THE 10 DEADLY truthing SINS


[not necessarily in order of sinfulness]

1/.  Hanging around truth forums ego-fighting, bitching, squabbling over finite details, leaving negative, neutral or meaningless cryptic comments. Supported by endless browsing of truth sites, acting purely as a spectator of the drama.



2/. Not speaking up in public when someone ignorant of the truth comes out with a real clanger – such as “Those moozlems did 9/11”.



3/. Drifting from month to month – year to year without regularly creating and producing and distributing any flyers/leaflets, stickers, burnt CD’s/DVD’s, etc.



4/. Not resisting at any level the ridiculous Orwelian control grid and new normals i.e. paying your all your taxes and filling out all your government forms like the good little goy slave you are. In full knowledge where the money was going towards.



5/. Never attending these ‘controlled’ and organised demos and resistant groups to propagate real truth. Meaning turning up with flyers/leaflets, with information on the root causes of their particular rally, demo.



6/. Not sticking your neck out at any level to:

* give a local truth talk

* give or organize an interview

* write articles/essays

* set up your own blog/website

* create videos or creative/artist presentation of truth

* give a truth workshop

* put a truth stall up

or any of the plethora of intuitive proactive things one can do



7/. Not motivating other truthers to ‘do their bit’ for the truth.



8/. Not financially supporting those that really have stuck their necks out over the years for us (the Mark Glenns, DBSs, John Kaminski, MCP and other long term fighters in this battle).



9/. Not actively and consistently trying to help others seeking the truth, keep on the right path regarding accuracy, because you didn’t want to appear condescending or pushy. Thinking you ought to just let them drift and eventually find their own way.



10/. Let your hobbies, pass times and all recreational interests take precedence over this humongous tsunami which is soon to ingulf us all.



You are guilty of these heinous sins, crimes against humanity and truth. You are worse than the useless eaters, at least they have the excuse of cognitive dissonance. You are even worse than the elite Jews, at least they have their insanity and tightly-guarded infrastructure to blame.



But you – you’re cowardliness, you’re apathy is inexcusable!



You had endless opportunities to act. You only have yourself to blame.



You have been metaphorically sentenced to the death penalty by way of the gallows for committing the offense of treachery to the human race.



You will await your final departure by spending contemplative time in solitary confinement, inside the truth prison.



Guardian of truth.



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  1. Rhonda

     /  March 30, 2012

    or more importantly….you could just vote for RON PAUL

  2. akismet-72473829c8ac575165fb598db916fb3e

     /  March 30, 2012

    i’d kill myself if had to vote for Ron Paul ~ he’s as much a war monger as the rest not to mention an avowed Racist. This rapture with Paul is as sick as Apartheid, which is just where he’d have us; Fortunately he won’t be even nominated.

    Planning for my next talk on “Palestine. Aparthied a Crime not just a definition and US Funding for it”. late June
    Lit to pass out from Baltzer, If Americans Knew, and the shrinking Palestine card ~ from PIAG.
    Lets not forget how imperative it is to support Bradley and Julian and all those who speak from the underground ~
    Repealing Citizens United, establishing State Banks, and Purging the US State Dept / Pentagon IE Statagon from this Earth.

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