You could sit down with a junkie and have a rational conversation about the damage they are doing to themselves, their loved ones and generally people around them. They will fully understand what you are saying, appreciate your guidance and then the next moment they will be planning their next method on how to score. No matter what means. A means to an end, be it stealing from a neighbour, loved one, partner.



I’m not the first to use this analogy, but it’s such an appropriate description.



Their hatred, their magnetism towards antagonistic, revengeful behaviour to date has almost been unstoppable…..it is their fix. This tribe in general thrive on this constant spiced up lifestyle. Just look at their curriculum vitae over the last 2000+ years.



Benevolence, unconditional love and good for ALL mankind is simply ‘no-can-do’ in their mindset.



This characteristic in ‘the Jew’ has always brought up the relentless “Jewish question”. Something which has plagued Gentile communities for eons – all the Gentile communities.



More money, more oil, more land, more power, more control, more gold, more water, more forests, more wars, more destruction, more cruelty, more evil, more suffering for the goy. Their fix is insatiable.



However as much as this is hurting us now, this is the elite Jews achilles heal. Because …..




That has tripped them up many times in the past. Yet this time things are unique. The cat’s out the bag. Even if they close down the internet tomorrow, the cat will still be out of the bag. We have uploaded, downloaded, burnt CDs/DVDs, hard copied, re-produced, and documented all the mountain of evidence against these people. The cards are stacked against them.



We have the truth on our side and it is spreading. To them it must be like a deadly virus which is catching up on them. As our friend in France DBS says regularly “Every single day people are migrating over to the truth and nobody is buying into their crap”



The junkie knows access to their fix will soon diminish. People our becoming more curious, more informed and more conscious.



So enjoy your last few fixes you chosen one’s of satan, because you will have the the longest most painful agonizing torturous cold turkey ever imaginable. It’s clean up time for you.




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