My Achilles heel

I hope you find this clip as upifting as I do.


I suppose it is humanizing animals and we people tend to do that to our fellow creatures. Projecting our own beliefs and perceptions onto other sentient beings. At this level it’s fine, but of course there are limitations to our anthropomorphizing.


This is so off topic with the theme of this site, but I just wanted to express my affection for animals and particularly man’s best friend.


I have a lot of respect and affection for all animals and creatures generally speaking. Often more so than us two-legged animals.


I once worked at an animal sanctuary for abused and injured animals. There was a cow called Marigold who would just love to have her head massaged. She would almost put herself upon you to have attention. She was so relaxed around people even though she had been mistreated by humans in the past. The woman running the sanctuary would give her a daily head massage, really kneading into her skin and giving her a good ol scratch and deep-tissue massage. Marigold loved it.


We also played footie with a piglet called Charlie in the back yard. He would go absolutely berserk when you got the football out. He showed some remarkable talent for dribbling the ball. Putting a lot of these over-paid talentless football heros to shame.


In fact with almost all the animals, although they at some point had been the victim of human abuse, they still to a degree were remarkably receptive to human encounter. We soon learnt it was all about building trust and showing respect.


As a carpenter having worked in hundreds of homes over the years I have gradually warmed to the nature of cats. They are characters with such diverse personalities. They can be like children, being quite cheeky pushing past you with their attention seeking and get quite jealous when the attention is not on them. They too are receptive to tones of voice and mannerisms and I suppose sensitive to vibes they pick up off various people. It’s a shame enough of us haven’t learnt this skill from them, we may not be in the mess we’re now in.


However my real achilles heal are dogs. I adore them, probably all of them. All sizes, all ages, all breeds. Even the grumpy ones make me chuckle. I love their energy.


The other day I watched how a pair of dogs were let out of the car by their owner and how they charged out onto into the open field. You could imagine them shouting Arrrrrrhhhh it’s play time. Like children out of school breaking up for the summer holidays, that rush of intense energy. We’re freeeeee. 


I love their insane antics when they get excited. They’re almost unstoppable, like a garden hose switched on. Chaotic adrenaline rush. They’re mad! I love em. I love the way they embrace the rush of air with their heads sticking out of car windows. I can’t help but smirk the way they uncaringly march in to clean places with their muddy feet. It amuses me when they have sneezing fits. I like their unique and personalized noises and methods of communicating. They cheer me up no end, I get such a buzz from them.


Even the passive, or older glazed eyes ones with their gentleness and receptive natures. My word they melt my heart. I can recall a time with a girlfriend who motioned me over to look at a cute baby in a pram; but then an adorable dog caught my eye across the street and I felt compelled to go over and make a fuss of it. Much to the annoyance of my girlfriend :-).


I heard that elderly people’s homes have dog visits to help ease recuperation and therapy. The nurses have said they have noticed remarkable healing benefits and sense of de-stress generally since this has been employed. I’m sure some busy body somewhere will have that banned under some insane health and safety legislation.


But dogs and animals do increase healing. For me I gain so much being around man’s best friend. I can palpably feel the positive energy they give me. It is a direct therapy for me.


Yes they can also be a pain, an inconvenience, muddy, costly and very time consuming. Plus they don’t hang around long enough – they come into your life, you build a bond, they rapidly age and then die and break your heart.


Look at the amount of stories of the heroic acts dogs have done throughout the years for their owners. Walking distances of over hundred miles to seek their masters. In war zones, in fires, in threatening environments.


It saddens me to think dogs are being bred and trained to kill and maim for corrupt politics. Just look at how these brave IDF soldiers are utilizing killer dogs to hunt down Palestinians in their own homes, on their own land. Boy o boy, how low can these people sink(?) Please see the disturbing video below.


Just like the soldiers these dogs have been conditioned by this evil force.


When things could be so different. These same dogs could be protectors for these people, they could show affection and provide unconditional love for these poor people.


Because that is what dogs provide – unconditional love that no real human can offer. They don’t give a hoot what colour skin anyone is, what religion, what ethnic background, what political persuasion one has. They don’t care if you have one leg, a wheelchair, if you’re bald or if you haven’t combed your hair. They just give – just pure unconditional love.


Here is quaint uplifting verse I’ve had for years, expressing the world of a dog.



The main reason why dogs

love to sit in cars

is because

when dog’s inside

a car doesn’t move.

When the doors 

of the small intimate room

with master and mistress in it 


the room bucks

and barks and makes

most unusual noises

and odours

then houses get up and run

trees get up and run

posts get up and run

and telegraph poles

in fact everything does

With his nose thrust out 

bang in the eye of the galloping wind

his right ear streaming

like a strip of rag in a gale

he for a change can sit still 

chin on the window sill

and let the world do all the running about

~ William Hart-Smith 1911-1990 Tonbridge Wells

Things could be so very different





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