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A friend sent me a magazine a while back with an article on foraging they thought I may be interested in. After reading the article, I then flicked through this local magazine and discovered a very interesting feature article on Peter James’s latest novel Perfect People. A supposed fictional narrative on eugenics.


This is a classic case of predictive programming. How a seemingly innocuous local magazine can slip this subject in, in-between the adverts, recipes, gardening advice and general local news. This is how easily the conditioning is set in place. Millions of people read these types of magazines in cafes, in waiting rooms, in the local library, etc.



I’m making a point of this, because this is not a one-off. These types of articles are ubiquitous. We all at some point or another have knowingly or unknowingly been exposed to this subtle programming. We all are aware of the blatant  overt propaganda in the main steam media, radio, TV, newspapers, yet this other equally dangerous and evil stuff seems to slip through most people’s lives.



In these times we have to be on guard for this very powerful subliminal programming.



Here is the article word for word. My added comments are in green. The red highlighted are what I find disturbing/shocking.





The peak of perfection

Eugenics may not fall under the purview of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, protagonist of author Peter James’s popular crime series, but for the writer himself, it has been the subject of a 15 year fascination. Nione Meakin discusses the dangers of designer babies with acclaimed crime writer Peter James.



He’s best known for his award-winning Roy Grace books, which detail the gripping adventures of the fictional Detective Superintendent. But author Peter James enters very different territory with new novel Perfect People, his first standalone novel since he introduced Grace in 2005.



The book, 15 years in the making, started life when James struck on an article about how we would soon see the birth of “designer babies” whose genetic make-up had been enhanced while in the womb. This might mean eradicating inherited diseases – something few could argue with – but could also include more controversial measures such as letting parents choose their unborn child’s sex or eye colour, improve their hand-eye coordination, even boost or reduce their levels of empathy.



Intrigued, he got in touch with a top genetic scientist in Los Angeles, where he was working as a film producer and scriptwriter, who confirmed this was the future. Indeed, he told the writer, those who didn’t tamper with their children’s DNA would risk putting them in a “genetic underclass”.



“I just thought, I’ve got to write about this,” James says, sitting in the well-stocked library of his home near Henfield. Henfield is a well-to-do part of Sussex.



I don’t believe this is how it happened; that he spontaneously thought about writing about this off his own back. I believe he is working for a think tank who told him to write story or he is the front man for this story. 



He became somewhat sidetracked when Roy Grace took off “beyond my wildest dreams” (more than two million books have been sold in the UK and six billion worldwide). I wonder why such high sales? But last winter, having just finished Dead Man’s Grip, the latest instalment in the Grace series, he returned to the idea of designer babies.



“I had to,” he says. Yes because your masters told you to. “I’d started reading more and more about this stuff coming true and I thought, I need to get this finished or the topic is going to be surpassed by reality!



Perfect People tells the story of John, a scientist, and his wife Naomi. After the grief of losing their son to a rare genetic disorder, they are determined not to take any risks with their next baby, see how they play on our emotions so they visit an enigmatic scientist working in the pioneering field of gene manipulation.



They believe they are doing what is best for their unborn child but it becomes increasingly apparent they may have become guinea pigs in a sinister experiment. Ohh really?!



It’s a chilling insight into the myriad of political and ethical issues that surround the subject, made all more compelling by it’s basis in reality. James worked with two genetic scientists in LA, as well as childcare guru Penelope Leach, to ensure the science in the book was as accurate as possible. He is famous for his stringent research; this is a man who once had an undertaker bury him alive to get a scene right.



“So are “designer babies” already being born? “The technology isn’t fully there YET, but we’re moving closer and closer,” James says.



“You can already choose the sex of your baby and its eye colour. You can eradicate some diseases. The price of having your genes ‘read’ is £11,000 at the moment – in two years time, it will be down to £100. Notice how they get us to pay for our demise Everybody wants the best for their children Playing on emotional guilt and this is going to become more commonplace in the next decade for sure.”



The danger, as James explores in the book, is when we start breeding children far more advanced than ourselves. No this is not ‘THE danger’ James. You conveniently slipped this sentence in as an absolute benchmark which most people would see as being ridiculous, therefore we naturally accept all the other apparent ‘benefits’ of eugenics. 



The dangers James are that we should not be tampering with nature in this way at all. It’s that simple. Only one type of person will benefit from this – the Jewish elite.



“There’s a strong argument against tampering with nature, but once you make any advances in science, you can’t go back. Once people start being enhanced, those who are not will be left behind.”

Yeah right, play on the old emotive thoughts again …’ll be left behind if you don’t think progressively and start being ‘enhanced’.



“Besides,” he asks, “would it really be such a terrible thing? The world is a pretty big mess hundreds of thousands of years after humans came to exist. thanks to myopic self-serving people like yourself We haven’t evolved sociologically in the same way as we have technologically. If we’re confronted by a tax inspector, for example, we break out in cold sweat because our fight-or-flight response kicks in.” sneaky example, when none of us should be paying ‘unlawful’ taxes anyway. 



“If we’d evolved at the same rate biologically, we’d be cool, calm and collected and think our way out of the situation.” Ohh please…. so eugenics is going to help us all deal with paying our taxes easier!! Horar horar.



James is ‘thrilled’ the book has finally come out. “It’s a theme I’ve lived with for 15 years and it’s a fascinating one. 

I very much hope the book will open debate.”  



Wow, the power of predictive programming. That’s how easily it’s done. And that is why your sister, brother, mother, father, best buddy, cousin and colleague – go along with most of this nonsense. Because these so-called experts, these more informed people plant these new normals into our sub-conscience.



We must be on guard in these times.





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