Run for the hills

Recently MJ asked me in a comment if I was willing to pack up and leave Britain. I’ve been asked this a few times and I often hear of people emigrating because “this country has had it.”


I understand perfectly well why these people think along these lines, especially if they are still inside the matrix reality. However I don’t think there is a magic haven to run to where one can avoid this beast.



My response to MJ was I had no plans to leave Little Britain, but that I wouldn’t rule it out.



I’ve dabbled in a fair bit of bushcraft/survival skills and have done many courses and at one time I looked into the concept of going off grid. Learning foraging, sourcing water, making shelters, and essentially trying to escape the matrix. This I now realise is hiding. Even though these skills are useful and give us a great connection to our ancestors, I feel this form of escapism is a almost cowardliness.



I think a lot of physical prepping makes a lot of sense. Things like obtaining silver coins, food and water storage, self defense weaponry, essentials and general ‘what if’ planning.



However there is so much one can store and it all has it’s limitations. You can’t carry all this with you if you get evacuated or taken away by those nice caring gentlemen in black. All this prepping is ultimately just a buffer. When again and again if we all put our collective energies into the root cause of this, we wouldn’t have to do any prepping.



I feel we absolutely need to do the exact opposite of running and prepping. We need to turn around and look this beast directly in the eyes. We need to face the music, accept some degree of responsibility for this mess and do our utmost to tackle it head on.



I’ve mentioned this before – Where is there really anywhere practically anyone can run? For long anyway before the monster comes munching up to our secluded hideout. There is nowhere really. This beast has usurped us all. Even the tribal indigenous cultures are being suckered into this money/usury nonsense. Money they absolutely do not need.



To think their cultures have survived for thousands of years without this paper purchasing.



Even if we were to hide out, we will be only delaying the inevitable, like putting off facing a dis-ease. The beast will be even more bigger, powerful and confident.



That is why I cannot express enough that we all have to act NOW and not procrastinate. That is why I keep banging on about we have to stop time wasting with researching, chat room loitering and get out there and spread the word. The clock is ticking.



It is more than time to face the music, to defiantly say “NO MORE!!” and really mean it.



It is time do do every feasible thing we can do NOW to get the word out there. Hard n fast. To as many new people, fresh blood as we can. Every day now.



This is our spiritual quest. I now honestly believe this is why we are here right now in this challenging place. To face our fears, our inner demons, our egos, or identities. This is the true spiritual journey into the “inner” – who are we? What is our mettle?



Only you can answer this – all this searching on the outside ultimately takes us to the inside. Who am I? What do I stand for?



Only you can answer this about yourself.



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  1. AllyMac

     /  November 27, 2015

    How right you are.

    This is the information war. The physical comes later. Our success or failure in the information war will have a direct bearing on the outcome of the physical war. The third world invasion of Europe and America has given our people the jolt to the brain that they needed. I know this because the folks who for 30 years have been calling me a conspiracy theorist longer do so. We know who is responsible but most of them do not. Its down to us to change that.


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