May the Force be with you


In one of my earlier essays “Wake up stages” I wrote about the four stages of waking up that most of us who are ‘Jew-wise’ tend to go through:


Mad as hell: angry at the government, police, everything crumbling around us. Oblivious to the fact there is an actual conspiracy.

The New World Orders : The first realization there is an actual agenda. Discovery of the NWO/Illuminati

zim: Aware of zionism, israel and mossad.

Jew-wise: Those of us who just naturally move over to seeing the whole conspiracy as being fundamentally judaic in nature.



I still stick with this general observation. However I don’t feel it really encapsulates the bigger picture of this whole conspiracy.



This is how I ‘finally’ look at this whole conspiracy……..

Yes the elite Jews are the instigators and manipulators of all this treachery, suffering, cruelty and misery in the world.

I still stick to the notion that judaism can be summed up in two words insane and cruel.

I would also say that near on every single problem we ALL are suffering from is a direct or indirect result of judaism.

I consistently say that judaism is a mind control virus which effects both Jew and Gentile.



Notice how I hone in on Judaism as opposed to “THE JEWS”. I see ‘the Jews’ as victims of this oppressive virus and they in turn oppress us.



This may seem to some people that I am softening up to the Jews, almost explaining away their atrocities in a there there there understanding way. But not at all. One can have a full understanding of a subject, or as much as possible without having tolerance towards it.



In fact I know we absolutely should have understanding of our oppressors, of their mindset, ideology, habits and philosophies. Know thy enemy. But zero tolerance for their destructive characteristics and actions.



In Britain some years back there was a comedian called Harry Enfield who played a exaggerated spoilt teenager called Kevin. It became very popular and people began to mimic this character in real life (like people do). In fact this comedy was handed to us as more predictive programming to throw out the message that “Hey, it’s quite ‘normal’ for teenagers to act up like this, it’s just a stage they’ll grow out off. Perfectly normal!” 



I didn’t find it particularly funny, but as with a lot of comedy many people can identify with the character and many viewers recognised this type of spoilt brat somewhere in their lives. But most of all many parents woke up to the fact that Kevin was in fact a charcuterie of their son.

[see video clip below].



My point is that these parents have come to a realization that the damage has been done. These parents who were too busy making money for years, playing and allowing their values to sway, have had a hard awakening to the reality that they have created this pseudo monster in their lives.



Does this ring a bell? What have we all been doing in previous years? Sleeping, playing, busy being too busy for important values in our lives?



Now just look what monster we’re all slowly waking up to.



So how are we going to deal with this big bad Kevin in our lives? Now we’ve realized to an extent is has actually been partially our fault?



I feel to answer this, we need to take things further than just seeing this whole conspiracy as ‘The Jews’.



I ‘finally’ and exhaustively see this whole judaic perfidy as just a conduit from the dark side. Just to repeat myself for sake of clarify, I’m saying judaism the virus not ‘the Jews’ is being used by dark entities. Because clearly not ALL ‘the Jews’ are involved in negative anti-social behaviour.



Whatever these dark entities are – God knows? ….and I mean that term literally. The nearest way I can describe it, is a satanic force. Dark energies/entities.



Of course this has been talked about since the beginning of recorded history. Many authors and scholars have talked about this dark force.



Just look at all the masonic lodges which are Jewish and cabalistic, which have the checkered (black/white) floors indicating the two opposing forces of good and evil.



When someone I know spoke in terms of these entities being behind the Jews I was initially resistant to it, and shrugged it off. It irritated me as being just another excuse to let the Jews off with their criminal activities. But of course this is not the case.



We most definitely must focus our attention on these people and their activities, however realise we are dealing with a larger and more sinister force than just a bunch of insane quirky rabbis.



In the first stage of the wake up stage I talk about us being mad as hell with the insanity that is going on around us. We should be to an extent. Because things are insane. Thankfully more and more of Joe public are at this stage.



However when our perspective of life is only at this first awakening stage we tend to think of all this corruption as just being money orientated. At lower levels of course it is. But those of us in the know, are aware that money to the elite is simply a tool. A control mechanism, the oil to keep all the hundreds of cogs running smoothly, or not.



Then as we progress with our research into this whole agenda we start to clearly see what control freaks they are. All of us at one point have said words to effect of “It’s not about the money with the elite, it about control”. I have said this sentence many times.



But now I’ve moved away from even this. It goes much deeper than just control. We are dealing with spiritual forces here. It’s at that level. All the elite Jew’s actions and ideology is spiritually driven. Money, control, accumulation of wealth is just all part of it. These dark satanic forces are vampiring every last drop of our positive energy, or life force energy. Our very core existence and snuffing out the light.



This may seem heavy and unapproachable and even overwhelming for some people’s reality. However it need not be. Because as there is this dark force, in a dualistic world so there is a positive light force. It is within us and around us. We can manifest it and we can exponentially enhance it.



We just have to keep focusing on the light, on goodness and all the qualities of truth and consciousness and try to get new souls on board with us to help spread this light, this positive force for good.



There is an amazing undercurrent which is happening in these times. Things are being stirred. People are becoming more conscious. The work we have all done to date IS making an impact. Sure it’s hard to see at times, but we are making progress.



Please keep going brothers and sisters. We’re making headway. One last resurgence of effort, one last push of united positive energy. Lets keep doing our bit, keep tapping away at spreading the light. And I’ll see you at the party.



May the light force be with you.

[associated essay Mechanics of the Mind and original essay Wake up Stages]





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