Dear Brendon

An open letter to Brendon O’Connell.


A brief note to those who have not heard of Brendon and his situation. Brendon is currently being held at Casuarina prison Perth Western Australia for lets say ‘anti-semitic activities’. His term is 3 years, of which he has currently served one of. He is a true fighter in this movement, and has the balls to stand up to this evil force. His videos are on line to view, including the catalytic incident with the Jewish/israeli spies at the supermarket.



Several people have questioned Brendon’s approach towards exposing these crimes. However he is a fiery character and tends not to do things in halves.



However the situation now is that Brendon is I believe two weeks into his hunger strike in protest to not having a fair trial.






Dear Brendon,


I wrote to you a couple of weeks back, but I understand you are not receiving mail.



So in respect and for your serious situation I feel compelled to write a brief and open letter on my blog.



This is just another voice out there asking you to please re-think this hunger strike. I know your character and your determined attitude, your levels of commitment and tenacity. I know you are an all or nothing personality. But I also know your rage. Why would you not feel this way for the injustice you are being subjected to? We all understand.



However I would ask you to consider an alternative. I know you’ve thought hard and deep about this. But I just hope that you would consider all the work you would be able to achieve when you get out of there.



You are more good to the movement my friend alive than dead!



Just think of the respect and clout you will have when you get out. Not only from people who are ‘Jew-wise’, but people outside this exclusive club. You have an undercurrent of followers which is exponentially growing. You will be able to carry out regular interviews and give seminars exposing the criminals and naming names. Even write a book of your experiences and the injustices you have received.



After all it will be a different Brendon in two more years. You will be more refined, that bit wiser, more experienced and even more determined.



Spend the next two years doing intense research, reading and writing. This will make your time pass easier. Then you can come back with a punch.



Please hang in there mate and see this battle through. The movement needs you for the future.



In kindness, truth and light





Recording of Brendon receiving my letter:


More information on Brendon:





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  1. That make a lot of sense!

  2. equalizer

     /  March 23, 2012

    Digger, thanks for posting this letter. I share your sentiment, and forwarded an email/request to Brendon (via someone) to reconsider; and begin eating. You’re right, the “jew-wise” need Brendon; and everyone “in the know”, to carry the torch………the dead can’t do it.

  3. I do agree with the spirit of the letter and with woodchuck111.
    Brendon is more of an asset to the movement alive rather than dead.
    Take it like a man Brendon! Two years will go like a blink of an eyes.
    And with good conduct, you might set free sooner.
    I know dignity is more precious than food. If you compromise, it does not mean a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. It is your way of outmaneuvering your oppressor.

  4. Brendan, I suspect your lawyer is either incompetent or on the side of jews.
    In every country including Australia but excluding israhell there is a law which states that if group of people practice a religion which preaches genocide of other group, they are criminals and should be indited, charged and punished according to what the law prescribes.
    So, based on that you ware acting as self-appointed prosecutor and investigative journalist in order to enforce justice. Such action is an obligation on a part of every citizen of the World except those of irahell.
    So, now you must file a case against the judge who put you in jail illegally.
    To do that you need a lawyer who is capable and willing to dig-out this law and file the case in top Australian court as well as in international court of human right.
    Also he should expose this law in all media sites relevant to human rights protection.
    Hunger strike and or political asylum will not get you out of jail.
    You need your full physical and mental capacity to use the Australian law to get you out of jail.

    I hope this message gets delivered to you as soon as possible.

    Best of lack…

  5. Karri

     /  March 23, 2012

    It is a statement in itself that mankind must go to such drastic measures to get attention to his cause while the plastic surgery fakes like kim ksham cries when the photographer pops a before shot of her as she is put on the jew pedastool. He needs to return to nourishment because we sure do need him strong. Fasting does make you clear minded but only to a point, after a while it can become an addiction and that is the cross in the path. Let us hope Brendon returns to food, carefully, and we hear more from him as he releases more information.

  6. Bill

     /  March 23, 2012

    Agreed, Digger.

  7. Karri

     /  March 23, 2012

    He tells the truth.

  8. Karri

     /  March 23, 2012

    It is a horrible world when a man is forced into jewish prison for speaking about an injustice to a people. For doing the godly thing. Horrible.
    You can mutilate your children at 8 days young, when it has been discovered that is ripe time for maximum squeeze, maximum psychological effect for traumatization to effect a once virgin godly life to be introduced to satan. A jewish ritual and promise made to a jewish satan.
    It is so sad. Then when a culture like the Japanese refuse such a ritual sacrifice they are genetically altered with radiation showers resulting in another type of mutilation.

    God forbid one goes without food, so that evil men have all the more to fill their hearless gutless bellies.

    When we meditate at that 9pm hour to give strength love peace and admiration for the Palestinians in their struggle to break free and live we must send honor and dignity and healing to those that support human kindness, the Palestinian cause in the garden of eden which is Palestinian paradise as it should be.

    What is truth and love if it is not protecting the boys, and the men.It is the boys then the men, the best of the gentiles we must protect, surround, and love.
    Remember, 9pm, thank the gentiles like Brendon, lift them up in your hearts, the Palestinians the heartbeat of the world

  9. Hallion

     /  March 26, 2012

    To Western Australian and Australian Federal Government!

    Brendon O’Connell should be set FREE NOW!

    FREE Brendon O’Connell NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. An Open Letter to Brendon O’Connell « The Ugly Truth

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