and spiritual posts too.

    I keep sending your posts to people who I know will benefit from them. This is like an on line study course. It’ll help newcommers not to waste precious time.

    Keep up the fine work Digger.

    • truthvibe,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for the kind supportive words.

      If we had more time, we could produce a series of distant-learning modules in all this. Starting from level 1, to level 4 whatever. That would really fast track people to this ugly truth. It’s a shame because most of us are dumped into the deep end and most people can’t handle it and even drown in it all.

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep doing your bit.


      • Fred Allen

         /  April 15, 2012

        Hello Digger,

        I have just recently “woken up” as it were and stubbled onto this website. I think you effectively, such as with this article, approch the “issue”, i’ll call it, in a manner which doesn’t frighten people (as opposed to those you critized in another post). What your suggesting, a kind of study guide, is a excellent idea! I mean I’m currently stubbling around in this area, this would most certainly help me and MANY people; not just people like me, but to help spread the truth amongst, as you put it, the “Sheople”.

        However, the one benefit to stubbling around is a slow accumulation of information in managable doses. For example, I was asking a question to myself about Iran etc. and I used my studies as too aid my research. The majority of people are wary of this kind of truth, the kind which is hard to see; therefore leveling it as you have suggested is perhaps a sound basis. If you are in the process of creating such a thing I would be very happy to provided whatever aid i can.

        Kind regards

        Fred Allen

      • Hi Fred,

        Welcome to DFT and welcome to the truth.

        Firstly I warn you now it will be a roller coaster of an emotional journey and you will keep tripping up and heading down dead end routes. However this site and the links to other sites should help you.

        Try to use your ‘trilogy’ at all times – head, heart and gut feeling. These normally get you through. This movement is riddled with traps and endless dis-info. There is a golden rule, and that is if the truth is very easily available without too much digging, then you can pretty much say it is half truth and obfiscation.

        Yea a learning pack. It all comes down to preciois time. I have enough stress just trying to survive, like most of us. To keep this site topped up is time-consuming enough. I just would not be able to do unless I was in a position to pack in work, or work hunting.

        I would drop meaningless hobbies now and begin to just put the hours in to truthing and try not to worry too much about being anal about finite details. It’s easy to get caught up in the truthseeking trap……more and more and more information. There has to be a cap off point.

        Try just to grasp the principles and where to aceess the finer details, that’s all you need to really know. Try hard to soon flip over from being a truthSEEKER to a truthTELLER as soon as can.

        Be mindful of being pulled into the trap of always looking at the problems of this agenda and not the root cause of the problems. The rash vs the cause of the rash. i.e. Alex Jones will keep banging on about about endless problems (chemtrails, GM foods, police state whatever).

        Hope that helps and glad you have found this site, as this alone will save you endless hours, if not years of wasted half truth seeking.

        Thanks for contributing.


  2. Moshe,

    So right my friend. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but you’re observations are correct.

    The best



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