a few degrees

It’s tough seeking the truth. It’s more than strenuous at times. There are endless hurdles, relentless traps, personal sacrifices; not to mention the strain of having to endue the conditioned mindset of those around us. It’s definitely tough.



But most of us keep at it. What choice do we have, when this stuff gets under your skin, how can we leave it?? How on earth could we turn back to the matrix(?) …..although somehow some people apparently do. Can you just image the cognitive dissonance they are having to deal with?!



However for most of us once that genies out, that’s it. No turning back down the path. One step at a time, we tenacity keep heading towards that light. That ultimate destination of truth.



The difficulty is we are all setting out on a major journey into the unknown, not only uncharted territory, but without having first had any training in orienteering. We don’t even have the basic equipment, knowledge or experience.



Most of us haven’t even got a clue on orienteering terms. What’s the difference between magnetic north, grid north and true north? How about deviation? Even if we had a OS map and compass, how many of us could read it or take an accurate bearing? What do we do in thick fog? Can we judge distant, direction and pace. Have we accounted for the contours, the hidden marshes and bogland?



The common feedback I often hear when I out the various shills is how much great information they give. This is a perfectly sound statement and I fully understand people bringing this up. Because it is absolutely true – they do give brilliant information.



However …….they nudge people just a few degrees off course. Just enough to keep people off the scent, so as they wonder off way beyond the target, so people eventually get lost in the fog and darkness.



“It is better to have no idea where one is and to know it, than to confidently believe one is where one is not.”

                                                               ~ Cassini (French navigator)

I also describe it like a large dis-info fishing net, that a few of us have happened to escape. We’ve swam out and able to see all the other fish trapped inside. Most of them unaware they’re in this net.



That’s how dangerous the likes of Icke and Jones and all the gatekeepers out there are. They’re in fact a real hinderance, the ball n chains of our movement. And if we’re going to be blunt, they are indirectly contributing to millions of unnecessary deaths and suffering around the world!!



Another argument in favour of these shills is “Well if it hadn’t been for David Icke, I wouldn’t have learnt half of what I now know”. Sorry I don’t buy this whatsoever. That’s like saying I used to eat lots of junk food and now I eat a cleaner diet, but I’m still grateful for that junk food which filled my stomach up.



We only need a pure diet of truth, no compromises, no half or adulterated truths. Just the real thing.

When one commits to something which one truly believes in and which one has real interest and passion, the universe/God notices the dedication and begins “helping/assisting” and directing interesting information, experiences and people to the seeker. Especially if it is for selfless means.



A kind of ‘magic’ begins to happen when true dedication and will power are strong and directed towards a clearly outlined and focused goal.



That which one focuses one’s energy.



Let’s embrace this focused energy, keep to our destination,  be accurate and not consume any more of this junk truth.



Lets accurately navigate our way to the true light.  

[associated essay Kosher Traps]



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