Truth Tsunami

When we scroll through the various sites and we look at the utter destruction and bedlam out there in our cyber world of reality, as well as in our own lives; it is so easy to become despondent, to feel the fear, to allow the seed of apathy to seep into our hearts. So easy to ask ourselves – “What’s the point?” “Why all this effort?” or even “Why do I bother, when the sheople don’t give a damn, in fact they just mock me for trying to help them?” 




It’s so easy to fall into this pit of despair. Those of who have dug deep enough into these untruths have no doubt felt these negative feelings at some point. It is perfectly normal and perhaps natural. In fact it’s very difficult to be optimistic these days.



However we also know that this is exactly where this force wants us. Fear – apathy – despondent – inactive. When we’re collectively in this mode it’s a win win for them.



The likes of Alex Jones and Alan Watt of this movement are there to keep us locked in this mindset. Look at all ‘the globalists’ power, Look at all their technology, Look at what they’ve done to others in the past. All this is of course may be true, but not necessarily accurate. This is subliminal talk for – You haven’t got a chance in hell, You will lose this battle are you are loosing this battle, They will come and get you, You are on the list, You had better keep your head down low.



And of course that’s exactly what many of us do. We conform, we do not resist at any level, we fall into procrastination mode, we keep all this precious info/truth pretty much to ourselves.



But it’s not only these dis-agents which keep us in fear mode. Big brother is also at this mind game. The media and entertainment these days is greatly contributing to this collective fear. You will pay your taxes, This is what happens to those that resist, You will conform. We have procedures in place to monitor you and ensure you conform. 



This is all induced fear. Fear in itself can be perfectly natural as a protective mechanism. Fear saves our lives in some respects. Artificially unrealistic induced fear however can hold us back and can be extremely dangerous for us collectively in the long run…….as we can now vouch for.



It is why we are in this mess at the moment.



If we break it down these guys are bullies. And we all at some point have been subjected to the bully. Be it on the building site, in the office, on the factory floor, in the staff room, in relationships. The bully unfortunately is in and amongst us. We all at some level have succumbed to the bullies control. Sometimes their dominance incrementally creeps up on us without us really noticing, until it is almost too late – the situation we now all find ourselves in.



However we all have our cut off point point. The classic line in the sand. For some of us it is pain, some of us it is humiliation, to some financial. Whatever, but all of us have our breaking point.



There is also a great spectrum between when some of us say “Enough is enough – NO MORE!!”. I find it quite shocking and amazing and even saddening to see how subservient some people become to the bully and perceived higher authority. I must admit I can recall in the past, moments when I have buckled under. I can recollect and feel the shame even now as if it was only yesterday.



In some situations I’ve watched how grown men will allow nobodies to speak to them and treat them like children, and how they bite their tongues because they need the money to support their children. I fully appreciate their predicament and understand their situation. It is a tough one.



This unfortunately is happening more and more as the financial situation is becoming worse and worse. People are selling their souls, both the bully and the victim. The depths people will drop for their measly money.



I find it so sad that these people cannot see the bigger picture. THIS IS WHY THE TRUTH IS SO IMPORTANT, this is why having a broader knowledge and accurate information is vital. It stops this shortsightedness, it allows one to make objective decisions. It gives one the ability to plan ahead. It protects us in the long run.



If these people kneeling down to the alter of usury and artificial authority could only see that every time they comply, every time they conform to this dark force and that which is unnatural; they are regressing spiritually and moving one more step towards their own enslavement and a collective tyranny.



We all have to grab hold of this basic tenant…….

THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON ON THIS PLANET WHO HAS AUTHORITY OVER US ….unless we give that person authority over us.



i.e…. we apply for a job and the foreman/boss tells us we have to start at 8 am in the morning and we need the work/money, so we agree. This is a verbal or written CONTRACT. A conditional acceptance.



These maniac control freaks who assert their imposed authority over us are seeking this CONTRACT with us all the time, via tacit agreement.






We have effectively entered into thousands of contracts as each week, month and year passes.



So I’m sorry folks – it’s pretty much our fault. They have warned us, told us what they are doing, and going to do, pushed us, needled us, probed us, threatened us and ultimately bullied us and we collectively have near on done sod all about it.



The sad thing is in our hearts, we know deep down this is the case. Some of us will deny it, but this is absolutely the situation. Through every small act of compliance, through every act of non-resistance, through our laziness, apathy, selfishness, shortsightedness, ignorance and cowardliness we are where we are.



This cannot be denied!



So as soon as we grasp this painful truth, the sooner we can pick ourselves up from groveling on the floor, brush ourselves down and begin to stand up for ourselves.



The good news is some of us have already done this and the even better news is there are exponentially more and more of us who have embraced this position.



We are no longer children, ward of the state. We have not only woken up, but grown up. We’re beginning the painful but liberating process of reclaiming our sovereign rights, our basic human need for self-governance and all the pros n cons that this entails.



Thanks big brother – but no thanks. We’re going it alone now – well as a collective community anyway. We can dress ourselves, feed ourselves, care for ourselves and help ourselves – thank you very much.



We have worked out the cruel game, the genie’s out the bottle and it ain’t going back in. It matters not that you threaten to take down the internet, or even do, coz the cats out the bag. Enough of us have you’re game plan sussed. And guess wot – there is no turning back for us.



You can threaten us all you like, stamp on our faces with your jack boots, put us in cages, kill many of us, do what you want – but this unstoppable truth tsunami is building day by day. The undercurrent is stirring, the momentous force is palpable, consciousness has been released and your evil will be crushed under the shear force of truth.



Outright flattened. Decimated. Permanently!



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  1. d i lambert

     /  April 7, 2012

    this is disturbing yet it it very true, i saw a neighbour of mine a few days back, i knew he had run up huge debts in university loans, and had to drop out, but he was outside a main london rail station with a small placard, ” homosexual, will do for cash ” he baulked when he saw me, but he was not alone how can we allow our young men to become this, selling their bodies to gays ?

    • D i lambert,

      Ohh come on!! Is this true?? 🙂 I know this is so sad, but I did chuckle when I read this.

      Thanks for contributing.


  2. you are forgetting 6 million jews were gassed and buried in the grounds of the concentration camps, just last week a good jewish lady published a book saying she had to swallow her diamonds again and again every single day all through the war, another lady worked in the sewing dept and had to make lampshades wallets sheaths and chair backs out of jews skin, another saw soap being made out of gassed jews for the natzis, and the grease was used for the trains and buses, yet another worked in the Auchwitz laundry, and stayed alive through the war by boiling up the mens underpants and drinking the soup, this just to say alive, my people they suffer badly and some saw bodies piled half a mile high.
    D solomons

    • Dear David, or Mr Solomons,

      What can I say, other than my deepest and authentic apologies for affending you and your fine people.

      That’s my Easter ruined now. I’m not even going to have my easter egg. I hang my head in shame. How your people have suffered throughout the centuries and people like me go and rub salt in. Shame on me.

      I’m off now to see father Flanigan for confession.

      😉 Thanks for great post

      Guilt trip Digger


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