Land of the Covenant Re-invaded


Area in blue written by Legoman


Those aware of this blog and my style of writing will know I tend not to delve into politics, history or current affairs. As much as I know they are important, I also know they are not my strong points and I step aside for others in this movement to deal with these areas. I feel as long as I have an overview and have gained the general principles, they tend to carry me through.


However I received this e-mail last week from a reader of DFT and even though it was politically and historically based, it touched me.

It came across as another example of someone who has absolutely had their fill of the treacherous nature of these people. Someone who has ‘bothered’ to go out of their way to dig and find out the source of this rotten smell that is becoming so apparent these days in government and local affairs.

This man seems concerned/worried about the future and the future of his loved ones. He also seems insulted and outraged by the insidious clandestine invasion of his land. His words resonates of someone who is an awoken soul, who cares enough about things which really matter.

Before reading his words, just in case there are people new to all this ‘Jew-talk’. It is important you know that the Jews have been kicked out of 79 countries 109 times throughout history. Research this yourself. Again and again people have just had enough of their demonic way, sick of their usury, their ritual practices, and general anti-social behaviour towards non Jews (Gentiles).

In 1290 Edward the 1st (Long-shanks) booted them out of Britain after having put up with many years of their shenanigans. The last straw for the people and Edward was the case of William, the twelve-year-old boy who was crusified and bled to death in Jewish-ritual-murder in Norwich.

Edward the 1st (1272 – 1307 AD)

Same ol story; people throughout history have just said enough is enough is enough. No more. I’m just amazed we as people are not at that collective mindset now. But then these days we have the good ol telly, the junk/GM foods and fluoridation.

The Jews were ceremonially outed from Britain for a period of almost 400 years. Britain has in no means had a halo on it’s head, but this was a remarkable period of time for Britain when it was allowed to recover and develop to its full potential. It is wonderful to see any organism flourish when it is rid of it’s parasitic invaders.

Yet with the nature of the Serpent People; no never ever means no. Like the spoilt unruly child they have to have their way, they have to have their fix. Using their shrewd business practice and typically playing on the weakness of the corruptible goyim, they were able to ‘clinch a deal’ with the hideous Oliver Cromwell. He allowed the parasite back into Britain through the back door, via the wealthy Dutch Orange men – the banking traders. Yep the money men got their prize after all – The Land of the Covenant.


So every single Jew in England is an illegal citizen as they have never been lawfully re-admitted back into the country and constitution. Think about that. The people who run (ruin) the country are ALL illegal citizens.


I’m sure this is the case in every country.

So that is why Little Britain is in the mess it is in now. That is why Britain’s forces have been foisted onto the world stage in such a prominent position. That is why there is going to be one hell of an occult party at the world olympics in BabyLonia this summer. Watch out Londoners you’re going to have a rude kosher awakening.

Here is his words expressed word-to-word as it was presented to me. I am not in a position to vouch for the accuracy of his research, but to me his intent and the essense of his words are of more importance. Having communicated with this individual, he is in alignment with my views in that he recognises it is not ALL the Jews, but an elite criminal element behind all this perfidy. I have his full permission to post this.


Zionism has dominated Britain’s political scene for the last hundred years – at least and maybe longer!

Arthur James Balfour wrote the Balfour declaration in support of the Zionist Jews. This was in 1916, when Germany had the allies beaten with the world`s first submarines. The allies were left with only two weeks supplies when Germany came to offer peace terms that were very agreeable to Britain. So why Arthur Balfour would opt for more war, more debt to international Jewish banks, and more suffering for a Gentile majority, both at the front and at home baffles me – unless of course he was a Zionist or at the very least a supporter of Zionism.

As we know the Zionists who visited Britain after Germany offered peace terms promised to get America into the war using human beings as puppets /disposable commodities to be ground up by the war machine and made to pay for it, they succeeded, and we got two more years of war suffering and massive debt.

Winston Churchill was always a friend to the Zionist cause; he was of Jewish heritage after all.

He was helped to the 1st admiralty before ww1 by none other than Lord Rothschild after making sure the ships were not going to run on vegetable oil /diesel but run on Middle Eastern fuel. This lobby was funded by Rothschild, as was the arms race that followed.

The Rothschild banking syndicate dictated the Versailles treaty which took huge chunks of wealth, land and artworks from Germany in reparations. This treaty was the main cause of ww2, when the international banking cartel and insider financiers plundered Germany and Hitler demanded the return of wealth. The Polish non-aggression treaty was used as an excuse to go to war with Germany, and the group that engineered it funded Churchill to call for another war.

