Lemons & Limes


This is a post in which I may keep tweaking from time to time. Adding and omitting appropriate things here and there.

This is in no way conclusive or exhaustive, but a very basic overview of my experience in dealing with health issues.

This is not medical advice, but just a look at the principles of health or should I say relative health under the circumstances and environmental issues we now find ourselves in.

I have been involved in natural health for over 15 years now. I have run a few natural health clinics and worked alongside others in various natural health environments. I have had a slipped disc and fully recovered from it through the use of natural health.

These are my thoughts having dealt intensively with thousands of people.

Just as with the truth movement the number one thing I urge people to focus their attention on is the root cause of their illness. This is of paramount importance – in every situation for every condition, symptom and ailment.

In fact this the crux of the problem. In our society we are conditioned to focus on conditions, ailments and symptoms. When these are mere labels. Labels to give our power and independence over to the specialists, the consultants, the doctors, whatever. This is a type of mindset and language mixed together so as to compartmentalize your label into a specialized field to keep these experts in their professions.

So in a Westernized world we focus heavily on saying I have osteoporosis, I have arthritis, I have osteoarthritis, I have Raynards disease, I have eczema, I have back ache, I have carpal tunnel syndrome, I have X, I have Y, I have Z. labels labels labels.

Yet the body does not really work in this way. It does not necessary work in pigeon-holed, compartmentalized labels. The body is a finite orchestra working as a collective organism.

The body only really cares about it’s tissues, blood and cells. Effectively all good health and poor health is determined by the condition of ones cells. CELLULAR HEALTH.

For good cellular health the environment of the cells need to in a hydrated, ph balanced (alkalized), energies, oxygenated state.

I’m not a total advocate of the work of doctor Robert O Young but in his book ‘The pH Balance’ he states “Do not fix the fish, but clean the water”. In effect he is saying that we just need to ensure that the environment of our cells is kept clean and in turn, our cells will remain clean and healthy; thus maintaining relative good health.


So what does this mean on a day-to-day level?

Well we first need to look at the fundamental aspects of health, which directly and indirectly affect our cellular health. These are:

[these are not in order of importance and are very much interdependent]


Fuel/Nutrition: not only what we eat, but how we assimilate it and digest it.

Environment: both internally and externally

Mind/Emotions: how we perceive and deal with life; our conditions and experiences.

Structure: the mechanics of the body. Posture, motion, etc

Energy: internally and externally. Our life force energy.


These are all totally interdependent.

As many of us in the truth movement are aware, these predators are coming for us in a multi-dimensional way. If we look at all these five fundamental elements which effect our health we can see how they have attacked each element.

So that is why I have said all we can do under the circumstances is address ‘relative’ health. It is all conditional and dependent on our resources, funding and efforts.

All we can ever do is our best within the time frames and resources we each have available. However if we try and make some effort towards our health and general self preservation, we will reap the rewards, even under these extreme conditions. The body is amazingly forgiving.

In general terms we become sick when our cells become sick. That’s it in a nutshell.

In my experience with my own health and observing and working with many many labels, the number one thing we can try and address is the fuel we are putting into our bodies. Most of us are trying to run quality engines on dirty incorrect fuel. Junk food and GM foods.

We are living on a high acid-base diet. This unfortunately means we predominately maintain our pH levels below the range of approximately 7.4. Now we don’t have to get anal about this, as the body is pretty good at regulating these balances itself   ………….PROVIDING WE GIVE IT A CHANCE. Providing we do not flood it with acid-based foods.

Try to think of it like a bank balance with deposits and withdrawals (without the usury).

People with any condition (label) have exposed their bodies to continuous intake of acid-based foods (spending/withdrawals), usually over a period of many years. For example people with cancer have very low pH levels (say in the 4 range).

But it is not only the foods we are eating which create sick cells, it is also stress which can create an acidic cellular environment and cellular breakdown.

There is also a resonance of hatred in this movement. Hate those kikes, hate darky, hate pinky, hate the diegos. People who are hatred, resentful, bitter, negative, jealous-type personalities are usually people who are really quite ill and are unable to get over their illness. They are caught up in this cyclical trap of endless treatments, endless doctors appointments, endlessly seeking remedies.

If they tried to lighten up, even in the midst of these dark times, and try and see that there is always light somewhere. We have to have realistic hope and try to pull ourselves out of troughs, try to inject a little bit of light/dry humour, spend time with nature. Being proactive with the truth is a direct way of beating these blues. Once you’ve done some leafleting whatever it makes you feel more engaged and adopt an atitude of “Well whatever happens; at least I tried and did my bit”.

The forces behind all this nonsense want us in this negative state of mind. They feed off our hatred towards them. It unifies them. It also keeps us divided, unfocused and dis-eased.

