The Trilogy

Be careful! Be mindful of these dark energies, they will draw you in. These entities will suck you in, chew you up and having taken every drop of life force energy from you; they will spit you out into the gutter.


United in Heart

May we be united in heart.

May we be united in speech.

May we be united in mind.

May we perform our duties; as did the wise of old.

May we be united in our prayer.

May we be united in our goal.

May we be united in our resolve.

May we be united in our understanding.

May we be united in our offering.

May we be united in our hearts.

May we be united in our thoughts.

May there be perfect unity amongst us.

~ The Rig Veda



Clean Up!

Those of us who are aware of who we are dealing will know ‘their’ strengths, their weaknesses, their abilities and their levels of organisation. To an extent may even know their agenda, just read the ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. There is almost information overload out there on the ruling elite, the Jewish control freaks.




Rachel’s marriages



Rachel had lived a good live, marrying four times, and now she is standing before the Pearly gates ……….



Computer vs Street

Which is the most effective method for getting the truth out there? An open debate.



The Blessing of a Well-Trained Mind

As an archer aims his arrow, the wise aim their restless thoughts, hard to restrain.


until the cows come home

Lets be honest (after all we are supposed to be in the truth movement) …………..


Mechanics of the Mind

We must understand the mentality of those we fight against. The following excerpt should clear some of the mystery out of what we are up against. The following excerpt applies to all Western populations. Our main problem isn’t so much the Jews, it is those of our own blood who have allied themselves with Jews against us. If it weren’t for the efforts of these Gentile traitors, the Jewish problem could easily be taken care of.


Madam Sawzall

Hymie Goldberg goes to see Madam Sawzall, the fortune teller. After he has sat down in the darkened room, Madam Sawzall says,