Kosher Traps


The race trap

In a nutshell – the elite Jews benefit from pinky fighting darky, darky fighting pinky. It obfuscates the root issues, it keeps us all distracted, wasting precious energy and time. Classic divide and rule.

[please see You’re not black!]





The problem trap

Alex Jones, Icke, Jeff Rence and all their shilly bum chums, wearechange brigade, etc. Constantly HAARPing on about the chemtrails, fluoridation, police state, FEMA camps, child abuse cases, new legislation… Mr Lizard it’s not a case of problem reaction solution, it’s more a case of problems, problems, problems. Cos that’s all you lot bang on about. Despite giving the perception of offering solutions.



Yes, even though you do happen to skirt around the Jewish issue with your euphemistic “Rothschild Zionism” ….such a long title David for such a very short word.



Browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing, browsing …oh and some more browsing.

“How much MORE information on the PROBLEMS of this agenda do we need????”





The revolution trap

How many times have we heard it “Wot this country needs – is a REVOLUTION!”. Really!?! Oh right, I’ll get my red banner out now then. This is more bollocks! Excuse my ignorance, but when throughout history has ANY revolution really saved us from this evil tyranny? NEVER!



Because a revolution never ever addresses the root causes. It’s that simple. It aggravates the status quo, it stimulates ALL the varying fractions, it instigates movement, stirs up stagnation, engages leaders into either submission or change. But ultimately when the dust has settled and lots of deaths have occurred, the Jews are always always sniggering behind the curtains.



Why? Because virtually all revolutions are either instigated by the elite Jews or they capitalize on natural organic revolutions for their own interests. Even if the people themselves have their heart and souls behind them. They are just manipulated like herds of feral goy-animals.





The Saint Ron Paul trap

Yeah he’s our man. Ronny boy will save the day. Our cuddly uncle in shining white amour. He says all the right things, in just the right tone. He’s the kiddy who will save our bacon. I suppose it doesn’t matter that he goes along with the official 9/11 story – naa that doesn’t alter things.



Plus we can still trust the whole democratic voting system that the elite Jews have set up for us in the first place. After all, it’s never let us down in the past. As the saying goes “If don’t like them, vote em out!” 



I actually find this Ron Paulism quite embarrassing for the truth! At least our parents generation had an excuse for their ignorance of the voting fraud, only having access to the msm.



But (s)people do love to follow, again and again throughout history. Just look at all the Icke followers. They magnetize to his BBC trained artful delivery and his arthritic hands. Even the one’s that pretend not to follow him, end up sticking up for him ….“Well Icke does give you good information!” It’s astonishing. Cult members loyally steadfastly following their cult leaders along their Mobious strip of false hope. Consciousness comes cheap at £45 a ticket!





The intellectual trap

Experts to tell us all about the finances – how we’re being fleeced, expert authors to inform us all about the finer details of historical events, expert speakers to give us precise structural and scientific details on the twin towers, experts talking heads to analyze the geo-political machinations of our impending doom, experts to examine the criminology and psychology of the elite, expert gurus, theologians and eschatologists informing us on our spiritual paths. We just can’t get enough of it.



Researching, researching, researching, researching, researching, researching, researching, researching …oh and some more researching.

“How much MORE intellectual academic facts and technical data do we need????”

The truth fix trap

Are you a truth hobbyist? Is this your new exclusive club? Do you now finally feel important or special? Have you got the truther T-shirts? Is your whole new identity wrapped around being ‘a truther’ – “I AM a truther? Do you attend all the truth meet ups, seminars and conferences to gain more information and never-ending facts?



Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment …oh and just a little bit more entertainment.

“How much MORE info-tainment do we need????”






The forum trap

Come on; be honest – this is your alternative entertainment from the main stream media. This is your private escapism. This is the equivalent of men isolating themselves with their hobbies in sheds. Despite all your reasoning (excuses) about how wonderfully useful ‘some’ forums are because “You can get some good information from selected forums” (which is true), it is really just an excuse to be lazy and do NOTHING and just hang around and discuss these serious issues.



Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think generally forums are for cowards who are too scared to go out on the street and share this information face to face with the public. Or/and aren’t intuitive/creative enough to think of ways of accessing newbies to this information.



Dipping into forums every now n then – fine. For those of you new to the truth, at truth-SEEKING stage – fine. Going to say a ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ forum for a specific piece of information – fine. Being skilled enough to work your way around forums to dump ‘accurate’ truth here n there, without getting sucked in the ego-fighting – fine.



But to repeat myself, in general terms I feel the only forums true truth-TELLERS should be regularly visiting are NON-truth forums (sports forums, dating forums, hobby enthusiast forums, etc), so as in order to propagate the truth. Trying to get new blood is where our energies should now be focused on.



“How much MORE information do we need????”

I am being deliberately facetious and antagonistic, just to make a point. The point being that so long as we keep tripping up and wasting the precious precious little time we now have with all this above nonsense, and many other traps not mentioned here; then this allows the elite Jews to carry on marching ahead with their JWO agenda……and that’s exactly what they’re doing.



I feel it’s not so much a case of us needing to wake up but more accurately wise up.



[please see associated essay Truth porn]



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