No worries

Carry on shelling innocent children with your drones – no problem;                                                                                             because the more you do, the more defiant we will become.

Continue to fleece us with these ridiculous bills and general cost of living – no worries; because this will snap the sleepers out of their coma.

Proceed with your threats of war against Iran – no worries; because this will ‘finally’ engage all those political heads to see through your artificial politics and the fast of democracy.

Let the unemployment levels exponentially increase to a state worse than the 30’s – that’s OK; because this will be the final nail in the coffin for your credibility for the masses.

Go on, you just carry on arresting, and abusing innocent individuals for speaking up for their rights, their freedoms – that’ll be great; cos it will allow more and more and more people to come over to our side.

Don’t you stop your child-snatching, child abusing activities – just fine; because this will give us the drive, the imputous to stand up to you, no matter what threats you throw at us.

You just carry on with your propaganda, lies and deception – just dandy; as we are turning away from your nonsense, we have alternatives now. The cat is out the bag and for good this time.

No worries to all your satanic activites, because every step you take us towards your darkness, every death, every cruel act, every area of suffering, you will be adding to your demise. Every day your true ugly face is being exposed. Due to your activities people are finally ‘getting it’ and you are losing this battle. The true light is shining through. Consciousness is making a stand. Light will always dominate darkness. Goodness will always win over evil.

No worries

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