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For the risk of sounding completely offbeat ………..

Sandra and Kim meet at a bus stop after not having seen each other for a while. Sandra asks Kim “How’s your Little Jonnie?” Kim replies “Ohh, OK, he’s really into his bike now, he’s always off out somewhere with his friends.”  In turn Kim asks about Sandra’s son, to which she responds “Well he seems to be into meditation lately, he can’t seem to focus on much else.” Kim makes a saddened face and replies “Ohh dear – oh well, at least he’s not sitting around doing nothing!”


Having spent sufficient time with enough new agers and spiritual seekers, I’ve gained a good idea of their views on meditation. The impression I gain is that they believe that their daily meditation is somehow going to magically heal the planet on a vibrational level. I could be wrong, but I feel they are greatly misguided.


Any healing surely is only going to happen when we all collectively wake up and begin to do something about the wrongs in the world. The change we all seek will only happen through us taking collective action.


Having said that, I most definitely can see the long-term benefits of meditation; for various reasons.


A theme I have taken from the wisdom of many sages and prophets and repeated often in my essays, is the need for us to seek the qualities of character we require to get us out of this mess from within.


So I thought why don’t I just throw this idea out there to the universe……..why don’t we have a regular collective meditation!?


I know this is not a unique idea and has been done many times in the name of peace. However I’m only aware of one-offs. But surely it would be of more use if we made it a regular occurrence for all truth seekers/tellers.


As far as I can see it won’t do anyone any harm. I would hope a lot of positivity would come about from it – for ALL.


I was going to suggest how about a 9pm meditation every night. It wouldn’t matter what time zone we’re in, just that we all stick to this approximate time. By 9pm most people would have enough time to get in from work (those who have work), even if they have been delayed. It will allow enough time to have a wash and get a few to-dos done first. And not too late for those who have an early start the next morning.


It wouldn’t have to be for long – say 15 minutes max. Plus it wouldn’t necessarily have to be 9pm on the dot. I suggest that on a collective spiritual/conscious level enough of us having a daily connection from a 100% natural source may just provide us that special ingredient we are lacking.


This little daily activity won’t have any noticeable benefits in the short run, but the word ‘accumulative’ crops up again. We’ll have to show some levels of commitment. It won’t matter if we fall off the wagon and drift from time to time, by leaving it for days, just so long as we get back on and get back into it again.


If you’ve never meditated before – no worries! It just means sitting comfortably, in any position that suits you and just close down for a bit. All you’ll be aiming to do is internalize. To just observe your thoughts from as impartial position as much as you can. Just watch your thoughts like clouds going by. No judging, just observing.


It’s so simple, yet so difficult. To go within and control the mind is probably one of mankind’s hardest feats.


For those of you new to meditation, it may be a tough task to switch off the mind-computer – ruminating, ruminating, ruminating. Monkey brain that’s chattering away. But it’s like anything, it just needs practice, practice, practice.


We don’t have to do any mantras, special breathing, or sit in any postures, or have any meditation aids. Just nice n simple.


After all, all we are doing is gently re-training ourselves to slow down, take a well-needed pause. We won’t find any immediate dramatic changes. In fact some people new to meditation may doubtfully question “What’s the point in all this? What am I doing, when I’ve got a million other ‘important’ things to get on with?”


But that is the whole point! This daily exercise will prompt us to take this valuable pause in our rush rush rush lives. Even the human heart which serves most of us non-stop for decades, takes a nano-second break in between pumping blood. That momentary pause allows it to keep pounding away.


It’s that invaluable 5 minute tea break which we all need.


And it is probably one of the only remaining activities which is FREE.….well so far anyway. I’m sure our better ones have plans to amend that.




The more experienced meditators amongst you may like to expand this and create some extended time for a collective visualization exercise. Now I know this really does seem like slipping down the new age path. But is it?


I am grounded enough to know if you want the grass cut or you want a job; sitting around meditating and visualizing ain’t going get the grass cut or get you a job. It’s getting off our arses, getting out there and doing physical, tangible actions is going to achieve these goals.


But this could be viewed as just a support, to give us direct focus. To set the seed of motivation.


Anyway, surely visualization is just glorified imagination. Every product that we use has been formed from simple imagination. It may be the most natural creative skill we have. Children are creating images all the time throughout their learning process. I would say this is an amazing tool which is being deliberately suppressed and eroded from our society – to think creatively. After all; why bovver, when big brov can do it for us??


May I suggest after you have meditated for 10/15 minutes. Just spend 5 minutes to visualizing a better world we ALL could live in. I mean ALL of us.


Allow your thoughts to drift and become creative. Think of methods of how we can really heal this diseased planet. Or even simpler, just visualize the planet in it’s natural healthy state. With abundance for all, benevolence, compassion and empathy from all, to all. A utopian peace. Imagine a collective consciousness, light, truth and unconditional love.


Keep in a positive, compassionate mindset. Leave out any hatred, revenge or even justice. Just a win win for us all. Don’t worry how silly, ridiculous or idealistic these thoughts may appear – just throw them out there.



Suggested prayer

For those that may wish to even pray, here’s some suggested thoughts for prayer. Again it’s not going to be fancy words that is really going to help us, it’s about our ACTIONS. But hey, what harm is this doing(?) Even if one just looks at all this as projected positive thoughts. If you think this is all nonsense, then this just a choice.


Dear ……………….(Lord/God/Universal spirit), please allow this planet to heal.

Please first allow us all to accept a collective responsibility for being in this mess and for us to self-reflect.

Please collectively give us the strength, courage and tenacity to face this force head on.

Please allow us to remain objective so as to avoid any hatred, revenge or malice.

Please provide us with the guidance, direction and motivation we will all need.

Please allow us to eliminate our egos, attachments and artificial identities from the equation.

Please allow us all to become conscious.

Please ensure that we all lean towards the Light.

Love, Truth and Light


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