You’re on the list!

In reference to an engaging comment I received from Ingrid regarding the RT interview/video about how people in Britain who have had any tentative links to anti-government activities are now being blacklisted. 


I SAY  –  SO WOT!!





Yes all you elite babylonian/khazarian Jews who have created this cruelty and suffering throughout your history and to this day – we know who you are. We have our lists too. When we get through this mess, when enough of us become conscious, and we will, then justice will be served.



This time there will be nowhere to scurry off to. Nowhere on this planet to hide.



And for all you idiots, you useful idiots directly serving this beast, you too will not go unnoticed. We will also have a separate list for you.



It will be no good saying:

“I was only doing my job” – NO EXCUSE!!


“Well, I didn’t know”NO EXCUSE!!



As I’ve said before the law (legal) states that there is no excuse for ignorance of the law (even though thousands of new laws are being enforced every week), I say there is no excuse for ignorance of the truth.



Maybe years ago, when we didn’t have access to independent information. But nowadays – no way hosay.



Everyone has access to the internet now in some form or another. Even for those who are not acquainted with IT/computers. They at some point have had an opportunity to hear the truth. Either via a friend, family member, local meeting, whatever. It’s out there for the socially curious.



So you have made a conscious decision to do what you are doing every day. It’s a daily choice. Your own conscience. You probably have even had close family members warn and inform you, but you trundle on and chose your willful ignorance. Your choice, your direction and ultimately your destiny. Just so long as you know this.



And for all you people out there carrying out data collection, making up these lists. You carry on. Coz you know what ….we don’t really care.



In fact I would encourage people out there who are fearful of this background threat, to re-package it. Or re-frame it as they like to constantly tell us.



Be proud of being on any anti-government list. No matter how tentative your ‘activities’ have been. Why would you NOT want to be on ‘the list’?



Why would you not want to be standing up for truth, goodness, justice, honour, integrity, and for what is right??



So I say let them make up their silly lists and carry out their Orwelian surveillance, because we are now watching them.



Our eyes are small, but there are more and more and more and more of our small eyes on them, focused on their henchmen/women and their evil ‘activities’.







A very interesting link sent to me in by ‘equalizer’:



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  1. thankyou for this, yes our members report the British government is compiling lists of dissidents, mossad has been doing this in Britian for some time, not just people who are non-establishment, but people who dont actualy support government racist lies and poilicies on wars etc

    • Dr patel,

      Welcome to DFT.

      Thank you for your comments, albeit disturbing.

      Keep exposing, keep fighting, keep conscious brother.

      Thank you for contributing.



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