A look at the meaning of life. Wotsit all about?

Why are we here? What’s the purpose of all this? What’s the point of it all? All the suffering, the angst, the highs and lows of this insane ride? Our experiences, losses, our learning processes. What is it all about?


I don’t think we’ll ever know, despite what knowledge any guru, sage, holy scribe, priest or mulla imparts to us. I doubt anyone REALLY knows. How can they, when all they really have is hand-me-down knowledge(?)


I have looked sufficiently at many of the great mystical books, but I always come away from it with more unanswered questions than a sense of knowing. I’m always left with a feeling of “Well I’m on my own to work this one out.” The objective study of life is a very personal, subjective area in our lives. It can be very simplistic, but equally complex.


On a very elementary level, here are 5 areas I feel all our lives are directly affected by:

All these areas are interdependent and not necessarily in order of importance. In addition I feel they should be shared in a communal spirit, with family, friends, people we care about and even those we don’t know.



This can be within religion, or without. This can be for an atheist an agnostic or someone who wholeheartedly believes in a God. To tap in to one’s spiritual side, I would suggest it is not necessarily about attending a church, mosque, temple whatever. It’s connecting with that source from within. Not necessarily through meditation, although I would say this is a good method; but from quiet moments of stillness and silence. From those times when we are fully in tune with what we are doing.


Spirituality also could be simply having gratitude for the comforts, pleasures and even having the necessities in live…..food, water, shelter, warmth, security, etc.



Serving others

Taking responsibility for other people (our brothers and sisters) who are in need. This could also mean direct neighbours, family as well as people you don’t know and most probably will never meet in far distant countries.


In addition to human life – all life should be respected. All sentient beings should have the right to live in relative comfort and harmony.




I feel we ought to live as natural a life as possible having direct connection to nature. Having respect for the natural laws and rhythms of nature. In areas such as:

* cleaner natural foods

* natural home care products

* natural personal care products

* natural medicines and healing practices

* home grown, or locally produced products

* regular connection with nature – walks, daily visits to natural environments, foraging, wild camping, bushcraft activities, observation of natural habitats, etc




We should all be given the opportunity to engage and develop our potential for individual and collective positive creativity. Things such as:

* arts and crafts

* poetry and creative writing

* film/video making

* dancing

* self-development activities, without the competitive elements

* designing/inventing

Preferably we could use these skills to enhance others lives. i.e. as truthTELLERS we could create posters, videos, flyers, etc to help propagate the truth.



Truth seeking and Truth sharing

Our natural ‘curiosity’ is gradually being eroded. This area needs to be encouraged and developed. We must not just accept things as they are. We must constantly seek alternatives – that is our nature state. To improve for the better, and for all. This is true progress on every level. This is directly connected with our levels of consciousness…..that which spirituality will help access.


We have to dig deep beyond all the propaganda, overt and covert lies, duplicity, hypocrisy, deception, programming, conditioning, misinformation and disinformation that we all are being suffocated with on a daily basis. In fact, in a way it’s amazing how some of us have somehow weaved through this bombardment of untruths.


Then we obviously must take on board the responsibility that we have to share this information. This is our moral/ethical and spiritual duty to get the word out there using all our collective creative skills and talents.


Make the most of your life – make your life worth while. Ensure you try to grab as much of these elements as you possibly can. Try and avoid any regrets later down the line.


Only you can make these choices, it’s really only you that can make the change we are all seeking.

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