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Thank you for all the comments and e-mails of appreciation and kind words. They are a real boost and really mean so much after what seems a lifetime of searching and finally sowing seeds. 


The endless frustrated conversations, disheartened efforts and heated discussions. trying to get this obvious truth out to the willful ignorant has been a hard slog.



Especially when I’ve come away from truth meet ups feeling quite despondent thinking to myself “We don’t have a chance in hell with this lot prattling on about UFOs, crop circles and big foot.”



It is extremely refreshing to finally see that we do actually have many intelligent, insightful and proactive individuals out there able to articulate themselves and willing to put in the much-needed efforts.



To know there are great souls out there willing to fight the good fight should be inspiring to us all.



However 🙂 ……….I thought I’d just try and address some of the areas on the fringe of these inspiring people. This is just to explain to and answer accurately those people who wondered why their comments have not been posted.



The way wordpress is set up is that it offers two buttons; an “Approve” button and a “Trash” button. That’s it, there is no neutral “So so” button.



So when I get in from work, or out looking hunting for work and am tired I don’t have a lot of time to um n arrh over which posts I should keep or reject. I have to make quick impulsive decisions whether I feel a comment warrants posting.



Below are some categories of comments which are trashed.




Sorry, but if it ain’t of value, on topic or contributing directly it won’t be included.



It’s like the topic of conversation may be on nutrition and cleaning the cells, alkalizing the body and somebody posts a comment on how they had a salad last week and they hadn’t had a salad for a while.



I’m sorry that will get trashed. Even though in conversation it wouldn’t have necessarily been a stupid or out of place thing to say. But it’s just that it’s not really beneficial to the site.




Cryptic/Poetic comments

I like poetry and creative writing, but I think in a site like this, it needs to be placed at an appropriate time and again on topic. I urge people to get to the point in comments. Some of the poetic-style comments are lovely but the they are fluffy and not in alignment with the subject matter. Same for cryptic-style messages. They won’t get posted. Please make your point.





I have posted longer comments, but only if they are to the point, intelligent and interesting. For example with xstormbringerx’s comment on the mindset of predators it was worth creating a post from “Mechanics of the mind”. Please get to the point.




Bulk blasts

I understand these are all emotive subjects and people have a lot of passion. Plus we are all maxed out these days. However please try and spend a few moments to read back through your comments to see if your sentence makes any sense. Please try to paragraph sections of thoughts, rather than just blast it out in one big spiel. It makes for a better read and people can take the essence of what you are saying more seriously.





Immediately trashed. You are simply wasting your energy, time and efforts! I may read a the first sentence, then click onto the red but – Trash. I know there are race issues, but we have to be big boys n girls and see the bigger picture, who is behind all of this. We have to stop falling for this kosher race trap and look at the root cause of all our problems.





Abusive or arrogant comments. Same as racist comments. These people are the ball n chains of the movement. Holding us all back from having the peace and freedom we need. They are simply wasting their time. Time and energy which could be put towards positive actions for the cause.



Over the years having looked at many forums on all sorts of subjects, I think what sad individuals that they get their kick from hiding behind forums making bitchy venomous comments without backing up their comments. These are the exact same cowards who yell abuse from their car window as they conveniently speed off.



Ohh dear, think all these people could be helping the cause not hindering it. Such a shame we don’t have the unity and camaraderie the Jews have.



I’ve known some of these individuals, they hang around in chat rooms and essentially do sod all for the cause because they are essentially cowards. They won’t get on the street giving out flyers and approaching people face-to-face, because they don’t want the hassle, they won’t set up their own blogsite, because they don’t really have anything original to say or the balls to do it. Deep down they know they are cowards, lazy and incompetent, and this is their sad way of expressing their pent up frustration and bitterness for their inadequacies.



I read the first line then it immediately gets the red button – Trash :-). Forgotten, dumped, lost into the cyber world of nothingness. Yet these people still are left with their bitterness, jealousy and resentfulness. Arrrhh, bless them. Such a shame for them and the cause. Especially when we have such little time. Shame we can’t all fight together, do our bit, accept our differences and work towards making this a better world.



