until the cows come home

Lets be honest (after all we are supposed to be in the truth movement) …………..


Hanging around on forums = avoidance


Reading book after book after book = avoidance


Attending every truth meet up, seminar and conference = avoidance


Watching endless hours of youtube videos = avoidance


Meeting up with mates just to discuss and moan about these serious issues = avoidance



Avoidance from actually doing anything tangible, practical, physical and proactive to stop this nonsense.



That unfortunately is the brutal truth! And if I ruffle feathers by saying this and perhaps distance myself from many readers, then so be it, but that is my experience in meeting many truthers. And this has to be poited out, again and again if need be.



I have probably met about 300 truth-seekers face-to-face over the years; and I can honestly count on one hand those that are actually really pushing hard on a regular basis to help wake others up. I’m not talking about casually, happening to mention this stuff to a work colleague; I mean actively going out of their way to enlighten hoards of new people.



Why is this so? Fear perhaps, apathy? Or just that this will inconvenience their lifestyles?



There is a resonance that I pick up from some people that they somehow feel they are not competent enough to discuss these issues. Or more that they are not an expert on the subject, or any area of the truth.



Perhaps they have tried in the past to share this knowledge and got tongue-tied or beaten down in a discussion. That’s understandable, it is very taxing getting this stuff across to the matrix-heads. Especially the academic heads. There are some really good talkers out there, they are amazingly persuasive, manipulative and challenging. They will almost convince you that it’s night time whilst the sun in shining in your eyes.



I’ve been there myself, when you wish you just hadn’t even started the conversation. However these days I don’t sweat about not being an expert, or a smooth talker. It’s not important.



All I care about it is that individual will either check out the information you are handing them, or the the seed is sown.

That’s all we can do.



I know I am useless at hanging on to and regurgitating facts and data: dates, stats, quotations, etc.

I also am aware that my understanding of sciences, history, politics, current affairs, geography, literature, finances, psychology, the arts is limited.



But these days I don’t feel insecure about that. I don’t feel intimidated when conversing with well-informed academic individuals whilst I’m imparting this truth. Because I know the truth is on my side. I know my intent is good and there are a plethora of ways one can tackle this subject without having to fall into the technical, scientific or academic traps.



I just keep it simple. These days I could talk about this stuff until the cows come home and hardly touch on any facts, stats or data. Just look at this blogsite as evidence. The fundamentals will do me nicely thank you. I can work round them.



For example when informing people about 9/11, I tend not to get dragged into the science of the debate. I’m not an engineer, surveyor or architect, so I just focus my attention more on cue bono.



I don’t want or need to get into a discussion about the finite details of WW1, what’s the point? How’s it going to really help us at this stage of the game?



I care not that someone knows the inside-outs of the financial markets. All I need to know is we’re stuffed; we’re being fleeced, who’s doing it and that things are going to get exponentially worse.



Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects”

My point is I would urge people not to ever feel inferior when you are constantly listening to experts in this field. It’s great they are there and doing their part to inform others. But it’s horses for courses. We all have our talents and skills, they are just capitalizing on theirs. We should do likewise.



You don’t have to be an expert, a specialist, a great communicator or particularly confident with this stuff. It’s just about making an effort, doing your bit and accepting that each one of us is going to be able to offer our unique take on this.



Keep tapping away, keep it consistent, keep it simple.

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