Dimmel meets mum


Dimmel Himmel, ‘nice’ Jewish boy from Berlin, goes to live in America to make his fortune, and ends up in California.



After a year year, he returns to Berlin to visit his old mother, Mrs. Himmel. He walks through the door in his stone-washed Levi jeans, alligator tennis shirt, and Reebok sneakers.




“Oy, vey!” cries Mamma Himmel, “but where are your beautiful long whiskers?”




“Ah, Mamma!” replies Dimmel. “Nobody wears a beard in L.A.”




“Oy, my baby!” cries Mrs Himmel. “But tell me, you have at least been keeping the Sabbath?”




“Look, Mamma,” says Dimmel. “Business is business! In America, people work on the Sabbath.”




“Ahh, G-d!” cries Mamma Himmel. “But kosher food you still eat?”




“Listen, Mamma,” replies Dimmel, “I am an American now. It is very difficult to keep kosher in America.”




The old lady looks at her son in shock. She hesitates for a moment and then goes up to him and whispers, “Dimmel, my son, tell me one thing – are you still circumcised?”




~ Osho

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