Clean Up!

Those of us who are aware of who we are dealing will know ‘their’ strengths, their weaknesses, their abilities and their levels of organisation. To an extent may even know their agenda, just read the ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. There is almost information overload out there on the ruling elite, the Jewish control freaks.





But I often wonder how much energy are we putting into watching others compared to watching ourselves. How much do we really know ourselves(?) Probably not as much as some of us know these elite. I mean really know ourselves. Who we really are, what we stand for and where we’re heading.



I have touched on this topic in other essays, but I thought it needed highlighting separately.



I feel many of us need to be mindful of the levels of addiction, habits and negative traits we have been led into by these elite Jews. We need to self-reflect and realise the powers these addictions and lifestyle habits have over us and how they are keeping many of us in the exact position the elite want us.




The following are some areas I feel we need to begin to look at.






Both medicinal and social. In a nutshell – try damn hard in the long term to get off them. Painkillers, anti-depressants, anti-flammatories, pills for this, pills for that. They are all keeping you ‘dependent’ on big brov.



It’s not a case that natural medicine and procedures are alternative, it’s that these so-called modern health procedures are alternative. An alternative to what is natural. A million miles from nature. They are the latest kids on the block in terms of healing practices and their long-term effects are killing us! Because that’s what they are designed to do.



I appreciate the short-term benefits of having access to painkillers and other drugs in times of a nagging toothache, or accident and emergency. But these power junkies have turned us into drug junkies.



Seek alternatives NOW; have trust in natural medicine and be realistic that there ain’t no quick fix. You’re body has deteriorated to this level over many years and therefore you have to begin the reversal process. Yes there initially will be cold turkey and things will be painful, but the body is remarkably forgiving. You can be free of this corporate drug pushing.



As for the other happy drugs – likewise my friends GET ORF THEM! You know in your heart they are slowly grinding you down. You know you are not the soul you used to be. Again, like the corporate drugs, no matter what the short-term benefits are/were. They get you in the end. It’s just sweet poison. The only ‘fix’ we all need is the truth from within.



Those of you who may say, I don’t take the hard drugs, I puff. Look I don’t care what anyone tells me. Drugs are drugs. Addictions are addictions! If someone cannot get through the day or even week without having their little dabble, their little fix, then this is an addiction.



I’ve heard all the arguments how the ganja is so good for them and how it’s enabled them to see a different consciousness and had it not been for their skunk whatever they would not be awake. Sorry not buying it. These people are deluded. They would be awake anyway. Their minds think differently, they are curious moths and would be naturally drawn to the light anyway without this drug.



Some inform me their weed is perfectly OK to have because it is in it’s natural unadulterated state. I don’t give a monkeys. It’s still your addiction. I have worked and socialized alongside endless amounts of these people. Most of them really nice, peaceful loving souls. However they all are not operating to their full potential/capacity. They are passive and unengaged to some degree, which is exactly where the elite Jews want us. Even though they may well be awake.






Who owns and controls the porn industry?? Surely we ought not to be supporting these tyrants. They are hell bent on destroying the family, degrading society on every level and introducing their satanic, babylonian ideologies. It matters not if you don’t believe in satan; the point is – they do!



This is not about having a halo on your head. This not being idealistic and not being honest about natural urges and persuasions. But pornography is not in any way natural. Everyone suffers through it in the long run. The glam-girls, the viewers, the peddlers and society. Notice also how society has moved from the naughty 60’s cheeky postcard to the lower than low degradation of the body we now see in the industry. As with all of this agenda – Where will it end? What are their limitations?





Junk Food

Now this is my achilles heal, even though I should know better. Well it’s more comfort foods really. It’s tough dealing with all this dark energy and we tend to lean naturally towards comfort than pain. However again it’s the short-term fix, verses the long-term effects. The odd bit of junk food hear n there ain’t the issue, it’s that special word which keeps cropping up – accumulative.



Think of all those chocy bars, those fizzy drinks, those ice creams, sweets, crisps, packaged and microwaved quickie foods; the list goes on. Who is making these foods? Who wants us to consume these foods? Obviously as we wean ourselves off these false foods,  and eat more fresh, alkaline-based foods our health will improve – therefore working hand-in-hand with weaning off these dependent drugs. This ain’t medical advice, this is just common sense! A child could point this out to us.






Again I ain’t no angel. There’s been many a time in the past I’ve had a skinful. It’s kind of expected of blokes, especially in the building industry to have a few jars. It’s all about fitting in, not being seen to be quirky, not ‘normal’. This is even in high ranking careers to have a ‘social’ nature.



In Britain (notice how I don’t use the term UK, as this is a corporation, an artificial entity), and perhaps in other areas of European culture it is not that rare to see gangs of pissed-up lad-ets (females acting as lads) at the weekends acting like sailors on leave. I don’t care how old-fashioned I sound, but it is quite distasteful and sad to watch. I always think to myself “Ohh please don’t go abroad and represent Britain” :-).



Of course I find it quite disturbing to see both male and females in these states. They are unconscious in more than one way.



Yet again who owns the breweries? Why would they want us drowning our sorrows, degrading ourselves publicly or privately?



As far as addictions the list is endless. I’ve touched on key areas, but I’d just like to mention that there are also other seemingly innocent addictions which have been foisted on us which we may need to be mindful of. Things like gaming, TV viewing, becoming a film buff, gardening fanatic, hobby fanatic, sports fanatic, neurotic about DIY.



The latter perhaps some may say “What harm are they doing anyone?” Well I would say in the long-run they are doing us all harm, because they are generally keeping us in a self-absorbed/selfish mindset. We are effectively closing down, turning our backs on the real issues of the world. They are acting essentially as very effective distractions for the elite Jews.



Don’t worry about the millions of amputeed children over there, just go and potter around in your shed with your hobby. Don’t worry your little head about the impending WW3, leave that for us to deal with, – no you just go off mountaineering, everything will work out in the end. Don’t take any action, don’t get involved, just be a good little obedient slave throughout the week and then at the weekend just play.



I am in no way saying we shouldn’t have some enjoyment in life to take us momentarily away from this darkness and allow thinking time, reflection and time to refresh. This is all therapeutic and essential. I’m just pointing out we need to be on our guard of the plethora of distractions and artificially imposed new normals foisted upon us. Just look at the huge amount of resources the Jewish media are throwing at us for sports, hobbies, interests. We are inundated with DIY and gardening TV ‘programmes’ here in Britain. This is not an accident!



Life should not be about serving our self interests, but about serving others. 

In conclusion as far as the addictions – I promise you, if you make the effort to get away from these enforced traps, you will eventually feel the benefits. If you feed the computer junk, it will regurgitate junk. We have to be sharp these days. The more we clean up, the clearer we can think and operate. The more conscious we can become. Therefore the more effective we become in tackling this evil force.



[please associated essays: “SOLUTIONS to beat the khazars” and “When our head hits the pillow” and possibly “inner fountain”]



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  1. thankyou very much for your wisdom this is much appreciated

    • JW,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank YOU brov….for bothering to comment and for a positive response. Much appreciated.

      Don’t be too hard on yourself – enjoy that odd drink, that odd puff if you want it, it’s more that we have an understanding where these elite Jews want us. In the gutter, inactive, apathetic, spaced-out, passive and essentially pathetic at standing up to them.

      Keep doing your bit.



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