Different Frequency

Long term buddies, colleagues, parents, siblings, cousins, acquaintances and all those people we have great affection for, but are deep within the matrix. They refuse to go near any of those quirky conspiracy theories. Yet somehow expect us to show enthusiasm with their world view. 


When you told me all about having a new conservatory built ~ I’m sorry I just couldn’t resonate with you.


You’re band is doing a few gigs ~ I’m sorry these days I just can’t show enthusiasm.


You’re going on skiing holiday ~ I’m sorry I just can’t relate.


You tell me all about your football matches ~ I’m sorry I simply can’t connect with you.


You preen to me about your son’s high grades ~ I’m sorry for tuning out.


So you’ve bought a new sofa ~ I’m sorry for not really caring.


You’re planning to study for a degree ~ I’m sorry for not really having any interest.


You’ve bought a new flash car ~ mate I’m sorry, I’m not impressed.


You’ve just been promoted to area manager ~ I’m sorry but I’m being perfectly honest with you, I don’t give a damn.


You tell me about what the latest celebrities have done according to the glossy magazine ~ I’m sorry, but I just don’t care!


My dear friend, as much as I care about you and am fond of you and totally understand why you say the things you say; but with what’s going on in the world and knowing now what I know, I just can’t relate with you.


We are on a very different frequency.

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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz

     /  May 7, 2012

    True Digger. We’re certainly on different wavelengths than many people. There are those who are content with living in their own little worlds and simply don’t care what’s going on in the world around them. Sure, they know we are having an economic crises here in the US but they “assume” their government is going to “fix everything.” They enjoy sticking to the “safe subjects” and don’t dare entertain the idea that perhaps we have been brainwashed by Hollywood and the media.

    • Saz,

      Thank you again. Yes I agree with your thoughts. Now we are on the same frequency.

      Great video post too. Those who dare speak the Truth are defamed, and attacked, yet these stupid celebs are made superstars to be lorded….upside world.

      Thank you for contributing.


  2. Feck its like i have been talking to myself in the Mirror, thank you so so much for this precious and helpful website.


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