The funny thing is they then get their knickers in a twist when their nasty/negative comments are not posted. I kid you not!



It’s like they are outside your house being abusive, juvenile, racist, arrogant and bitter and think they are being smart. Then ask to come in to your house. You obviously say no – why would you allow such morons in?



Then they reinforce their stupidity 🙂 by complaining about why they can’t come in. “You only accept positive people into your house”. Errrr – work that one out???





A note on criticism

Basically there is constructive criticism and there is ignorant criticism. Many people unfortunately haven’t sussed out the difference.



For example I cuss the likes of Mr Lizard, but I can back up my criticism and I feel it is absolutely essential to out these shills and people holding back the real ugly truth. These people are very dangerous to the truth and for humanity. I have put forth my arguments for and against Icke and I am willing to express my thoughts to him openly face-to-face in an interview. I am also willing to be proven wrong. But of course this would never be ‘allowed’.



However I break down WHY I disagree with their approach.



If you look at LC Vincent’s excellent comment on “The Six Stages of Awakening”, where s/he corrected/challenged me on the concept of satan verses Lucifer. It could be seen as subjective. But in hindsight I think I was probably wrong and it was worth highlighting.



But my point is her delivery was spot on. She told me in no uncertain terms I had got it wrong, but she was mature and intelligent enough to deliver it in an appropriate way. This is the approach and maturity that will see us through this mess. When we can openly express what we feel is right and wrong in a adult and conscious way.



In a nutshell on any forums if you want your opinions voiced. Start a blog/website. However if leaving comments:

* stick to the point, stay on topic

* keep them succinct and avoid neutral/passive comments

* avoid poetic/cryptic style comments which are difficult to follow

* try to paragraph and section off thoughts to make it easier to read

* know that with any racist, negative, disrespectful comments you are only adding to your bitterness/jealousy and reinforcing your cowardliness, and your precious efforts will be trashed. You are only effecting yourself and are hindering the cause.

* Keep criticism mature and balanced

* Try to look at the bigger picture of the blogger/writer. Ask yourself “Are they trying to do their best for the cause? Are they making an effort within their abilities and resources?” If you feel you could do better, then get out there and do so – set your own blogsite up. If not then do some self-reflecting.



Many thanks again for all the many useful and positive comments and e-mails I have received, they go a long way.




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  1. Gentilewoman

     /  April 14, 2012

    Soooooo true Digger,

    Yea hit the nail on the head there (like the carpenter you are) regarding these idiots. They are a ball and chain to the truth. That’s what it is, they’re just jealous and bitter that someone is out there doing something. It’s their way of dealing with their guilt that’s eating away at them, that they feel compelled to dump these negative comments. I agree they are saddos. They need to be outed.

    Brilliant site. Such a great discovery, I can’t keep away from it. You’re take on all this is so unique.

    Thanks for all your hard work. You’ve got so many positive supportive comments, so you don’t need to worry about these saddos.

    • Gentilewoman (cracking name),

      Welcome to DFT.

      Yea it took me a while to suss these idiots out. I honestly don’t think they are all Jews. I feel sorry for them. Yes they are a hinderance to the truth. They may one day be outed. We just need to keep going forward no matter who knocks us.

      This essay may just be appropriate

      Thank you for your kind words of support and contribution.


  2. Jackattack

     /  April 16, 2012

    Yo Digger,
    One cool site brov. Yea these sad mfks need outing. Like you say they are a hinderance to truth. What d’say “You are either fighting with us, or you are against us”.

    Just got to do what yer doin brov and that’s some brilliant work man. Keep it up

    • Digger

       /  April 16, 2012


      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you my friend for support.

      Yea the truth will out in the end, all the shills, all the ball n chains.

      We all gotta just keep doing our bit and brush the negative to one side.

      In light


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