After the war Israel was set up and funded by the Britain with weapons supplied by the Britain.

Margret Thatcher was appointed by the Rothschild’s and out of the twenty positions in her cabinet she appointed five of the most important positions to Jews, with Victor Rothschild as her security adviser. It has been said that it was Victor`s decision to sink the General Belgrano as the Rothschilds had investments in mining in the Falklands region and didn’t want to share them with Argentina.

Also Thatcher’s attack on Britain’s manufacturing and mining industry was Rothschild backed as the Rothschild’s had invested large sums in far eastern industries.

Tony Blair was at a dinner party at the Israeli embassy in London in 1994 where he was introduced to Michael Levy a Zionist businessman who agreed to use his influence to get him elected so long as he never acted against Israeli interests while he was in power. Blair agreed and with the Zionist media on his side he won by a landslide in 1997.

2001 saw a major false flag operation by mossad and the US government when the twin towers were demolished with the workers still inside! This enabled the US and other allies including Britain to embark on two illegal wars one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Both very costly to the enemies of the Zionist banks, while we were sold the lie of weapons of mass destruction and the object of helping the people of these countries by bringing democracy.

Tell me this, if you want to help the people of any country, do you murder millions of their people and use depleted uranium in your weapons?

Which brings us to the 7/7 London bombings ……….. just prior to the said terrorist attacks there was a law passed allowing MPs to head up independent investigations into such attacks. There were many massive holes in the official story. Just bear in mind that all the CCTV from the London underground is under control of an Israeli company. Gordon Brown Blair’s successor is also listed as a Zionist. Now we have had the massive international Zionist banks getting away with turning thriving economies into wholesale debt which was transferred onto the citizens of said economies, and not one banker is in court over it.

Instead the bailiffs are sent around to the occupy movement and anyone struggling to pay debts with the ever-rising cost of living and the freezing or dropping of wages, with Zionist David Cameron heading up the British cartel, we can expect more lies, more false flags and more suffering of Gentiles.

Every regime has it’s day, every empire has to fall sooner or later. We are at a cross roads. We can stop this, but we all have to act as one. We all have to say NO MORE!! You have killed enough of us, you have stolen enough from us, it is time to take back our future.             


This is his level of anger, frustration and resentment. Thankfully there are many many more souls out there now at this stage of awakening. I just hope and I’m sure he has the strength of character to continue to expose these criminals and to shine the light on their darkness, for himself, his loved ones and us all.

A big thank you Legoman for sharing your thouughts and research, from all of us leaning towards the light.


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  1. moshe

     /  April 6, 2012

    Now this is the kind of thing I’ve been waiting for. A fabuolous read. Thanks.

    • Moshe,

      Thanks for your support my friend.

      Credit to the author for sending us the article.

      We’ll get there! We’re doing far better than ‘they’ want us to think we are. There is an uncurrent happening. It’s just all of us (Jew and Gentile alike) pounding away at the truth, leaning towards the light. With a lot of effort, we’ll overcome. The truth will out!

      Keep doing do your bit


  2. qui vist ost nost del wonderissima !!! best article on the net, wonderissima !!
    where did you get this information ???? genera qui mona del smah
    so vera good now.
    thankyou you.

    • don miranti,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Sorry I don’t fully understand your words, but pick up your sentiment. Thank you for your kind words.

      Thanks must also go to the author of the original article!

      “Where did I get this information?”……a combination of plagiarizing and repackaging/synthesizing the information in my own style; as well as lots and lots of internalizing over the years [please see “inner fountain” essay].

      Plus lots of intense experience on the streets trying to explain this to people, trying all sorts methods to get the message across. Using different analogies/metaphors. What works and touches one person, doesn’t the next, so we have to keep tackling this at every angle possible. Hope that all makes sense.

      You also may appreciate “Responses to Truth” essay??

      Thank you for contributing.

      Keep doing your bit….we’re making impact!


  3. Winston

    Welcome to DFT.

    Thank you SO much my friend. All these words of support mean so much, after so long having sown seeds and thinking it may all be fruitless.

    However I would give credit to the author of the article for his incite and passion.

    Please allow this to resonate with all those who are feeling dispondent ……that we are making a difference. That every single small brick we take down of this control construct all adds up to the complete destruction of these tyrant’s dwelling. Despite how bad things look.

    Thank you for contributing.

    Keep doing your bit brov


  4. Winston,

    Vielen dank mien Freund.

    Frohe Ostern



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