The Trilogy

Be careful! Be mindful of these dark energies, they will draw you in. These entities will suck you in, chew you up and having taken every drop of life force energy from you; they will spit you out into the gutter.


We have all seen the characters over the years in the various movements who have stood up against this force and made a stand for many years, but are now burn out, locked up, dead or a mere shell of their previous character.



Those of you who have been at this truth business a while will know this stuff gets under your skin. It seeps into every cell, every fiber of your being. How could it not, when this material umbrellas every aspect of life(?). Family, career, education, social, health, housing, hobbies, traveling, spirituality and merely existing.



But we need to constantly remind ourselves we are dealing with the dark energy of the grand chess board. We have to be on guard for these entities not to sneak in.



My advice is every now and then, pull back from this stuff. Have a break from the news fix. Be it just a day here n there. I understand the absolute urgency and levels of commitment we now need. However we’re no good for anyone burnt out or banged up.



Pulling away from this stuff is just the sensible metaphoric tea break.



Even if we try to take a lighter approach when we can, from time to time. Hence why I deliberately inject a bit of light humour here n there into my blog. It’s a must. It’s not making these sensitive subjects into entertainment. It’s not belittling the suffering of others. It’s just allowing us to breath for a moment.



Stepping back can give us perspective, allow us to look at things objectively. Allow us to look at the bigger picture. Where are we going with all this as a movement? Where am I personally going with all this?



It also may help steer us away from the emotional traps. One of my biggest beefs I have with Mr Lizard (Icke) is he keeps saying “Follow your heart, follow your intuition”. Oh that sounds lovely David, but are you going to be in court when these people are going down? Are you going to be providing accommodation for those people who are losing their homes who have ‘just followed their hearts’?



We have to be careful. My suggestion is listen to the trilogy…..your heart, your mind and your gut feeling. It’s true, they say there are more neurotransmitters in the stomach than the brain. Ancient medicine put a high regard to this intelligent intestine. That’s where the term gut feeling stems from.



I would also suggest it’s all about timing. These elite Jews are damn nifty at their timing. They almost always get it right. They have had a lot of experience in this generational planning, it’s part of their heritage. So we have to be aware the right move at the right time. I don’t feel at present it is appropriate to be doing anything radical, dramatic, outlandish, particularly brave, illegal and certainly not unlawful.



Now is the stage just to keep tapping away at informing newbies. Say make it a personal goal to inform at least 10 new people to the truth every day. If it’s done in a light, even humorous way, then you shouldn’t burn out with that. Then just scan the latest real news on line, without getting bogged down in it all. Try just to grasp the bigger picture and move on.



I feel at this stage our energies should be split between getting the word out and working on our true inner connection. Looking after our health (without getting obsessive about it) and state of mind will greatly aid us through this rough ride ahead.



[associated essays “inner fountain” and “Clean up!”]



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  1. Great insights here, and good advice, too. I especially like the last paragraph.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ven,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you, glad it helped at some level. It’s seems such a long way back since I wrote it now.

      Thanks for contributing.


  2. russ hook

     /  April 28, 2013

    THANX Digger! You are talking about balance here. I try to keep my body healthy with raw unprocessed living VEGAN foods. I have a SOH second to none, and I delve into the spiritual side now and again to get a boost. As you can tell from some of my posts, anger does get the best of me sometimes, which shows I have heart, and compassion for those who are getting the short end of the stick. I esp cannot stand anything to do with LYING JEWs and their useful idiots, or Crowley followers. Also those who attack me to protect their ‘right’ to slaughter TRILLIONS, yes TRILLIONS of animals every year, and CONsume them needlessly. NOBODY has been able to answer this question yet. “How can you expect freedom and happiness for yourself when you deny that to our animals friends?” I have not met many who WALK THE WALK in this regard by seeking truth, tackling the JCN, yet living a do no harm lifestyle. Loveforlife Down Under are good, yet they deny the Jewish Criminal Network (JCN) part of the equation. How is it possible to miss this??? Maybe Arthur is a Jew? He looks like he may be. When one detoxifies the body/blood, the brain follows, and the aha moments come with that. That is why most people are so DENSE. They are TOXIC, 2-legged bots who need to DETOXIFY, and take a few deep breaths in a quiet environment.I had a spiritual experience in 1992 and I KNOW there is a loving creator. This helps to keep me going like the Energizer Bunny! L0L


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