It’s the plumber



Once upon a time there was a parrot who could say only three little words: “Who is it?” One day when the parrot was alone in the house there was a loud knock on the door.



“Who is it?”  screeched the parrot.



“It’s the plumber”, the visitor responded.



“Who is it?”  repeated the parrot.



“It’s the plumber, I tell you“, was the reply from the outside. “You called me to tell me your cellar was flooded.”



Again the parrot called, “Who is it?” 



This patten repeated until the plumber became so angry that he fainted. A neighbour rushed over to see the cause of the commotion and, gazing at the unfamiliar face of the prostrate plumber he asked, “Who is it?” 



The parrot answered, “Its the plumber.”



~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesssh (Osho) from ‘Fly Without Wings’



Perhaps a message for all of us in the ‘movement’; to watch ourselves when we are becoming repeaters and being led astray by our emotions by certain characters propagating the truth.




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