Also structural strains will directly effect the quality of the cells. Pushing the body too hard, too intensely. Also environmental influences; which is the hardest to address of them all these days (chemtrails, pollution, magnetic and energetic distortions, etc).

Here are some examples of both acid and alkaline-based intakes: (much of these area may depend on DNA/genetic/racial background)



Fried foods

Packaged foods

All junk food/drinks

Carbohydrate-based foods

High fruit diets (although many fruits are excellent for us)


All drugs

High animal-based diet

Smoke inhalation



Veggie soups with yeast-free vegetable stock

Salads (make them interesting)

Vegetables – try to have as much raw veg as you can

Wheatgrass/barley grass shots

Vegetable juices

Nettle juices/teas


I am a great advocate of lemons and limes. I could yell from the roof tops LEMONS & LIMES, LEMONS & LIMES, LEMONS & LIMES  – the secret healers.

Believe it or not despite their bitter taste, they are in fact alkaline. They both are amazing fruit for healing. I often try to have many pure lemon/lime teas and drinks throughout the day.

Whenever I have any signs of illness or aches, I immediately go on a lemon/lime fast. I get a big container and cut up lots of lemons and limes in chunks (and sometimes root ginger) and fill it up with water and drink copious amounts throughout the day. No food whatsoever. It clears your head too. Usually the next day, I’m as right as rain (not acid rain. It’s like a quality mechanic draining and flushing the engine through, prior to putting in quality oil.

Sometimes I put in a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to increase the alkalizing effects (aluminum free baking soda is best).

The alkalizing effects of lemons mixed with the power of fasting is truly remarkable. Just giving our poor overstrained digestive systems a break; even only half a day can be beneficial.

With any new health or dietary changes, it is always best to go in gently gently. Never ever shock the body. Try to think in terms of a slow, subtle reversal process. Patience, discipline and accumulative are the keys words. Listen to your body, not necessarily any so-called expert.

Natural health DOES WORK, but you need tenacity. You also need to keep consistent. On off, on off cheating doesn’t really do it.

Also if you are having natural therapy, please – give the therapy/practitioner a chance. There is never any quick fix. For some chronic conditions one may need up to 20 sessions before you even begin to unwind the damage and see the effects.

Unfortunately some people enter into the natural health world with the same mindset that one would go to a doctor, in that they expect the practitioner to ‘fix’ them. When the reality is the patient has to do 80% of the work through the self-cleansing process (cleaning up one’s diet/lifestyle), with the practitioner simply assisting the process.

Not only that, some people come along for treatment with a ‘condition’ (label) they have had for thirty odd years and somehow expect the practitioner to magically ‘fix’ them in three sessions; whilst they make no efforts to help themselves by carry on eating junk food and maintaining a stressful lifestyle between sessions. These people then blame natural health saying “I tried this therapy and that therapy – they were bloody useless!”

This can be equated with the truth movement when many people are looking outside of themselves for someone else, some expert to ‘fix’ the problem for them. When in both natural health and the truth, both rely on only ourselves sourcing and fixing these problem/s.

Please also avoid being a grasshopper patient; flipping from one practitioner to another, to one style of therapy to another. The body responds better to consistency. I would also avoid all invasive-style therapies. Gentle, and subtle therapies are usually the best in the long run.

I am in favour of cranial-sacral therapy, deep-tissue work, gentle Shiatsu/Bowen-type body movements. Treatments which do not push boundaries. NEVER EVER go through pain barriers!

I am a big fan of epsom salts. If you can have a hot bath with a handful of epsom salts, then do so. You will be amazed at the accumulative alkalizing/healing powers of this natural element. (Best buy in large packets such as 1.5/2 kg)

I also personally benefit from ‘Weleda’ arnica massage balm (yellow box, blue bottle. Best buy the large bottle). It is great for rubbing into aches and pains. Especially effective directly after an epsom salt bath.

Throw your microwave in the dump and while you’re going there, you may as well throw your TV and radio in there as well. I’m not kidding!

I apologize to all those people who are unable to walk. However those of you who are able. You have to start walking regularly. All the great poets and writers were walkers. They say you have two doctors – your right leg and your left leg. Walk walk walk. It’s a kind of meditation. It clears out many cobwebs. It stimulates the right/left  contralateral brain patterns.

Going for a good hike in a natural environment is one of the best therapies available and it’s near on FREE. Don’t waste your precious money in gyms or meditation retreats. Get your old boots on and get out there in nature. Just you see the effects of this ancient natural therapy.

For us to fight this tyranny, we need to be strong and healthy in mind body and spirit.


The best of health


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  1. OJ

     /  April 12, 2013

    You said “Sometimes I put in a couple of teaspoons of baking powder” surely you mean baking SODA right?
    I like lemons and limes, but really like and regularly drink organic apple cider vinegar in water with a small teaspoon of baking soda.
    Find it always good.


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