Room with a view


Beautiful landscape views, only $400 pcm inclusive of bills, friendly atmosphere, close to town and local amenities.

All enquiries please contact ……………………





Could this be a method of waking some people up?? By putting lots of adverts in shop windows or local advertisment areas for all sorts of subjects and leave the contact details as a truth website.



Perhaps it may be a tad cruel if that person builds up their hopes, rushes home to check out the site and discovers this ugly truth. However we’re in the business of saving lives and preventing our enslavement, so this will help that individual in the long run, as well as others.



We could have all sorts of different adverts for different personality types. Ads for villas in Spain, motorbikes, tools, domestic appliances, and on and on.



We may be able to even get the websites in local newspapers in this way??



Answers on a postcard.







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  1. Barbara

     /  April 3, 2012

    No, lying is always wrong. Period. Resorting to this puts you in a category little or no better than the very people you’re trying to resist. Consequentialism, the formula of ethics (or non-ethics) this ploy would be allegedly justified by, is fallacious. This is one of the fundamentals of moral theology. (As you are person engaged in spiritual striving that would be germane to your efforts.) If you are going to be a “truther”, you must live and speak and act according to the truth. Always. And trust that the virtue of truth will carry you to success.

    • Barbara,

      Thank you for your input and feedback.

      Yes I’ve thought about this quite a bit and certainly prior to posting. But I still think this is a virtuous action.

      I see it as the bigger picture. It’s not harming the individual. I feel the people on the receiving end of this are merely being temporary inconvenienced and disheartened.

      Yet the bigger picture is about saving lives, stopping little children being amputeed, stopping this hideous oprressive reality. Stoppng this evil.

      I see it as a means to an end.

      I know if I had discovered the truth in this sneaky way, I would eventually smirk about it and be very very grateful for stumbling across it in this way. I would have seen it as ‘the perfect’ way, the spiritual way for me to receive it at that exact time in that exact way.

      I am open to ideas and suggestions. I may be wrong and in time I may change my views. But knowing the time frame we’re up against, I know this is an ethical/moral action to take.

      Please also see “Watering of Seeds” for other ways I am flexible with my delivery.

      Thank you kindly for your thoughts and for contributing.



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