Computer vs Street

Which is the most effective method for getting the truth out there? An open debate.




Virtual truthing   (pros and cons)

* can get mass coverage, with minimum effort

* can target specific groups of people. i.e. nutritional groups – codex alimentarias, new parents – vaccines, history buffs – real historical truths.

* useful for people who are fearful of antagonistic confrontations on the street

* also for elderly or disabled people who can’t get out there so much these days

* it can be spontaneous, needs little organising and can fit in-between work and social activities

* it’s near on cost free

* allows one to get feedback and monitor responses and gain an overview of one’s efforts

* it’s impersonal

* not sure if people just dismiss ‘yet another link/thread’??

* doesn’t have much effect on ‘the movement’ whizzing threads back n forth to fellow truthers, within the choir. It just keeps us more entertained and ultimately inactive




Feet to the Streets Truthing   (pros and cons)

* you’re making that personal connection with someone on a human level, face-to-face. They will remember that experience, you’re words, your efforts will have an impact

* it allows you the opportunity to listen to people’s thoughts on their lives, their outlook on events. This is extremely educational!

* in some ways it’s more anonymous

* there’s nothing so rewarding than spontaneously meeting a fellow truther on the street – and there’s lots more people tuned into this stuff now, even if it just at the David Icke/illuminati level. Especially when they spontaneously offer to give you a hand.

* it can be physically draining. Cold, hot, knackering.

* it can be risky, and threatening

* likewise it can be amazingly rewarding on many levels

* it can get accumulatively costly

* can be a slower process in some ways

* it can reach people who would not ordinarily have access to the computer, or spend much time on the computer

I know I’ve probably left out some important areas for and against with both of these groups. But I will happily add to these lists any appropriate comments I receive.

I suppose the bottom line is that these areas are subjective and personal. I think one individual can be more effective working away on line, whereas another is far more effective on a physical level. I would also suggest we would gain more by collectively tackling both areas.



Good luck, successful truthing 

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