Dealing with the new normals



Those of us who drive a car have at some point been stuck behind the painfully annoying slow driver ….bless ‘em. Times when we’re late for an interview or on the way to the airport to catch our flight. On potentially dangerous country lanes, or single lanes, where we can’t really overtake them. 




Of course there’s nothing wrong with driving slowly, it’s just a shame these people never seem to look in their rear mirrors to spot that there is a tail-back of a dozen cars trying to get by them. We say to ourselves “If only they’d just pull in to the side occasionally and allow others to get on their merry ways.”



It’s a similar type of situation when one is working alongside an innate idiot who’s constantly making repetitive expensive mistakes when you’ve got a rush job on :-). Ohh boy times of patience. In both these situations the people themselves are cool as ice, it’s us who are the ones stressing out.



In the inspector Clouseau series, it of course wasn’t Clouseau who cracked up, it was his colleague. He ended up in a padded cell in a straight jacket inside a mental institute. 



This is where some of us may metaphorically end up as we enter deeper into this insane reality. And this is what Orwell dealt with in his prophetic novel 1984. Stress from not only the insanity foisted upon us, but also from observing those around us who will willingly absorb and passively accept this nonsense. 



This is almost the situation some of us are now experiencing. Just look at the absurdity of where we are now at: the insane wars, ubiquitous poverty, the increased cruelty, the big brother control grid, the outlandish and bizarre legislation – the ridiculous new normals – the total insanity of it all. 



Yet some of us are aware that unfortunately this is just the beginning of this Orwelian/Brave New illusory World we are marching towards.



How are we going to cope? Who is going to crack and who is going to somehow hold it together in this artificial inverted reality.



“Honestly; it’s not me that’s mad, it’s everyone else!”



I’ve pre-ordered my straight jacket, just in case. 



Please also see Quadruple frustration, A letter to a sleepy acquaintance, Different Frequency and Responses to Truth for further thoughts on the mindset of those around us regarding this agenda.





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