You are needed!

The elite Jews are coming at us 24/7, 360 degrees. A multidimensional attack on all levels, from every angle. Every resource they have, they are using against us.

So what do we have to do? ……..Come back at them in return with everything we have. By the way, there is a name for this, it’s called self defense. [please see essay Self Defense below]


We have to use all our talents, skills, experiences, knowledge, resources and influence in defense of these attacks.


If you have spent many years in the PR/advertisement industry, then surely you can use those skills to help propagate the Truth.


If you can make videos, the movement needs you.


If you are artistic and can create posters, flyers and general graphics to impart this message, then you are a great asset to the cause.


If you have inside knowledge on the mechanics and dirty practices of what’s going on in our hospitals, education, local government, etc – we need this information shared and it will benefit us all.


If you are a printer, or work in a printer’s shop, you can help others get flyers, stickers and posters produced at knock down prices.


If you’re a musician, or a poet, then spread the word via your talent.


Whatever ability you have, you have to use it. You are needed!


For those of you who may be feeling that you are not artistic, creative, or IT/computer literate, whatever. Look, if you can crack a joke, then you are needed! All you’d need to do is warm up a few lads in the pub/bar with a few jokes, then afterwards hand them a few flyers with websites and films – job done! It’s that easy!


All you need to do is start talking to people, and lots of people on a regular basis. [please see Watering seeds below for some ideas on delivering this Truth]


If a few of you can get hold of a second hand photocopier machine, then get it and use it and get out there Truthing on a regular basis. Get a small truthing team together for support, camaraderie and group motivation. Just look at how the Jews pull together.


Think of all the talent, time, skills, resources, knowledge energy you have available. Use these to help yourself and all of us who are suffering and will suffer under this insane and cruel tyranny.


I always say our experiences have been for reasons. This is a spiritual battle. Your life to date has had purpose, all those seemingly inconsequential and probably mundane jobs/careers were needed for you to utilise those experiences for now.


Don’t have regrets and guilt down the line with nagging thoughts such as “I could have done more, much more.” or “Why did I sit back and allow my children to have this slavery and misery?” or “Why was I such a coward?” “Why was I so apathetic?” Don’t let these thoughts, these regrets haunt you.


Instead be proud of yourself for at least trying. You made the effort. You pushed yourself. You faced your fears and overcome the apathy disease. You can and will be able to hold your head up, whatever happens down the line.


But you have to act NOW. Waiting to see how things will pan out is like waiting to see how any disease will pan out. Things will only get worse, very soon down the line we won’t have the access and resources we have now. So there is no time for dilly dallying around. Waiting for someone else to make the first move. It’s up to YOU. Only YOU will be able to make a difference.


Do something now, become engaged in this battle, be proactive. No more procrastination. Spread the truth, become resistant. Do your bit.


You are needed!


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